Why NetSuite Integration for Your SaaS Business is Critical for Success?

Cohesiveness and visibility are two critical factors for business success. When businesses require multiple systems to run their business operations flawlessly, it becomes apparent that they get accurate data and information with minimal effort. A custom NetSuite integration takes your business service to the next level by unifying your accounting, CRM, ERP, and front-end systems.

The custom NetSuite integration simplifies every phase of your business, from staying up-to-date with the numbers to tracking the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns. Let’s analyse why integrating your NetSuite with other SaaS applications is critical for your business’s success.

Gears up for Business Efficiency

Offering a SaaS-based software system globally demands a significant amount of planning, discipline, and execution. When it comes to invoicing, cash collection, expense tracking and collection, and financial reporting, businesses must ensure accurate data on their systems in real-time.

Custom NetSuite Integration automates the data flow between systems and helps you make quick business decisions. You can receive and track payments in various currencies and calculate the profit and loss due to the exchange rates. Global accounting and consolidation and configurable tax setups of NetSuite help you achieve integrated financial operations while individually catering to the needs of various geographies.

Optimised Business Visibility

Making accurate business decisions with complete visibility reflects the competitiveness of a business. Custom NetSuite integration allows you to set the direction of data between your systems based on how you want to define your process flow. Although systems work great when they want to manage fewer data and processes, the complexity of data flow and processes increases as businesses grow.

It affects the business visibility and diminishes the ability of the organisation to take proactive business decisions. Importantly, standalone systems may help start-up businesses manage their operations, but that will be detrimental when the business grows.

Whether you want to monitor the cash flow, the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, ensure optimised conversion, or any other KPI, custom NetSuite Integration does not only leverage you with high-quality data but also makes it accessible from anywhere.

Creates Growth-Focused Business Systems

Creating growth-focused systems can eliminate the organisational silos of a business and make them flexible to changing business needs. A custom NetSuite integration guarantees you the complete use of features of your systems. With the seamless integration of your CRM, marketing, and ERP systems, you can quickly identify the sales trends.

It also allows you to analyse the sales data and identify cross-selling, up-selling, and repeat-selling opportunities to ensure optimised ROI per customer. Whether it is forecasting, specialised pricing models, procurement, or subscription-based revenue streams, each aspect of your business becomes more aligned with your growth goals.

No matter whether you are preparing for international expansion or already have established a global presence, the integration gives you complete use of multi-language support, multi-entity capabilities, preconfigured tax codes, and localised reporting features of NetSuite.

Tailored to Your Customers

You can identify the specific needs and challenges of your customers better and recommend/create solutions tailored to their needs. Whether you want to create new apps to give additional functionalities to your customers, improve the performance of your SaaS system, or add additional security features, the integration of your systems gives you insights into the requirements and expectations of the end-users.

The valuable end-user data on their experience with your SaaS system can help your IT team to work on innovation and make the solution more advanced and customised based on the end-users’ needs. Additionally, this improves customer engagement significantly and maximises customer retention and new customer acquisition.

You can also create additional features and functionalities for specific customer segments, reach out to them with your message, and measure the effectiveness of the add-ons efficiently and quickly in a fully integrated ecosystem.

Compliant to Regulatory Affairs

NetSuite is an advanced ERP system designed to be compliant with all the major regulations and standards worldwide. Regardless of whether you want your system to be compliant with FASB, GAAP, AICPA, SEC, or any other regulations, NetSuite integration sets the environment to keep your business operations in accordance with the standards.

A custom integration helps you reap the complete benefits of the capabilities of the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) of NetSuite. Especially when you offer your SaaS systems in various geographies, the regulatory maturity of your systems is critical for hassle-free business operations.

With the GRC capabilities, you can set the right controls to stay ahead of the risk objectives and monitor the effectiveness of those controls. The processes and modules of NetSuite ERP are designed to handle complex operational, regulatory, and compliance challenges as your business grow.

Since NetSuite is externally audited to ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PA DSS, PA DSS, SOC 1 Type 2, and SOC 2 Type 2, you manage the sensitive data of your business, including credit card data, financial transactions, and more.

Quick Expansion of the Integration

Your business requirements constantly change, and you want to add new systems to help manage the business operations better. A custom NetSuite integration helps you induct new systems into your business ecosystem at any time and expand the integration based on your business needs and operational challenges.

NetSuite is a highly configurable SaaS system. When you have the right integration system to connect all your systems, expanding your system integration is just a few clicks away. It also reflects your organization’s ability to adapt to the changing needs.

Choose the Right NetSuite Integration System for Your Business Success

Siloed systems and processes are two major bottlenecks in the growth phase of any business. Unifying your systems with the right integration solution sets the background for your growth and success.

Combine the best of your systems and redefine your business capabilities with SaaS Integrator. The advanced iPaaS integrator configures your NetSuite system with your CRM, frontend, marketing, and other systems and tools based on your process flow. Optimise your business performance and growth with a few clicks without any technical expertise or coding knowledge.

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