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EXO Wix Integration Supported Modules

Customer Relationship Management

Acquiring a centralized platform is made possible through the EXO & Wix Integration, which offers users various options to manage customer data. Beyond management, the integration further supports functions concerning accessing & updating customer preferences, purchase history, service inquiries, and the like. Proper management of such customer data can ultimately improve customer relations and engagement.

Product Information Management

Managing products becomes easier with the integration of EXO & Wix lets businesses modify & update product information identically across the connected sales channels. Beyond establishing data consistency, the integration also helps update product descriptions, images, pricing, variants, etc. Consistency of product information ultimately helps customers trust the seller or brand.

Accounting & Finance Management

An EXO Wix Integration by SaaS Integrator allows businesses to manage and access their finances and accounting data from one place. Operations like invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting can also be easily set up with automation capabilities to streamline everyday workflow. SMBs and enterprises can hugely benefit from such features.

Inventory Management

Sorting inventory issues is easily possible using the integration, which allows configuring low-stock alerts. Users can further define re-stocking actions and link them with the alerts, so business channels can always have optimal inventory levels. Moreover, the re-ordering actions can also be specified as per product, variant, store location, etc., parameters.

Warehouse Management

Improving business processes and operations demands intelligent warehouse management, and the integration we provide can offer you the tools that make it possible. Using the integration of EXO & Wix, businesses can oversee and manage operations like pickup & packaging processes, along with overseeing and optimizing shipping & fulfillment processes.

Sales and Order Management

Overseeing business sales and operations concerning order fulfillment can be centrally managed using the integrated system. The integration offers it by auto-syncing sales & order data from connected stores and marketplaces and displaying it in real time. Through the integration, businesses can also track and update order information.

Marketing Automation

Businesses can benefit from the EXO Wix Integration developed by SaaS Integrator, which provides businesses with marketing automation functionalities. Using them, creating and executing targeted campaigns becomes possible, wherein they can utilize customer data and behavior. Additional integrations like of MailChimp are also supported to deliver improved marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits of EXO Wix Integration

The integration enables the automatic processing of orders received on any connected sales channels, effectively minimizing errors and data inconsistencies. Parallelly, it also enables businesses to readily manage order fulfillment, further streamlining their operational workflow, which saves time and resources. Auto-processing of orders additionally ensures customer satisfaction by auto-delivering them tracking & shipment information.

When you need complete accessibility of your business, the integration shines as it can sync data in real time between connected systems. As a result, the business can prevent data discrepancies while always obtaining on-demand accurate data. The data synchronization can also be user-configured to make it applicable on user-defined intervals or based on product, store location, etc., parameters.

The EXO Wix Integration by SaaS Integrator is not a standstill solution to your business needs as it comes with near-boundless scalability. Our team can connect any technology, plugins, third-party apps, APIs, etc., that you might require while ensuring it’s all safe to use and customizable to suit your business.

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Our EXO Wix Integration helps businesses optimize their operational processes by live syncing essential data of customers, inventory, and orders which can contribute to better order fulfillment. Similarly, you can also obtain other SaaS Integrator-provided system integrations that can also deliver equal benefits, and they are as follows.

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