Magento Acumatica Integration

Drive business growth by collecting accurate data and automating day-to-day and repetitive processes on your systems. With SaaS Integrator, you can create a customised Magento Acumatica integration and gain total control and transparency over your workflows. Streamline your company for achievement.

360-Degree Business Visibility

The system ensures that you have complete visibility of your processes and that the data is correct and clean. SaaS Integrator is an integrated Dashboard that provides important business indicators and data synchronising to help you make informed business decisions. With 100% data integrity, you can review your business’s performance, discover bottlenecks, and build action plans to boost your business’s progress.

Streamlined Business Processes

Custom Magento Acumatica integration streamlines a wide range of processes in multiple processes, extending from finance and accounting to order processing. This reduces the difficulties of inaccurate and inconsistent data on systems, as well as the costly reworks that result. Invoicing, stock, orders, client information, payments, and other data would be synchronised across both systems. The connectivity also streamlines your processes, allowing for more effective company activities.

Increased Profits

The reduction in manual tasks in inventory management, accounting, invoice matching, and other areas allows your team to focus on essential development areas of your firm. The streamlined processes and increased focus on business growth verticals reduce operating expenses per transaction while increasing sales. Order information integration from Magento to Acumatica reduces order processing cycle time and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. The unique integration also reduces inventory management bottlenecks such as inventory data visibility and incorrect inventory. All of this boosts sales and margins.

Powerful Ecommerce With SaaS Integrator

Your business operations are redesigned thanks to the specific Magento Acumatica connection. It ensures that all Acumatica and Magento functionalities are fully utilised while maintaining your company’s success as the primary goal. Based on your workflow, the iPaaS system maps your data flow and incorporates what is required for seamless data sharing.

Inventory Management

The unique connection allows you to generate buy orders from sales orders to ensure timely inventory replacement for ongoing sales. You may monitor accurate inventory data, stock levels, and agreements from one location and manage all of your stock levels. Automating inventory management reduces inventory mismatches, inaccurate stock levels, and other barriers to your business’s operation.

You may estimate demand and discover future inventory availability by evaluating inventory levels and analysing commitments and sales data. To satisfy demand, you can also put backorder rules on the system. To maximise sales, you can segment clients and apply specific pricing and quantity breaks with SaaS Integrator’s Tier Pricing module.

Financial Management And Reporting

The integration establishes a centralised store for all your financial data, allowing you to access your essential financial information at any time instantly. You can manage all of your critical financial statistics and information from a single interface, whether you have a single Magento store or numerous sites. For financial management, the interface allows you to automatically track each sale and report it on relevant sales, inventory, and inventory asset accounts.

You can also define tax regulations for certain products and categories and have them automatically reflected in prices. With a few clicks, you can get a range of financial data in customised formats. It also considerably lowers reporting time, enables you to analyse performance by comparing various data, and makes market operations maximise sales.

Order Processing And Invoice Management

The integration allows you to send invoices from Acumatica to clients for orders placed on Magento. It also decides and assigns correct accounts to invoices to reduce manual accounting effort for each transaction. Each order’s status is also updated smoothly from eCommerce to ERP and likewise.

The integration enhances your business’s overall productivity, which boosts customer approval by automating various order processing procedures and reducing fulfilment errors. You may also map Magento sales tax codes to Acumatica and link the appropriate account for order payment collection.

Product Management

SaaS Integrator’s Products module streamlines product administration across both systems. Based on your workflow, you may update each product’s data, including SKU, inventory, title, description, attribute value, and photos, from Acumatica to Magento. Similarly, you can change product features such as style, colour, and size on one system and reflect them on the other.

Furthermore, the integration allows you to update each product as an inventoried or non-inventory item and link the income, COGS, and inventoried asset accounts for financial reporting and profit and loss statements. You can also use the integrator to fully utilise Acumatica’s Product Configurator to configure, bundle, group, and upload virtual and downloadable products and catalogues for seamless product administration.

Customer And Marketing Management

The integrator allows you to manage clients’ contact information, purchase history, communication history, and more from a single integrated repository. As a result, you can manage clients and leads in a single location for integrated and targeted marketing. The integration lets you monitor and evaluate the performance of your campaigns if your Acumatica has add-on CRM functionalities.

You may also see the entire sales pipeline and design more targeted campaigns based on customer and business information. It also allows you to analyse sales statistics effectively, find opportunities, and maximise LTV per client through cross-selling and upselling. Integration not only simplifies sales and marketing but also makes the customer care department’s tasks easier and less stressful by providing correct data on systems.

Codeless Integration With SaaS Integrator

SaaS Integrator is an innovative iPaaS environment that allows you to link your systems smoothly without technical skills. The integrator includes out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built templates for quickly setting up typical integration use cases.

The integrator’s easy setup wizard allows you to map, establish, customise, and expand the integration based on your organisation’s needs.

Key Data And Metrics On A Single View

The connection provides a complete view of your essential data and KPIs on the integrator’s Dashboard. As a result, you may instantly analyse your company’s performance by viewing total sales, new customers, total shipments, synchronised data, and more.

You may also examine integration data by module, including the various integrations in each module, essential module and business data, and more. The integrator also includes a Data Summary table that displays information about all of your system’s integration setups, sync status, total synced data, integration settings for each module, and more.

You can also customise the integrator’s Dashboard to represent the most relevant facts from your business.

Customised Integration Based On Your Workflow

SaaS Integrator provides several customisation possibilities for the integration based on your workflow and organisational goals. You can define the integration’s data flow based on your process flow: ERP to eCommerce, eCommerce to ERP, or bidirectional syncing.

Customers, inventory, orders and invoices, goods, and other modules are available through the integrator. The data flow for these modules can be modified separately. Also, each module includes separate data fields that you can only integrate if you want the information to be reflected on the other system.

Connect with our integration consultants for technical support if you have specific operational issues and want the integration to be customised in a specific way.


How does Magento integrate with Acumatica?

Connecting your Magento store and Acumatica is possible using connectors, middleware, third-party apps, manual integration via APIs, and other methods. If you want to customise the integration and handle everything yourself, SaaS Integrator is an iPaaS environment to consider.

The codeless integrator uses a user-friendly interface to connect your systems, so you don’t need any technical skills to sync them. It also includes pre-built templates and out-of-the-box integration apps for standard integration use cases. The integrator is a sophisticated platform that allows you to easily map, integrate, customise, and enhance the communication between your systems.

Does Magento integrate with Acumatica?

Of course, you can use SaaS Integrator to combine your systems effortlessly. Without any technical knowledge, the powerful iPaaS environment allows you to map, integrate, customise, and increase data connections across your systems. SaaS Integrator includes out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built templates for typical use cases to ease integration and quickly get you up and running with data syncing.

To ensure that relevant information is reflected on the other system, you can integrate your systems module by module and data field by a data field. Furthermore, the integrator includes an interactive Dashboard that displays essential business data from a single perspective.

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