Acumatica (aka MYOB Advanced) ranked a leader in the Cloud ERP market

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software connects sales, marketing, financial, planning, inventory, and human resources data as a unified record management system for many organisations. Customers’ choices and willingness to adopt new technology and the expense of deployment and training are influenced by an ERP system’s usability.

In 2013, Acumatica and MYOB partnered to provide Australian businesses with a new, powerful, cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). This relationship has succeeded recently and is now known as MYOB Advanced across Australasia.

Acumatica: A Novel Standard for Global Cloud-based ERP Vendors

In Northern America, Acumatica is a well-known provider of cloud-based ERP software. Through well-known local white-label distributors, it markets its brand globally.

Although Acumatica was just established in 2008 and has only recently released its first ERP version, its extraordinary growth is being driven by its ambition to become the industry standard for cloud-based ERP systems.

Acumatica currently offers industry-specific management software systems for manufacturing, distribution, professional, field services, and construction industries. Its strong API and pre-built eCommerce connectors swiftly become the industry standard for most mid-sized businesses. Today, they are more than simply the up-and-coming company to watch because of their strong brand presence and high-quality cloud-based ERP system.

In its 2020 SaaS mid-market finance and accounting MarketScape research, IDC recently positioned Acumatica as a Leader. It is a genuinely significant acknowledgment, reinforcing Acumatica’s dominant position in its market.

Immense Value for Australian Businesses

MYOB Advanced offers comprehensive ERP capability to Australian SMBs in a customised, cloud-based platform. Businesses may easily adopt and utilise it thanks to its cloud-based solution from any place.

MYOB Advanced can support small and medium-sized businesses in streamlining business operations thanks to its ever-expanding range of business management capabilities, AI, and Machine Learning technology.

Acumatica is well on its way to realising its goal of setting the benchmark for cloud-based ERP solutions, thanks to awards and new software updates. For Australian businesses, the MYOB Advanced brand and the collaboration with MYOB offer a unique set of benefits.

It not only gives localisation features and real-time service that Acumatica alone could not provide, but it also makes this worldwide cloud-based ERP cheap for the Australian market.

Who Can Use Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution?

Who uses the Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution is a crucial question. Any organisation that decides to use Acumatica Cloud ERP may likely deal with some or all the difficulties listed below with their present solutions.

    • The Accounting Module has outdated features and is limited.
    • Excel and spreadsheets are used on simple systems.
    • Information chaos is caused by the use of too many diverse technologies and platforms.
    • A lack of information transparency brings on operational blind spots.
    • Old or legacy business ERP cannot keep up with the expansion of the business.

Thus, businesses involved in the following sectors have been increasingly switching to the Acumatica Cloud ERP solution:

      • Manufacturing – Adapt as you develop and change for flexible shop floor control and manufacturing planning procedures. Operations are made more efficient with the help of CRM and ERP.
      • Distribution – to build an affordable overall distribution strategy that is both flexible and functional. It meets the particular requirements of various markets.
      • Retail & e-Commerce – a multi-channel retail and eCommerce software system that enhances the in-store experience and automates the entry and fulfilment of online sales orders.
      • Other Industries – Companies across all sectors have understood the advantages of ERP+CRM integration for organisational automation and operational effectiveness.

According to Gartner and Nucleus Research, the Acumatica Cloud ERP system is now the SMB ERP solution with the quickest growth rate. We offer below Acumatica integration with Magento, Shopify, woo commerce & HubSpot!

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