The Road Ahead for MYOB for AccountRight Classic (v19) users

You will need optimizations at every end of your business operations as a retail or wholesale business. Achieving them is also easy with SaaS Integrations that contribute in multiple ways to your daily operations. The MYOB Advanced Integration with E-Commerce Websites for the Australian market is perfect for preparing your business for vertical growth.

With the several functionalities offered by a successful MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration, scalability will no longer be a concern for your business as it grows in four directions!

What is MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration?

When streamlining your business operations is your priority, the MYOB Advanced, a true cloud ERP supporting E-Commerce integration, can simplify your struggles. Its various business management features, AI and Machine Learning technologies, and smart solutions let businesses manage products and sales with automation tools.

All the provided services will be interoperable across platforms to simplify your daily activities, which can be further enhanced by adding more integrations. The different supported and provided modules will serve to offer diverse functions to handle various business departments like sales, accounts, management, and more!

Why is MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration a Business Essential?

Using a manual system is both dated and time-consuming in the current era of evolving IT potential. With your customers seeking instant gratification, you surely should not have to make them wait for order processing and other such tasks.

Here, MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration helps to synchronize your online business and brick stores and enhances your administrative capabilities. Moreover, its addition to your business enables you to access and perform several distinctive tasks via a singular system.

Handle and deploy product information sharing, customer data management, order processing, and other feats with MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration, thereby adding to the customer experience of your audiences!

How is MYOB Advanced Different from Acumatica?

Most retailers and e-commerce enterprises in the west immensely admire and prefer Acumatica for solving their cloud-based computing and management needs. But, one must know that MYOB Advanced is itself only a slightly changed version of the Acumatica, which already supports all the modules the same.

Acumatica collaborated with MYOB to offer MYOB Advanced to the Australian and New Zealand markets with similar integrations. So, as a business, you’re only choosing the global best when you opt to acquire MYOB Advanced E-Commerce integrations for your small or enterprise-sized businesses.

Why Shopify & WooCommerce Requires MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration!

You must also know something else, as often it may be advertised to you that MYOB Advanced integration helps with businesses.

While the MYOB Advanced E-Commerce integrations help simplify business and administrative management, it requires additional SaaS integration services. That’s because Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify don’t possess APIs for handling tier pricing data communication.

Instead, the SaaS integration helps make the required additional customization functional that integrates with a plugin to be managed using the MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration ecosystem.

Benefits of MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration!

Combining the benefits of cloud computing with ERP software is established by using SaaS integration. With its help, accessing various business operations modules becomes easier, which are similarly compatible with Acumatica.

Again, Acumatica is the NA partner of MYOB in developing MYOB Advanced Integrations. So, all the integrations from Acumatica will perform as you wish when you expand your business across continents.

Quickness & Simplicity

Interacting with and handling your systems becomes simpler with MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integrations than operating manual systems. Similarly, the procedures for managing data also become streamlined as they are synchronized between different data endpoints. Let your business not be limited by the lack of all-encompassing tools by continuing reliance on primitive manual methods.

Better Administration At Half Cost

Err is human, but business operations require data integrity of the top-notch to ensure optimal performance output. MYOB Advanced Integrations with E-Commerce websites can extend you such certainty with its automated data management modules.

Any errors in the data will be flagged, simultaneously offering you real-time data access to updated values. Effectively, such capabilities will contribute to eliminating the need for assigning extensive administration for individual duties.

Gain 24×7 Sales

When your inventory accurately reflects the availability of your goods with their respective attributes, you become a dependable seller. An educated audience will certainly choose your store to order its items of necessities provided by you for sale.

What’s better is that your store will be live 24×7 with MYOB Advanced Integrations supporting E-Commerce websites like Shopify and WooCommerce. A few simple yet customizable integrations will surely put your business on the global map for audiences of all sorts across the globe!

Improved Product & Customer Management

Studies have shown that pristine data management of customer records and product information goes hand in hand with growing sales. Luckily for your small business or organization, MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration oversees and handles both aspects using automation tools.

Indeed, they will need to be configured at first, but thereon, it’s all a walk in the park. After obtaining value-added integrations, any member of your organization across different levels can operate and manage inventory and customer data, eliminating the need for manual inputs at every step.

Supported Modules for MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration!

Although it has been emphasized that retail and organizations can use MYOB Advanced Integration, so can the logistics sector and practically every other business model. It is because the MYOB Advanced Integrations can parallelly support modules integration along with the E-Commerce connectors on-need basis.

So, whether your organization is lean or a full team of hundreds of employees with inter-continental segments, the following modules can make all the business operations effortlessly seamless:

Inventory Handling & Management

The MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP dashboard offers you an easy way to add products or change their details. Likewise, using the dashboard, you can easily manage your inventory items and add or modify their attributes, including assigning Tier Pricing.

All the modifications will be automatically written to the online e-commerce store, which can also be set up to be refreshed periodically. So, you can fundamentally manage your inventory by integrating modules concerning Future Incoming Stock and others via cloud-native third-party applications!

Invoicing & Payments

A critical part of managing the business is cash flow management which wholly depends on the immutability of accounting procedures. The MYOB Advanced Integration with E-Commerce websites again makes all such transactions a breeze for you with automated logging and deployment of invoicing and payments.

Integrating modules concerning accounting operations, payment processing, and Invoice generation also makes it easier to acquire financial reporting. Since the ecosystem can also manage budgeting and other operations concerning finance, managing data profiles for various accounts becomes a hassle-free task.

Customer Data Management

Integrating a CRM module possessing elaborate attributes can further advance your business running on MYOB Advanced ERP solutions. From getting reports with Custom Attribute mapping for checking customer demographics to having their history readily accessible, get it all with just a few clicks!

All such functionalities are easy to integrate with the MYOB Advanced Cloud ERP software, so you can get ahead of the curve in consistently providing the best customer service experience!

Sales Accounts Management

Orders are the driving force of your business, so never let temporary unavailability hold it back when you can get MYOB Advanced. Obtaining E-Commerce integrated with platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify for your Cloud-based ERP lets you manage orders and sales categories super efficiently in one place.

You can also check metrics of your total sales, shipping figures, and plenty of other data through modules of your choice, all of which can be integrated with MYOB Advanced.

Data Redundancy Safe

Backing up your data connected to local data pipelines is now an old practice. Instead, cloud ERP solutions like MYOB Advanced let you better manage your data and keep it secure while making it readily accessible across borders.

By integrating supported sync modules, you can manage permission levels across accounts while gaining complete visibility of your business operations across the spectrum. It will regularly update and refresh your data on your behalf so you can focus on other business aspects.

Are MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integrations Worth it?

After learning about MYOB Advanced E-Commerce Integration benefits extensively, if you’re still on the ledge about it, please consider the following questions:

  • Is there a disparity between operations managed between the back-office and the online store?
  • Is either of the areas of your sales order fulfillment and efficient return handling performing poorly?
  • Is it a constant hassle for you to revise product specifications, price attributes, and other factors related to your product?
  • Is the procedure of double data entry and checking between systems stealing your worthwhile workforce hours and deteriorating morale?

When you are plagued by any single or more of the issues stated above, carefully considering your options becomes a priority. But, did you know that getting MYOB Advanced Integration with E-Commerce Websites can solve all the troubles mentioned above?

It’s true! Obtaining a cloud-based ERP solution like MYOB Advanced for your business is just the beginning of your expansion. But, ensure that you partner with a dependable SaaS integration company to incorporate it well into your business infrastructure.

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