MYOB Add-ons: A Beginners Guide to MYOB Integration

If you use MYOB to manage the business operations of your online fashion store, service platform, or any other small, mid, or large-sized business, customising your business management system to the best of your business needs is critical. Although MYOB gives various options to make the system tailored, MYOB add-ons are handy tools to take your business operations advanced and feature-rich.

MYOB App Marketplace offers several add-ons to improve the functionality of the system, including MYOB integration solutions. No matter whether you use MYOB EssentialsMYOB AccountRight, or MYOB Advanced, the add-ons can be incorporated into the systems and achieve the functionality and performance goals.

Importantly, you have the option to choose these add-ons based on your industry type and ensure their smart use to grow your business. Although you can look for the add-ons or apps based on the industry or product type, searching them by task type helps you get what you want. The MYOB App Marketplace also allows you to filter the apps by functionality and purpose.

To help you identify the right MYOB add-ons for your business requirements, let’s see how to search for add-ons for the common functions.

Inventory Management

MYOB App Marketplace has listed several apps to address the key challenges in inventory management and improve the overall performance of the processes. You can customise the inventory operations and make them more integrated into the goals of your business. Identify your key challenges in Inventory Integration, search for add-ons that offer solutions to those challenges, and incorporate them into your MYOB system.

For instance, do you want more insights into your business’s trends to manage inventory better? BI4Cloud is an advanced app that enables you to track your inventory against recent customer order details and replenish products on time for continued sales.

Similarly, the Neto Commerce Platform can be an excellent addition to your MYOB if you want to get a single view of inventory across various sales channels, including brick-and-mortar stores, marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and more.

Customer Relationship Management

Do you experience strained customer relationships and a dip in customer approval? Giving your business management system the powers and features of a CRM can give a paradigm shift to your fortunes. MYOB App Store features several CRM add-ons to help businesses create better customer relationships by giving a customised service experience and improved customer resolutions.

Do you want to manage your contacts and group them to offer them more tailored offers? Or do you want to identify the challenges of your customers and resolve them at the earliest? Opmetrix is an advanced CRM add-on for MYOB systems with unified customer communication options, sales insights, powerful data analytics features, and much more.

Tall emu is another option if you want to manage your customer contacts, communication, historical sales data, products and prices, and more from a single repository. You can visualise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, identify sales opportunities, and give personalised offers to optimise conversion.

Accounting Add-ons

Regardless of the business volume, ensuring your numbers are accurate, up-to-date, and fully compliant with the regulations keeps you focused and result-oriented. The accurate financial data on your systems give you insights to improve sales, minimise cost per transaction, identify growth avenues, and more. The comprehensive view of the financial data is another key benefit you get when choosing accounting add-ons.

For instance, Carebiz is an integrated cloud accounting app with Financial Reporter, Advanced Analytics, Job Budgets, Budget, Billing, and Company Consolidation features. Therefore, you can view real-time cash flow, cash in hand, expenses, debt, and much more.

ezyCollect is another accounting tool that greatly integrates with MYOB and helps you give additional capabilities to manage your financial numbers. The automated communications features of the app allow you to engage your customers better and connect with opt-out customers. You will also get customer credit insights to ensure continuous cash flow and working capital solutions to stay focused on growth.

Billing and Invoices

Whether you want to streamline the billing and invoice processes of your business or are searching for advanced billing features, MYOB App Store offers aplenty. The apps allow you to read and manage your invoices by seamlessly integrating with MYOB. That means you can view and manage the invoices within MYOB and access your data from anywhere at any time.

Lightyear is a suggestible addition to your accounting and business management system with intelligent accounts payable solutions. You can also create an efficient approvals workflow using the tool and simplify your approval processes. Similarly, simPRO is another advanced app solution for MYOB that enables you to manage end-to-end billing and invoice processes centrally.

Data Syncing

The error-free data flow between your systems gives you complete visibility of your business operations. Whether you use MYOB or any other business management and accounting system, your customers, products, orders, and inventory must be seamlessly updated in all the relevant systems.

You can connect all your systems and control your marketing campaigns, customer communications, brand building, and more from a unified environment. There are several add-ons available on the MYOB App Store for you to choose to connect your systems.

excellent add-on to your world with Smart Rostering, monitoring, and employee onboarding features. The unified management of data can also give you insights to improve workforce engagement.

Create Seamless Connectivity Between Your Systems with Codeless Integrator

A fully-customisable, advanced, code-free, and expandable integrator is critical for bridging siloed systems and ensuring the complete use of functionalities of those systems. Not only that, such a system improves business efficiency by automating several repeated tasks and allows you to focus on the growth areas of your business.

SaaS Integrator is a robust iPaaS integration platform that enables you to create data connections between your systems module by module and data field by data field. You can connect your systems in a few clicks, customise your integrations, and expand them any time based on your changing business needs. Discuss your data challenges with our integration consultants and learn how you can simplify your business operations through automation using SaaS Integration. Talk to our experts to learn more about MYOB integration solutions.

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