The Challenge

Crema Coffee Garage wished to update its Magento 2 website and connect the online store with its MYOB Advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It would help the company add new functionalities to its e-commerce website and streamline its business processes for its staff and customers.

The company also wanted to integrate the following modules across both platforms:

  • Products
  • Prices and discounts
  • Location-wise cumulative inventory
  • Customers
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales orders, payment and fulfilment status

The Solution

SAAS Integrator resolved Crema Coffee Garage’s issues using a combination of application programming interfaces (APIs), plugins, webhooks, and push notifications. Here are a few ways we helped the company optimise its business processes:

Automated Product Data Synchronisation

We set up MYOB Advanced as the source of truth for product information and synced the following details with Magento 2:

  • Product names
  • Stock-keeping units (SKUs)
  • Item statuses and visibility
  • Configurable products (variants)
  • Backorders for non-stock items (sell below zero)
  • Prices
  • Average costs
  • Weight

We mapped products from MYOB Advanced to Magento 2 based on SKUs, preventing data duplication and errors.

Setup of A Robust Tier Pricing Structure

Crema Coffee Garage was earlier displaying prices on its website based on item price classes. However, it wanted its customers to see differential prices based on customer classes and customer price classes. So, we established MYOB Advanced as the source of truth for pricing and discounts and synced this data with Magento 2. It enabled customers to see relevant prices and promotions on the company’s website and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Here are a few critical details we mapped between both systems:

  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRPs)
  • Customer price classes
  • Sales prices and expiry dates
  • Discounts

Custom Shopify App and System Integrations for Click-and-Collect Functionality

Multi-Warehouse Mapping

Crema Coffee Garage wanted to synchronise stock levels for both locations to ensure accurate inventory updates on its Magento 2 website. So, we updated multi-warehouse cumulative inventory data from MYOB Advanced to the website, enabling precise stock calculations for each item.

Custom Shopify App and System Integrations for Click-and-Collect Functionality

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Crema Coffee Garage wished to sync customers across Magento 2 and MYOB Advanced based on their email addresses, using this data as the unique identifier between both platforms. The company also wanted to send all customer details into MYOB Advanced under the “Consumer” customer class by default. After that, its team would manually update the customer’s price class (group) based on the customer’s class selection in the signup form on the website.

Customers who didn’t register on the site would be tagged as guest customers who would not be eligible for discounted prices. Meanwhile, registered customers would be segregated under the “Club” and “Business” price classes. Club members could avail of a 10% discount on their orders, while Business class customers (wholesale shoppers) would be eligible for a 15% discount.

After manually segregating customers into classes in MYOB Advanced, the company wanted to update this information in Magento 2 under the customer group section. Our automated data mapping solution enabled this functionality, allowing Crema Coffee Garage to update customer records precisely based on pre-defined segmentation rules across its systems.

Also, the company wanted to map customers who had unchecked the box for the marketing newsletter subscription on the website with MYOB Advanced. We passed this information as notes (comments) along with the customer details to MYOB Advanced. It allowed Crema Coffee Garage’s team to accurately track customers who didn’t want to subscribe to the newsletter, ensuring these customers didn’t receive the company’s marketing emails.

Custom Shopify App and System Integrations for Click-and-Collect Functionality

Real-Time Order Management

The company wanted to import data about sales orders with processing and pending statuses from Magento 2 to MYOB Advanced. For checkouts by guest customers who had not registered on the website, it wanted to track their orders individually instead of grouping them under generic IDs in MYOB Advanced. So, we added the “Guest” tag in the notes section and then passed the orders. It allowed Crema Coffee Garage’s team to assign respective customer price classes, apply relevant discounts, and fulfil orders accurately.

We also synchronised the following details when mapping sales orders to MYOB Advanced:

  • Contact details
  • Customer classes
  • Customer order numbers (purchase order (PO) numbers)
  • External reference numbers
  • Order types
  • Applicable discounts
  • Locations
  • Shipping addresses
  • Billing addresses
  • Customer tax zones
  • Tax IDs
  • Warehouses
  • Shipping rules
  • Order shipping settings
  • Delivery settings
  • Shipping methods
  • Other shipping details
  • Notes or comments (including for POs)
  • Payment terms
  • Payment methods (Zip Pay, PayPal, PO numbers, and credit cards)
  • Cash accounts based on shipping locations
  • Credit account terms for on-account checkouts

Crema Coffee Garage also wished to update sales order numbers and invoice numbers of fulfilled orders from MYOB Advanced to Magento 2. So, we added these details as comments to the orders and passed them to the e-commerce website, ensuring synced data across both systems.

We also mapped taxes, enabling the company to apply relevant tax classes to order items based on a stock item’s tax category. It helped Crema Coffee Garage accurately calculate and charge taxes, ensuring legal compliance.

Results and Impact

Our cutting-edge connectivity solutions provided many benefits to Crema Coffee Garage, including increased data accuracy and consistency and reduced errors. We helped it display precise product information on its website and offer product variants, allowing customers to access a wider array of choices.

Also, we enabled the company to show differential prices to customers based on customer classes and customer price classes, driving customer loyalty, retention, sales, and profitability. Our solutions also allowed Crema Coffee Garage to manage inventory levels better and ensure timely stock availability for continued sales.

Moreover, we accurately synced customer records across MYOB Advanced and Magento 2, helping the company avoid discrepancies and confusion. Our seamless mapping of prices, discounts, and customers enabled it to offer attractive and relevant discounts to customers and promote sales and revenue.

Other benefits Crema Coffee Garage enjoyed include accurate order processing and fulfilment and precise tax calculations. It helped the company enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness and optimise its retail workflows.

Do you also wish to elevate operational excellence and scale your company to new heights? Partner with SAAS Integrator to connect your business applications and improve efficiency and growth. We offer end-to-end customisable integration solutions aligned with your company’s needs. They scale and adapt as your business grows, helping you focus your time, energy, and money on critical tasks instead of managing your integration.

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