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Customize Your MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration

While we already build custom integrations for your business based on your immediate needs, they can be expanded as they are highly scalable. The SaaS Integrator team can help you connect additional plugins, modules, APIs, third-party software, business applications, and more with your integration between MYOB Advanced & Square POS to offer you enhanced automation, management & data synchronization functionalities.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

The integration dashboard allows the staff to track products and listings across connected sales channels, which can be updated with custom pricing, attributes, and descriptions to maintain data consistency. Similarly, retailers can also modify or update product attributes and images or create product variants whose catalog can be synced to the connected sales channels to prevent repeated manual data entries and errors.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Gain the ability to remotely track & fulfill all the orders from your online and offline stores in one place with the MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration by SaaS Integrator. Using it, your teams can auto-generate shipping labels and invoices besides offering customers links to track shipping fulfillment status. Providing customers with these many ways to locate and track their shipment enables delivering them a satisfying shopping experience.

Companies & Customers

Synchronize all the customer payment and purchase history data to the correct profiles using the integration, which also performs the same for company data management. The integration can easily sync and accurately assign or track orders, invoices, and payments to respective profiles, which can also be segmented into groups to offer them personalized shopping deals & experiences.

Tax Rates Mapping

Businesses can easily update product pricing with correct tax rates using the integration that can track and apply tax rates automatically. Likewise, the integration can also offer custom-applying tax rates to products based on parameters such as delivery count, among others which can also be followed when managing tax exemptions on deals or price listings. Additionally, the integrated systems can also auto-generate accurate tax reports to be filed as required.

Inventory Mapping

The integration dashboard is your one-stop solution for tracking & managing inventory between all your stores & sales channels. We can help you make the most of your time by offering you automation solutions within the integration that saves time by triggering stock replenishment whenever low stock level thresholds are surpassed. Parallelly, your integrated POS systems can also perform inventory item reallocation between stores to ensure timely customer order fulfillment.

Payment Import/ Export

Another essential functionality delivered by the MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration is syncing payment data between connected systems, including from payment gateways like Stripe. The synchronized payment data can be sent to teams to learn business insights and performance other than auto-generating accounts reconciliations, reports & forecasts to make informed decisions in the future.

Benefits of MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration

The SaaS Integrator team can help you fully customize your integration by connecting other platforms, apps, and even Custom APIs that we can create for you. Our team can help you expand the functionalities of your integration by incorporating essential but third-party software or business tools, all of which are aimed at developing a legacy integration that can aid your daily business processes.

View and track all the business activities using the integration-enabled dashboard that can also display inventory & customer purchase history data in real time. Similarly, business teams can view, track and learn about all the business workflows in the present and in the past for responsibly handling order fulfillment between connected stores & sales channels.

The MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration by SaaS Integrator can help attract sales by using customer purchase preferences data to create segments. These segments can be offered special deals and promotions, which, when combined with customer loyalty data, can offer customers highly personalized deals. Your business can notify customers about them all by connecting platforms like Mailchimp with the integration to send emails & push alerts.

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Custom Integration Solutions

Our team at SaaS Integrator custom-creates the MYOB Advanced Square POS Integration for your specific business needs to help you maintain consistent sales and retain the highest customer loyalty. You can also rely on us to obtain other custom integrations between multiple types of platforms & business systems.

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