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Modules Supported by Magento Vend Integration

Products, Attributes & Pricing

The Products, Attributes, and Pricing module supported by Magento Vend Integration using SaaS Integrator allow for the synchronisation of your product information, such as names, descriptions, images, and pricing, between Magento and Vend.

With SaaS Integrator, you can use the Magento API and the Vend API to access product information on both platforms. This information can then be used to keep the product information in both platforms in sync, ensuring that your customers see the same information, regardless of whether they are viewing the Magento or Vend site.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

SaaS Integrator can be used to synchronise the fulfilment and shipping status between Magento and Vend, ensuring that when an order is fulfilled in one platform, it is also marked as fulfilled in the other platform. This can help you to ensure that your customers are always kept informed of the status of their orders.

Magento Integration with Vend POS by SaaS Integrator can also be used to synchronise the invoicing between Magento and Vend. This ensures that the invoices created in Magento are also visible in Vend and vice versa.

Companies & Customers

The module synchronises order details, such as customer information, shipping address, and ordered items between Magento and Vend. It also allows you to synchronise fulfilment and shipping information to track the status of orders and manage the inventory levels across both platforms.

Moreover, you can facilitate the synchronisation of invoices and payments between Magento and Vend, allowing you to easily manage your financial data and reconcile your accounts. Integrating Magento Vend can also be configured and customised to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Tax Rates Mapping

Tax Rates Mapping automates the process of mapping tax rates between Magento and Vend, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. By mapping the tax rates between Magento and Vend, this module ensures that the correct tax rates are applied to your products and orders on both platforms, improving tax calculation accuracy.

With accurate tax calculations, your customers will not face any taxes-related issues during checkout. With the help of this, we can improve the overall customer experience.

Inventory Mapping

The Inventory Mapping module is easy to configure. Magento Integration with Vend POS by SaaS Integrator allows you to set up the integration according to your specific business needs, allowing you to configure the module to your needs.

It also allows you to synchronise inventory levels between Magento and Vend, ensuring that the inventory levels are always accurate and up-to-date across both platforms.

Payment Import/ Export

The Payment Import/Export supported by Magento and Vend Integration using SaaS Integrator is a module that allows you to import and export payment information between Magento and Vend. Ensuring that the correct payment information is displayed on both platforms.

The Payment Import/Export with Magento Vend Integration automates the process of managing payments, eliminating the need for manual data entry, reducing errors, and improving the overall efficiency of your business operations. We can help you integrate various payment methods from Magento ecommerce and Vend point of sale Integration and have them available on both platforms.

Benefits of Magento Vend Integration

Marketing integration is one of the benefits of Magento and Vend Integration using SaaS Integrator. Magento ecommerce and Vend point of sale Integration using SaaS Integrator can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing strategy by providing you with more customer data and automating many of your marketing tasks, which can lead to increased sales and customer retention.

Additionally, marketing APIs can further enhance the programming interface and help businesses in a variety of ways for email marketing, data collection, etc.

SaaS Integrator provides you with access to a wide range of data and analytics, giving you a complete picture of your business’s performance and helping you make better-informed business decisions.

SaaS Integrator provides businesses with access to detailed reporting and analytics, giving them a complete picture of their business’s performance, such as sales by product, customer demographics, and more, which can help to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.

Magento Vend Integration allows you to create custom dashboards tailored to your specific business needs, allowing you to view the most important data to them in an easy-to-read format.

It also allows you to choose which data is integrated between Magento and Vend, enabling you to integrate the data important to your specific business needs.

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