Which CRM Systems Integrate well with Magento?

Choosing a CRM system for your Magento store can be a tough job, considering a large number of options available on the market. Not only that, you may have specific feature requirements when planning to adopt a customer relationship management system to your business ecosystem. At the same time, you may want to think about the pricing of the new system as well.

Regardless of the CRM you choose, it can contribute to your customer campaigns and management. However, choosing the best fitting system for your business adds value to every aspect of your customer relationship. Whether you prefer HubSpot Magento integration, Zoho Magento integration, or any other CRM integration, you should learn about all the major CRM options available on the market.
Let’s see the popular CRM options for your Magento store.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a highly popular CRM with advanced features, including marketing automation, task management, opportunity tracking, and more. Whether you are a start-up, mid-sized, or a large enterprise, Salesforce has solutions fitting your organisational needs and budget.

Some of the key features that can transform your relationships with customers include auto-assigning of tasks to team members, automatic Email alert creation, and custom reports.

The customisable Email template feature allows you to use specific themes for various types of Emails. Plus, you can customise the Email communications of various brands of your business separately. While the CRM allows you to manage your customer contacts, communications, and order history from a single location, it gives you insights and recommendations and allows you to focus on your leads.

Most importantly, your interactions with the customers are relevant, personalised, and up-to-date. The standard plans of Salesforce come with Sales, Service, and Marketing modules to manage all your customer management requirements. In Australia, Salesforce offers four plans for businesses to manage their customer data, interactions, and campaigns: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

While Essentials costs you AUD 35 per user per month, Professional is priced at AUD 105 per user per month. Compared to Essentials, Salesforce Professional offers you Collaborative Forecasting and Lead Registration and Lead-based Lead Scoring features. On the other hand, Salesforce Enterprise is priced at AUD 210 per user per month, and it comes with all the features except for 24/7 Support and Configuration services. The Unlimited plan costs you AUD 420 per user per month, and it gives you all the features of the CRM.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot can be your choice if you want a more affordable but slightly less feature-rich CRM solution. Compared to Salesforce, HubSpot offers a free version of the cloud software with basic features such as contact deal and task management, document sharing, meeting scheduling, live chat, engagement notifications, and Email tracking.

If you want all your campaigns aligned to your own brand, paid plans of HubSpot are excellent options for you. The Starter plan costs you AUD 68 per month, and it includes 1,000 marketing contacts. The Professional plan is priced at AUD 1,150 per month with 2,000 marketing contacts and several additional features.

Some of the critical features of a Professional plan that can help you expand your online presence include social media management, dynamic personalisation, video hosting and management, omnichannel marketing automation, multi-language content, and more. It also offers a number of campaign management and collaboration tools and A/B testing options to make every campaign optimal and successful.

HubSpot also offers an Enterprise edition of the CRM with a price tag of AUD 4610 per month with 10,000 marketing contacts. The permission sets, field-level permissions, Email send frequency cap, and predictive lead scoring are some of the options that come with the plan to take your campaign management next level.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is designed to meet the customer and campaign management needs of small and medium businesses with options to reach customers and potential customers by phone, social media, Email, live chat, and more. You can measure the effectiveness of customer communication and get insights to improve engagement.

The real-time notification of your customers’ contact attempts allows you to instantly respond to their needs and maximise engagement and sales. Streamlining and automation of your lead nurturing enables you to optimise the conversion rate. The real-time reports and analytics help your sales team to improve their performance.

The conversational AI of the CRM can help your customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience in your Magento store. Zoho offers four different CRM plans, including a Free plan. The Basic plan offers you features such as multi-language support, a client self-service portal, and more. It allows single-user access and helps you manage up to 20 customers.

The Basic plan is priced at AUD 75 with 3 users and 500 customer capacity. The REST API and Webhooks allow you to connect with various other systems. The Standard plan costs you AUD 152 with 2000 customer data and 5 users. The custom button, domain branding, and web tabs simplify your marketing and campaigns.

The Professional plan is useful if you want to manage up to 5000 customers with 10 users. The plan is priced at AUD 383, and it comes with features such as custom schedulers, Twilio integration, etc.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another great tool for you to consider with sales, marketing, and service modules. With social media suite, mobile marketing, Email marketing, Email tracking, and marketing automation, you get every possible option to connect with your customers with your message. The ticketing features, contact management, project management, and gamification options for sales help you achieve smooth customer relationships.
The Agile CRM offers a free plan with 1,000 contacts for 10 users. Small companies with minimal sales and marketing needs can find this useful with features such as lead scoring, custom fields, Email campaigns, Email tracking, appointment scheduling, and more. The Starter plan is priced at USD 14.99 per user per month with 10,000 contacts. It comes with additional features such as two-way Email integration, marketing automation, social monitoring, and more.
The Regular plan costs you USD 49.99 per user per month, and it enables you to manage contacts up to 50,000. The plan comes with additional features like custom deal tracking, mobile marketing, two-way telephony, and more. The Enterprise plan allows you to manage unlimited contacts and is priced at USD 79.99. Automated voicemails, call recording, post-call automation, and unlimited campaign workflows are some extra options that come with the plan.
All the paid plans are offered at discounted prices if you choose them for 1 year or 2 years.

Get Assistance from CRM Consultants

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