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Customize The Wix LightSpeed Integration As Per Your Needs

The Wix LightSpeed Integration by SaaS Integrator can become the centerpiece for managing all your business responsibilities after we instruct your teams to use and customize it. We can also connect or integrate additional modules, plugins, software, APIs, and business systems to extend its automation, management, and data syncing capabilities.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Create and manage products, catalogs, and product pricing using the Wix LightSpeed Integration, which also allows modifying product attributes. Any changes can be automatically applied system-wide across retail stores and online marketplaces to display correct and identical product details to customers. Retailers can also define custom prices for specific products and bundles based on parameters like variants and availability using the integrated system.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Help your teams eliminate the hassles of individually managing orders, shipping, and invoicing by automating these operations through the integrated system we can build and deploy for you. It can also ensure maintaining correct data between systems to better handle order fulfillment and shipping responsibilities apart from depicting live product availability and shipping status at online marketplaces.

Companies & Customers

Regularly updating data fields like purchase history and contact details, among others, is crucial for maintaining authentic information about customers and companies. The integrated system can assist your teams in doing so by providing options and access to create and manage their profiles for grouping them as required. The marketing teams can use these groups to run targeted campaigns, apart from offering deals to regular buyers to improve customer retention.

Tax Rates Mapping

Integrating the Wix eCommerce website and LightSpeed POS systems allows assigning and auto-updating tax rates on products to adhere to compliance norms. Retailers can also set custom tax rates or exemptions on specific products and have it reflected live across all the sales channels. Likewise, the integrated system can also automatically generate tax reports and file them to compliance authorities to ensure fair business practices.

Inventory Mapping

Automate better inventory management using the integrated system by configuring low stock alerts for online marketplaces and thresholds for replenishment of inventory at retail stores. The centralized system can help sales teams prevent stockouts, ensuring consistent sales, apart from offering options to track inventory movement and reallocate inventory items between stores. Retailers can also create bundles and set up custom inventory levels to display it live to customers on specific sales channels.

Payment Import/ Export

Employing Wix LightSpeed Integration by SaaS Integrator into your daily business operations connects your sales channels to allow tracking, managing, and updating payment data against purchases and refunds or cancellations. Additionally, the integrated system can also be linked with a custom payment gateway like Stripe, whose data it can fetch to create consolidated reports and maintain accurate financial records that can be accessed system-wide.

Benefits of Wix LightSpeed Integration

Businesses can expand their operations at any time by connecting more apps, plugins, and APIs with the Wix LightSpeed Integration by contacting SaaS Integrator developers. Incorporating more technologies within the integrated system essentially assists in customizing business operations to match target outputs like generating sales, increasing customer loyalty, and so on.

Teams can fetch and synchronize customer profiles and transaction history data between POS systems and online marketplaces to identify patterns and form customer groups. Using such data helps marketing teams design campaigns & strategies whose promotions can be delivered to customers automatically using alerts & notifications by connecting platforms like Mailchimp with the integrated system.

The integrated system helps to track and synchronize customer data, order history, and previous orders using a SaaS Integrator custom-built Dashboard. Harnessing such data and using it to improve sales workflow helps to develop & provide improved shopping experiences. Retailers can also use the integrated system to access a dashboard that displays concurrent business data, helping teams work efficiently & productively.

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Do more with SaaS Integrator-provided Wix LightSpeed Integration by configuring it further to work seamlessly with other business applications and connected sales channels. Similarly, we also provide more system integration options to suit the various needs of businesses & retailers all over the world.

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