Acumatica and Akeneo: 9 Integration Benefits for Multi-Channel Sales

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Acumatica and Akeneo are two popular software solutions in the market that help businesses efficiently manage various processes. Akeneo is a popular open-source Product Information Management (PIM) system with a user-friendly interface that streamlines product data management and helps deliver a robust and uninterrupted multi-channel sales experience.

Meanwhile, Acumatica is an all-in-one cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps manage inventory, orders, customers, finances, and project accounting.

Connecting these two systems optimizes your business processes and products and takes them to the next level. SAAS Integrator seamlessly integrates Acumatica and Akeneo, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency. With our intuitive solution, you can synchronize data effortlessly between these platforms, optimizing your business processes and driving growth.

Here, we discuss the top nine benefits of integrating Acumatica and Akeneo for multi-channel sales operations.

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9 Advantages of Acumatica and Akeneo Integration for Multi-Channel Sales

Here are the major benefits of pairing Acumatica with Akeneo for your multi-channel sales strategy:

1. Fast and Accurate Data Exchange

Crafting a successful multi-channel sales strategy requires gathering each of your products’ latest data. When your sales and marketing team prepares the item setup sheets for organizing and uploading product data to a channel, they will need information from their ERP and PIM systems. This information includes product specifications, attributes, prices, and content such as titles, descriptions, images, videos, and digital assets.

Integrating Acumatica with Akeneo ensures rapid data transfer on a real-time basis and helps you share product details with your partners and associates, such as distributors and retailers. It also improves the efficiency of both systems and helps you get the most out of them.

2. Enhanced Product Data Quality

Acumatica is an excellent way to track inventory levels and learn about your company’s fast-moving items. But it can’t enrich product information and create richer catalogs. Connecting it with Akeneo can elevate the product data quality since Akeneo is specially built for this purpose. It will inform you of duplicate and similar-looking entries and if any product attributes are missing.

It also creates a centralized location for all product-related data and helps you achieve a superior level of consistency and accuracy in product information across multiple sales channels.

3. Seamless Inventory Management

Acumatica centralizes stock information and helps you control and optimize inventory, which ensures real-time updates of stock levels on product pages. It offers a top view of your inventory and helps you quickly fulfill orders. Meanwhile, Akeneo separates products into categories based on their attributes, which helps streamline product marketing and content distribution.

Linking the two systems ensures that accurate and enriched inventory and product data reaches all your sales channels, resulting in smooth and effective stock management.

4. Rapid Variant Setup and Enrichment

Product variants have distinct SKUs, so your Acumatica system will list each of your variants as individual entities. However, it will not enrich and categorize variants from the perspective of sales or customer experiences. Integrating the system with a PIM system like Akeneo helps you add additional attributes such as marketing content, images, videos, and animations from a variant-specific angle and enter these details into digital catalogs and pages. It helps you offer customers a gratifying experience and paves the way for success in your multi-channel sales operations.

5. Better Merchandising

Acumatica effectively supervises sales, accounting, and order information, which gives you a comprehensive view of your business data. It analyzes products, forecasts sales, notifies you about products that need liquidation and tweaks your sales strategies. Meanwhile, your Akeneo system will not get any insights about the sales numbers once products are sold.

Connecting Acumatica with Akeneo helps predict sales using reliable information and metrics from both systems. It allows your sales and marketing to formulate suitable merchandising strategies, which improves profitability and success.

6. Greater Precision in Marketing and Pricing

ERP systems like Acumatica efficiently manage sales pricing of all types, including wholesale, minimum advertised, category-wise, and role-based. However, you may not always get high pricing accuracy since multi-channel sales often require distinct price labels with a special focus on marketing and sales. Prices may also change daily depending on promotions, offers, and schemes.

Integrating Acumatica with Akeneo allows Acumatica to focus on providing pricing information to different departments, while Akeneo handles the sales and marketing functions and analyzes the information from Acumatica. It restructures the data and helps you get a more precise channel-specific database for product prices that boosts your company’s bottom line.

7. Improved Speed-To-Market

Taking products to market can be a cumbersome process. It involves many steps that require input and efforts from many stakeholders and departments. It also requires many approvals on various aspects such as design, engineering, packaging design, photography, and copywriting, which creates potential barriers to timely product launches and results in less selling time and revenue loss.

Acumatica and Akeneo integration significantly streamlines this process and helps you take products to market faster. When these systems work in tandem, the introduction of an SKU to Acumatica automatically triggers a workflow in Akeneo and notifies the concerned marketing executive. It saves time, eliminates bottlenecks, and breaks down silos.

The integration also helps consolidate teams within distributed environments and facilitates a proper chain of communication. When all team members are on the same page regarding the launch plan, you can enjoy a range of benefits like increased speed-to-market, reduced costs, rapid product page setup, and more revenue.

8. Reduced Product Return Rates

A primary cause of product returns is faulty product dimensions. ERP software like Acumatica stores information about stock levels, so it also maintains data about product dimensions and weights.

Integrating this system with Akeneo allows the latter to pull this information and pass it to customer-facing sales channels and product pages. It prevents manual data entry and errors and ensures high product data accuracy on sales channels, low return rates, reduced overall costs, and increased revenue.

9. Simplified Channel Integration

PIM systems like Akeneo open the doors to new sales channels and help you expand your market through product data syndication. Akeneo seamlessly links to multiple e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, allowing manufacturers and retailers to easily communicate. It also directly transmits product information from its dashboard to user-facing storefronts.

Integrating Akeneo with Acumatica will help you not only unlock new channels but also add them to your dashboard, upload product catalogs, and seamlessly manage and fulfill orders from multiple channels. You can quickly sell your products, increase online conversions, and generate brand awareness.

The integration will also help you meet the rules and regulations of different selling platforms by managing, updating, and altering content as per the channels’ requirements. It will streamline syndication and distribution, preventing you from having to manually do this for different channels. It saves precious time and ensures you drive customers to your products through multiple channels.

Wrapping Up

A multi-channel sales strategy requires a clever combination of comprehensive business systems like Acumatica and Akeneo, which helps you guarantee an intuitive and effortless customer experience and satisfied clients. Also, when you choose any business system, you invest a lot of time, money, and effort into it. So, you must ensure your investment pays dividends for years by integrating it into the rest of your business workflows and securing data handoff. It gives you end-to-end processing and visibility and unparalleled business agility.

Acumatica and Akeneo integration offer complete transparency and insights into the critical data in your business ecosystem. It helps you make better and faster decisions and leverage revenue-driving opportunities.

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