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Customize Your Wix Retail Express Integration

Configuring the provision of the correct set of functionalities your integrated systems enable is easily managed by the SaaS Integrator team. Our developers can use or create custom APIs to fetch data and trigger actions between connected systems, which in sync with third-party applications, modules, and integrations, can together deliver maximum operability for your business.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Managing a business that has multiple retail stores and an eCommerce marketplace requires efficient records management, which the Wix Retail Express Integration can deliver with high uptime. Teams can use the integrated system to track and synchronize product data that they can also update system-wide after performing modifications at only one location.

The same is applicable for creating & managing products and product variants, along with editing product attributes for streamlining product catalog management & updates across all the sales channels. Parallelly, the business teams can define and synchronize product prices to market products specifically to certain customer groups based on viewing their transaction data history.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

The foremost responsibility of order processing requires synchronizing information about orders between online & offline systems, and the Wix Retail Express POS integration by SaaS Integrator can perform it. Retailers and businesses can configure and optimize the integrated system to automate data updation, which can also be applied for managing & tracking shipping fulfillment.

Functionalities of the integrated system can also provision creating invoices and shipping labels besides assigning order tracking channels that can be sent to customers to provide delivery updates. The invoices can be associated with respective customer accounts or profiles to develop marketing models based on purchase history.

Companies & Customers

Access and track customer and company data between connected eCommerce marketplaces and retail POS systems, which can also be appended or altered through the Wix Retail Express POS Integration. We can instruct your staff to customize the integration for auto-generating and delivering reports and create customer segments or groups based on their purchases and interests. The marketing teams, in turn, can use the groups with updated information to run special campaigns.

Tax Rates Mapping

Apply taxes correctly to products and product variants and synchronize their values across all the sales channels to present accurate rates to customers. Incorporating the tax rates mapping module into the integrated system can allow retailers to custom-map tax rates based on orders, delivery locations, customer profiles, and purchase units.

Businesses can also use the in-built tax calculator to apply relevant rates to products to maintain financial records competently. Additional capabilities can also allow retailers to track tax rates across locations and apply them to ensure compliance with tax authorities, to whom auto-generated tax reports can be filed on the fly.

Inventory Mapping

The Wix Retail Express Integration can streamline products & order tracking, which also makes inventory management easier. Using the integrated system can provide retailers with live data regarding inventory and stock levels across stores and marketplaces, which can be set up to replenish as required. Retailers can also benefit from incorporating the inventory mapping module to transfer stock items between stores apart from creating product bundles and kits to run promotions.

Payment Import/ Export

Maintaining records of payment information correctly is essential for businesses to sustain their operations, which is intelligently handled by the integrated system. Other than synchronizing payment information between connected sales channels and systems, retailers can also apply system-wide updates after modifying payment information data.

The module also allows providing multiple payment options and using third-party patent gateways like Stripe, whose data can be imported and exported to other systems for reporting purposes. Likewise, retailers can access the integrated system to process & track refunds & cancellations.

Benefits of Wix Retail Express Integration

Running a Wix Retail Express Integration helps retailers enhance their marketing campaigns by further integrating platforms like Mailchimp to send alerts & emails for delivering personalized engagements and experiences. At the same time, integrating social media platforms with the system can allow teams to view and respond to customer activity in real-time.

The integrated system can be customized in numerous ways to further enhance the business workflow operations by incorporating newer functionalities. We can custom-build and configure such customizations for your business that will keep the systems lean yet capable of processing automation & syncing duties based on defined parameters.

Acquire complete knowledge of your business processes, sales, and reports using the provided dashboard within the integrated system. The dashboard can also be accessed to perform custom actions apart from fetching or tracking customers, products, and inventory details that are synchronized across retail stores and marketplaces.

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The Wix Retail Express Integration can be the one-stop solution for managing everyday business operations that can be synced and automated to match specific workflow needs. At the same time, it’s possible to integrate more technologies and software solutions into the integrated system in various combinations. Contact SaaS Integrator Developers to learn more about our custom integrated solutions for businesses & enterprises.

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