The Challenge

ClubX’s expansive inventory and operational landscape posed several formidable challenges, such as the following:


The Solution

In keeping with the unique challenges faced by ClubX, SAAS Integrator prioritised building a solid foundation of integrated systems that we connected with the company’s business model. We used a mix of application programming interfaces (APIs), webhooks, push notifications, and Shopify custom apps to resolve ClubX’s challenges swiftly. Here are the solutions we implemented:


A Strategic Framework for Multichannel Marketplaces


Considering ClubX’s multichannel sales operations on Shopify and ChannelAdvisor, SAAS Integrator developed an integration solution to sync product catalogues, inventory data, and costs between Shopify and ChannelAdvisor.

We also set up a real-time data flow of sales orders from ChannelAdvisor to Shopify and introduced customised order and payment tagging for Amazon, eBay,,, and other marketplaces. Additionally, we created a solution to pass sales order data from Shopify and ChannelAdvisor to MYOB Advanced or Retail Express as required.

Our system also integrated ClubX’s shipping details and logistics, automating these processes. As soon as ClubX’s shipping partner generates and updates order tracking IDs in Shopify, our platform syncs these IDs between the e-commerce platform and ChannelAdvisor. It ensures timely updates of order tracking IDs, shipping and fulfilment dates, and other relevant details on ChannelAdvisor.

Overall, our comprehensive solution helped ClubX orchestrate seamless order flows and offer customers diverse sales channels.


Automation of Daily Stock Checks at the Head Office, Store Outlets, and With Suppliers

ClubX’s daily manual stock checks at the head office, store outlets, and with suppliers called for a real-time solution to sync inventory information.

SAAS Integrator executed a comprehensive integration involving Akeneo as the product information management (PIM) system, MYOB Advanced for inventory and pricing data, and Retail Express for store-wise stock. Akeneo governs all product-related information across ClubX’s channels, while MYOB Advanced records suppliers’ inventory information, which SAAS Integrator maps to different platforms. We also integrated these three systems with ClubX’s Shopify store.

Implementing our location-wise inventory update feature ensured synchronised stock levels across all systems. We also created a solution to check custom conditions on Shopify based on head office and store-wise stock values, which significantly enhanced order processing efficiency.

Also, our integration marks all deactivated products from suppliers as deactivated in Akeneo, Retail Express, and Shopify Plus, ensuring automatic product availability updates across platforms. It enables customers to see accurate product data online and accordingly order products, facilitating the smooth flow of orders from multiple systems to MYOB Advanced.

SAAS Integrator’s strategic solution helped ClubX leverage real-time data synchronisation, reduce errors, and optimise inventory and order management.


Custom Shopify App and System Integrations for Click-and-Collect Functionality


ClubX wanted to introduce a click-and-collect option for its customers. So, we connected Retail Express as the POS system, Shopify Plus as the e-commerce platform, and MYOB Advanced as the ERP system. We leveraged Retail Express for store-wise stock management and MYOB Advanced for head office inventory management. We also developed a custom Shopify app to provide a user-friendly click-and-collect experience, ensuring seamless operations.

The automated order management process, centralised through the SAAS Integrator dashboard, became the key to streamlining operations. It enabled seamless order fulfilment and cancellations, quick printing of pick lists, and instant email notifications to customers when their orders were ready for pickup. Our dashboard also syncs order statuses and other related details with Shopify and Retail Express, allowing ClubX’s team to fulfil orders seamlessly and stay efficient.

ClubX also uses a data mapping solution to pass order data from Shopify to Retail Express, enabling the relevant store’s staff to track click-and-collect orders and offer timely pickup to customers. It then passes the order data to MYOB Advanced, marking it as a dropship order for the head office. MYOB Advanced then sends an automatic purchase order (PO) to the relevant store for timely order fulfilment.

The user-centric approach improved ClubX’s click-and-collect service, enhanced the overall customer experience, reduced operational costs, and boosted savings for the company.

Results and Impact

The strategic solutions implemented by SAAS Integrator marked a transformative shift for ClubX. Our real-time synchronisation streamlined the company’s operations, reducing manual efforts and optimising order management. We automated daily inventory checks and eliminated redundancies and errors in inventory data, streamlining stock management practices. Also, ClubX’s click-and-collect process became seamless, which enhanced the overall customer experience. We also optimised multichannel marketplace management, positioning ClubX for sustained success in the dynamic and competitive retail landscape.

Our custom connectivity solutions addressed the company’s immediate challenges and set the stage for future growth and operational excellence, solidifying our role as a strategic partner in its success story.

SAAS Integrator has the system integration solutions to help your business succeed. Our team of experts will work closely with you to customise the perfect solution for your company’s integration needs. We can help streamline processes, reduce manual effort, errors, and costs, and level up your business.

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