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The integration enables you to optimise the core processes of your business with clean, accurate, and up-to-date data. The high-quality data leverage the growth of your business. Customised shopify and myob integration using SaaS Integrator maps your data flow the ideal way possible. The integration also guarantees you the full use of the features of MYOB Exo to give a powerful e-commerce experience to your customers.

Product Management

The integration enables you to manage the product data syncing between your MYOB Exo and Shopify from a single Dashboard. The Products module of SaaS Integrator allows you to update SKUs, product titles, descriptions, images, inventory, and sync attribute values. You can map the integration from ERP to e-commerce, e-commerce to ERP, or two-way syncing.

You have options to update attributes, including style, colour, and size, as well. You can also create inventoried items and update each transaction into income, COGS, and inventoried asset accounts. This helps you get accurate statuses of your inventory, orders, and more. Additionally, this also enables you to get up-to-date financial reports every time.

Sales And Customer Management

The integration gives you full use of the CRM features of MYOB Exo. This includes hassle-free management of contacts and leads, including interactions, order history, and more. It also effectively helps you execute marketing campaigns and send bulk Emails to maximise conversion based on the customer activities and orders on the Shopify store.

The integration allows you to set different price levels and quantity breaks for customers through the Tier Pricing module of the integrator and reflect them on both MYOB Exo and the Shopify store. SaaS Integrator offers connectors to create Tier Pricing functionality on your Shopify store to seamlessly reflect the pricing for the customers. You can also define the promotional pricing policies on Exo and get them updated on the store with custom shopify and myob integration.

Finance Management

The accessibility to customised reports on MYOB Exo helps you get specific insights to fuel your business growth. The accurate syncing of each order into appropriate financial accounts using integration guarantees you high-quality financial data to compare and identify trends to formulate sales and growth strategies.

It also helps you with budgeting and financial analysis and ensures accurate reporting of GST and BAS. The shopify integration with myob gives you visibility of up-to-date financial numbers, including cash flow, cash in hand, assets, liabilities, and more for informed business decisions.

Order And Invoice Management

Seamless order processing is one of the key metrics for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Order and Invoices module of SaaS Integrator helps you send sales invoices to the customer from MYOB Exo for every order created on Shopify. By linking the invoice accounts for each invoice, you eliminate a majority of manual accounting works related to invoice processing.

With custom shopify integration with myob, you can also set and update the Shopify order status on MYOB Exo and vice versa. The integration module also allows you to set tax codes for products to add the taxes to the prices automatically. You can also add appropriate sales, inventory, and inventory asset accounts to ensure each customer order is recorded for financial reporting.

Mapping Shopify sales tax codes with Exo and linking payment deposit accounts avoid a lot of hassles associated with payment processing.

Inventory Management

The integration helps you get accurate inventory details on SaaS Integrator’s Dashboard to plan sales strategies. Additionally, the accurate availability statuses of the products on Shopify pages can avoid the hassles such as automatic order cancellation due to non-availability of stock. Similarly, the integration also helps you compare various reports related to sales, identify trends, and backorder inventory to maximise sales and profit.

The custom MYOB Exo Shopify integration helps you update each inventory in Exo with attributes, including style, colour, and matrix size, and get the same reflected on the store.

SaaS Integrator is a codeless iPaaS environment that helps you quickly establish connections between your systems. The integrator features out-of-box integration apps and pre-built templates for common integration use cases to simplify establishing connections between systems. The intuitive UI of the integrator allows you to map and create data syncing without any technical expertise.

The robust integration ecosystem ensures secure data transfer between systems and helps you monitor the integration status on the dashboard. You can customise and expand the integration at any time based on the changing requirements of your business.

SaaS Integrator services gives every possible option to tailor the integration based on your workflow and business goals. You can define the direction of data flow between your systems. SaaS Integrator gives you the option to choose ERP to e-commerce, e-commerce to ERP, and bi-directional syncing based on the workflow of your business.

You can also set specific data flow directions for individual integration modules. Additionally, you have the option to integrate specific data fields of the integration modules. All these guarantees you customised system integration based on your workflow and business goals.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard that gives you a seamless view of the key metrics of your business. This includes total sales, total shipments, new customers, total synced data, and more. You can also customise the dashboard and get visibility of the most important metrics based on your business processes.

The dashboard also gives you a comprehensive view of various modules and key details of integration between systems, including integration status, the direction of integration, critical elements of the data synced, and more. The dashboard also features a Data Summary table with total synced data, sync status, configuration to and from details, and accessibility to the integration settings.

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How does MYOB Exo integrate with Shopify?

MYOB offers third-party apps on its App Marketplace for integration between both systems. However, if you want to customise the integration based on your workflow to ensure complete control and 360-degree visibility, SaaS Integrator can be the finest choice for data syncing.

The codeless iPaaS platform allows you to quickly establish connections between the systems, customise them, and expand them without any technical expertise. You will have out-of-box integration apps and pre-built templates for common use integration cases to make the integration hassle-free.

Does MYOB Exo integrate with Shopify?

Does shopify integrate with myob? Of course, you can create a unified e-commerce ecosystem by seamlessly connecting MYOB Exo with your Shopify store. SaaS Integrator is an ideal platform to establish data syncing if you want customised system integration based on your workflow. The iPaaS platform features pre-built templates and out-of-box integration to quick-start the integration for common use cases.

The integration wizard requires zero coding knowledge, and therefore, you can establish connections between systems without any technical expertise. You can map how you want the integration – module by module, data field by data field. The dashboard of SaaS Integrator also gives you the key metrics of your business in a single view and helps you make informed decisions.

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