Click and Collect: Reduce Returns And Increase Foot Traffic With In-Store Pickup

The practice of shopping online via eCommerce websites is currently prevalent. The idea of online purchasing with an in-store pickup is also gaining momentum as time goes on. Although in-store pickup is widespread, home delivery is still the most popular option.

Customers prefer to pick up their items in person since they don’t want to wait for delivery, which might occasionally kill the thrill if it is delayed. The ideal choice for those who lack patience is to purchase online and pick up in-store.

By adding a “Business Locator and Pickup Extension” to your current website, you can start providing “Click and Collect” services from your store.

Essentials of Click and Collect For Retail Express E-Commerce!

Retail Express orders will accept only orders with a product ID. The SaaS integration supplier needs to map these items. There are a number of reasons to accomplish this.

  • The inventory system will check mapped orders under the Retail Express connection to determine whether to generate invoices.
  • An order that has been mapped and has an Order ID will provide data attributes about sales for analytics.
  • Only when there are shared unit fields between the two systems can orders be mapped; otherwise, the product cannot be found or recognised.

How Does Buy Online and Pick Up in-store Work?

You just need to follow the steps listed below to complete the Buy Online and Pick Up In-Store (BOPIS) process, also known as click and collect.

Step 1: Buy your product online.

Use the website or mobile app of the retailer you want to buy from to make your purchase online.

Step 2: At checkout, pick your preferred shop location.

Choose the nearby store where you wish to pick up your order after the first step.

Step 3: Select the pickup date and time.

The time and day you will pick up the order must then be mentioned.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation mail.

After a successful checkout, you must wait for the store administrator’s confirmation email.

Step 5: Collect the order from the selected store.

The owner will pack your desired products for you in the meantime. Yay!! You can now pick up your order on the chosen date!

Sellers are in Advantage with ‘Click and Collect’

Consumers desire immediate access to products. They continuously look forward to finding something they can buy immediately, and “Click and Collect” will benefit retailers who prioritise customer satisfaction.

Customers can pick up their orders from local stores thanks to the store locator and pickup module, which are integrated with Google Locations. Here are some of the key advantages of buying online and picking up in-store.

  • Save time and money on shipping.
  • No more delivery failures.
  • Increase overall sales.
  • Less time product returns.

Reasons Why Consumers Prefer Online and In-Store Pickup

1. No extra Shipping Charges

Customers are not charged extra for delivery or quick shipping. They can easily make an online purchase and pick up their order from the closest store at their convenience.

2. Makes Shopping Easier

A store with “buy online and pick up in-store” options makes it easy for customers who are afraid to use new websites to make purchases.

Give customers the freedom to choose what, when, and how to receive what they want. It is good to give customers the choice of online shopping, home delivery, or in-store pickup; this is everything they need. No more waiting or late deliveries!

3. Gives Customers Flexibility

Every human is concerned with comfort and ease. Online customers expect retailers to make buying their goods and services easier. Customers also expect retailers and websites to collaborate more effectively.

So, customers can shop whenever it is most convenient for them and can pick up their orders whenever it is most convenient for them, thanks to extensions like store finder and pick up. Every customer wants flexibility, and this is it.

4. Boosts Customer Loyalty

Customer happiness and the whole shopping experience at your store contribute to customer loyalty. Without customers, a business cannot function.

Thus, it is a highly suggested industry trend to add the location and pickup extension to your store. It solves main bounce rate issues like extra shipping costs and late delivery for anxious buyers, making them choose you over those that do neither.

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