MYOB Exo Magento Integration

With custom MYOB Exo Magento integration, you may benefit from high-quality data for your business. With SaaS data integration, you can align your data flow with your workflow and automate routine daily chores to make your processes more effective and advanced.

Define Your Business Success With Data

  • 360-Degree Business Visibility

    The customised MYOB Exo Magento integration ensures that the data on your systems is correct. You receive seamless visibility of your processes with data integrity, from inventory to customer management. Also, the integration efficiently maps your data flow and provides crucial indicators on the integration Dashboard. As a result, the integration allows you to make wise decisions while keeping your company’s growth in mind.

  • Improved Customer Engagement

    The solutions’ consistent quality data improves your interaction and engagement with clients at every stage. Using MYOB Exo, you can integrate each lead, sync conversation history, and establish marketing programmes, including personalised emails. You may also use Tier Pricing to create several price levels and quantity breaks for customers, as well as build up special pricing rules.

  • Avoid The Revenue Loss

    Most organisations are concerned about revenue loss owing to dissatisfied customers. Using accurate, up-to-date data may reduce inconveniences that degrade the client experience. Additionally, you may define customer-specific pricing on Exo using the integrator’s Tier Pricing, have the prices reflected on the Magento store, and target clients with marketing campaigns to maximise conversion.

Transform Every Stage Of Your Business

The MYOB EXO Magento2 Integration improves every business activity, giving you complete control over your operations. It advances and prepares your company for the future. Custom integration ensures the optimal data flow based on your business activities.

Finance And Accounting

The integration lets you precisely update each sale and inventory transaction into the proper accounts. The integrator’s Order and Invoices module allow you to create sales, inventory, and asset accounts to appropriately reflect each sale into relevant accounts. You can also use the integrator to map the correct tax codes to the module for accurate tax management and conformity.

You will receive standardised, customised financial reports that will allow you to compare sales success and visualise your company’s financial health at all times. As a result, you may make business decisions based on up-to-date essential information for your company.

Inventory Management

With efficient inventory management, the bespoke MYOB Exo Magento integration gives you an advantage in all of your activities. It assists you in managing inventory items, precisely updating product amounts in the Magento store, and back order merchandise if it exceeds the threshold quantity.

The most recent inventory details and sales data help you devise strategies to maximise sales and profit. Exo ERP’s SKU support streamlines product updates on the Magento shop using the Products module of SaaS Integrator.

Products Management

Depending on the workflow, you can update product titles, descriptions, SKUs, inventories, photos and sync attribute value from details from your ERP to e-commerce, e-commerce to ERP, or two-way syncing. Moreover, SaaS Integrator’s Product module allows you to sync properties such as style, colour, and size.

Likewise, the integrator allows you to generate inventoried things and update income, COGS properly and inventoried asset accounts to map the transactions for accounting accurately. All of these choices will enable you to customise your product integration to your industry and workflow.

Customer And Marketing Management

Your MYOB Exo integration with Magento simplifies client management and promotional activities. Using historical data, the integration allows you to analyse sales performance and develop sales budgets. When combined with a seamless order history connection, Exo’s CRM tools enable you to maximise sales by assisting you in identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

You may engage your clients and leads from a single interface by using MYOB Exo’s mass Emailing services. Additionally, the integration allows your clients to use self-service options and check their order history and product recommendations on the Magento store.

Order Processing And Payments

The MYOB Exo Magento interface optimises order administration and payment processing. For each order created on Magento, the integrator allows you to immediately build a sales invoice on Exo and deliver it to the consumer. Most accounting-related processes are automated for each transaction by attaching the appropriate invoicing account.

The integration allows you to update Magento’s order status based on MYOB Exo’s real-time payment status. The connectivity makes it easier to update each transaction in the correct sales account, inventory account, and asset account for financial reporting. Exo can also be used to change the payment deposit account and the necessary Magento sales tax codes.

Codeless Ecommerce Integration

SaaS Integrator is a codeless Ecommerce integration tool that enables you to link your systems without any technical knowledge.

To integrate systems, use the easy integration setup wizard to select the required modules and data fields.

SaaS Integrator includes out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built integration templates for typical use cases to help you with integration setup.

The iPaaS environment allows you to set up the integration quickly, customise it, and scale it.

Customised To Your Process Flow

Based on how your process flow works, the integrator helps you in creating integration across your systems. You have the option of syncing MYOB Exo to Magento, Magento to MYOB Exo, or bi-directionally. Additionally, you can customise data syncing for specific modules.

Using the integrator’s dashboard, you can sync products, invoices, orders, taxes, discount codes, tier pricing, customers, shipment, and credits and refunds. This guarantees that you incorporate what you desire. As a result, you always have clean data to optimise your processes and fuel your growth.

If you want your systems to be tuned in a specific way to match your special operational demands, speak with one of our integration specialists so that we can work with you to provide the best possible integration solution for you.

  • Key Data In A Single View

    SaaS Integrator includes a Dashboard that displays critical data from your operations in a single perspective. This provides you with a complete view of your company’s performance and financial health. The dashboard displays sales statistics, new customers, total shipments, synced data, and other information. Also, the integrator’s dashboard provides an easy view of different System Modules, integration with multiple systems, synchronising, and so more.

    You will also see the Data Summary for each module, as well as the overall number of synchronised data. From the Data Summary, you may access the individual integration settings of modules and customise or expand them to meet your needs.


How does MYOB Exo integrate with Magento?

For system connectivity, Magento App Marketplace provides MYOB Exo integration connectors. The connectors, however, are from third-party sources and may not be useful for bespoke data syncing based on your process. SaaS Integrator is a powerful iPaaS environment that allows you to integrate your systems in a few clicks seamlessly.

The codeless integration platform includes pre-built templates for typical integration use cases as well as out-of-the-box integration apps. You can customise the integration by using unidirectional syncing, bidirectional syncing, module-by-module synchronising, data field syncing, and other features. You can also expand the integration at any moment without requiring any technical expertise.

Does MYOB Exo integrate with Magento?

Magento and MYOB Exo work in tandem to provide smooth integration. If you want to customise the integration to your specific process, SaaS Integrator can generate the ideal settings for connecting your systems. The codeless integration environment allows you to sync several data fields and modules without any issues or technical knowledge.

The user-friendly platform includes codeless integration for establishing system integration. Based on your process flow, you can map the data flow of your systems and develop and expand integration.

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