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EXO BigCommerce Integration Supported Modules

Product Information Management

Businesses can manage the product information and attributes available on multiple channels from one place using the integration. Everything from pricing, product descriptions, images, and variants can be updated & synced using the integrated system, making product catalog management simpler while maintaining data consistency throughout.

Inventory Management

An EXO BigCommerce Integration by the SaaS Integrator team guarantees that you acquire real-time inventory management functions, which beyond inventory tracking, offer setting up low stock alerts. The alerts can themselves be configured by you to trigger auto-restocking along with creating customer reorder points for specific products and sales channels.

Sales and Order Management

Any orders placed either on the EXO ERP or the BigCommerce platform will be synchronous system-wide due to the integration. It not only helps businesses track and view orders and sales information but also enables managing its status in real-time, along with accessing tracking information remotely.

Accounting & Finance Management

Businesses need to have immaculate financial record keeping, and the integration supports it by syncing all accounting & finance data. While it enables on-demand & live data access regarding invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting, the integration fundamentally eliminates manual data entry and room for error(s).

Customer Relationship Management

A centralized platform that accesses & allows managing customer data and interactions helps businesses deliver better customer service. The integration accomplishes it easily, along with offering viewability & management of order history, customer preferences, and inquiries, subsequently building stronger customer relationships.

Marketing Automation

Application & management of business marketing efforts become easier with the EXO BigCommerce Integration, as it offers to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns. The integration can source the customer data for the campaigns from a connected database, besides making use of an additional MailChimp integration for efficiently personalizing the marketing endeavors.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse operations need to be tracked consistently to ensure timely product fulfillment. The integration, in this case, offers tools and options to remotely check, update and manage the pickup and packing process up till the shipping & fulfillment process. Such accessibility optimizes warehouse operations, reducing any probable risks of delays and errors.

Benefits of EXO BigCommerce Integration

The EXO BigCommerce Integration syncs all business data in one place, allowing better visibility & control over various operations concerning sales, inventory, etc. Such real-time data centralization between the EXO ERP & BigCommerce platform ensures concurrent data consistency while eliminating errors arising from the need for manual data entry on multiple systems.

All the orders placed on the BigCommerce platform are auto-synced with the EXO system, along with its payment & shipping details. The convenience of it enables businesses to receive real-time order updates, cut down delays, and auto-send order tracking information to customers, furthermore improving their shopping experience.

When your business might require additional features & functionalities, the SaaS Integrator team can incorporate them into the integration for your added benefit. You can gain these custom functionalities by asking us to integrate any additional modules, plugins, third-party apps, APIs, business software, platforms, etc.

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