Acumatica Cloud ERP Integration with Ecommerce Applications

Setting up an Ecommerce business has several advantages compared to brick-and-mortar stores. And the primary advantage of Ecommerce is it offers opportunities to make borderless businesses. However, thriving in the digital economy requires something extra – the right system infrastructure and tools.

How do you identify whether your business has the right system infrastructure tuned for your growth goals? An Ecommerce with a flawed system infrastructure generally shows delayed order processing, out-of-stock issues, errors in accounting and invoicing, low customer approval, etc. frequently. Although businesses have the right systems for business, the lack of connectivity between the systems may be the reason for the holdups.

If you use Acumatica ERP to run your Ecommerce operations, fine-tuning your system based on your business goals can make it competitive and better respond to the needs of your customers. Don’t underestimate; a custom Acumatica integration works as the connector of your systems.

Let’s learn why Acumatica integration solutions may be the longing solution for your business challenges.

What is Acumatica Integration?

Acumatica is a robust ERP system with advanced analytics features to drive growth and business. The cloud ERP system can give you the intended results as long as it is connected with other systems of the business to work as a unified system infrastructure.

The connectivity ensures a seamless flow of data between your systems and enables you to get the full use of features of your ERP and other frontend and backend systems. For instance, connecting your Ecommerce and Acumatica allows you to give your customers options to view the stock details from the front-end, track their order processing, and make product returns effortlessly.

By connecting your ERP and CRM, you can make customer communications tailored and succinct. Also, you can automate most of the marketing campaigns and customer reach-outs. Plus, you see the customer journey, customer behaviour, and performance of your marketing campaigns.

The benefits of Acumatica integration are countless, but we take you the key advantages of ERP integration.

Well-connected Business Processes

When Acumatica ERP is your primary business management tool, the integration of the system with other systems and third-party tools connects your business processes in the most efficient way based on your process flow. Different teams can simultaneously work without waiting for other teams’ completion of specific tasks. A unified system gives seamless visibility into real-time data of what they require and minimises a lot of mailing requirements and manual updating of data.

It also gives the teams the advantage of seeing what is expected – including the expected volume of work, escalation, issues, and more – better, and that allows them to plan and complete the tasks with breakneck efficiency.

For instance, when a customer places an order on the frontend system, it is automatically updated in various modules of ERP, including Order Management for order processing, Financial Management for payment processing and invoicing, Contract Management for sending customer contracts, etc. Also, it gets updated in the Inventory Management system to backorder the product and CRM to send customer communications and invoicing. Various departments and processes work together to keep pace with the organisational goals and contribute to the business’s success.

Optimised Business Operations for Profitability

Not only just connecting the business processes, but a custom Acumatica integration makes business operations straightforward and hassle-free. The connectivity between your systems is carefully crafted in such a way that only the relevant processes are connected for data transfer. There is no room for obsolete data in your systems that can make your processes complex and error-prone.

The integration also automates several manual and repetitive tasks that require resources and time. This eliminates the risks of errors and costly reworks due to manual updating of information. Your workforce can focus on the key growth areas of your business and ensure that it stays aligned to the growth goals of the business. All these contribute to optimised business operations and improved profits.

Focused on Your Business Goals

The integration gives you 360-degree visibility of your business operations. You get real-time visibility of your inventory, cash flow, cash in hand, product movement, customer insights, and much more. This helps you to stay updated about the performance of your business.

The integration gives you options to measure the performance of your business and review them periodically to see if they are deviating from the business goals. You can also quickly identify the factors that derail your plans and eliminate them with quick process changes. The interactive dashboard of the integrator, alerts and notifications, and the business analytics capabilities of Acumatica give you the power to make proactive business decisions.

You can plan, create, execute, and monitor business strategies in a quick turnaround.

Room for Innovation

The integration solves many of the existing challenges and gives you a complete view of your business processes and solutions. Not only that, when the existing issues of your business are solved, you get a clear and uninterrupted view of your business challenges that require innovative thinking.

Do your customers face some hiccups in the buyers’ journey that bring down the conversion rate? The integration of your Ecommerce with Acumatica gives you a comprehensive view of your customers’ journey. Identify their challenges and create meaningful solutions to ensure optimal conversion and sales.

As the integration removes a lot of unwanted and complex processes of your business, you will find better ways to do your business. The automation of the processes helps your workforce to focus on solutions that can transform your customers’, partners’ and suppliers’ experiences. You will find more room for new thoughts, experimentation, analysis, and more.

Visualise Your Business Success with Acumatica Integration

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