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Module Supported by the Integrator

Products, Attributes & Pricing

The PrestaShop Shopify POS integration enables businesses to effortlessly add, edit, and delete products and manage product attributes such as size, color, and weight. Additionally, store owners can manage product pricing and special offers across both platforms, ensuring that customers see the exact pricing and discounts online or in-store.

With the integration, businesses can also manage the pricing and product details of a product available in multiple languages and currencies.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

With this module, businesses can easily streamline orders, create invoices, and track shipments across both platforms, ensuring that customers receive the same service. Additionally, companies can also manage the shipping options and carrier information across both platforms, ensuring that customers see the same shipping options and costs whether they shop online or in-store. It also allows businesses to offer customers multiple shipping options, carriers, and shipping rates.

Companies & Customers

The companies and customers module enables businesses to manage company information such as company details, billing information, and contact details across both platforms. With this assistance, enterprises can easily manage their customer and company information from a single platform, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Businesses can create and manage multiple customer groups, assign specific prices, and offer discounts to groups or B2B customers. This module also allows companies to track customer behavior and purchase history, which can be used for marketing and sales purposes.

Tax Rates Mapping

PrestaShop Shopify POS integration’s tax rates mapping module enables businesses to map their tax rates and taxes between the two platforms, ensuring that the same tax rates are applied to products and orders, whether purchased online or in-store.

This helps ensure that businesses comply with local tax laws and regulations and that customers are charged the correct amount of taxes on their purchases. With this module, you can seamlessly handle complex tax rules, such as different tax rates for various products, shipping and handling charges, and other charges.

Inventory Mapping

Inventory mapping allows you to ensure that customers see accurate inventory levels whether they shop online or in-store and that businesses can manage their inventory more efficiently. Additionally, configure inventory management settings such as stock levels, stock warnings, and out-of-stock notifications across both platforms.

This allows businesses to set different inventory levels for different products or product groups and to receive notifications when stock levels are low.

Payment Import/ Export

Configure payment settings such as payment methods, currencies, and payment gateways across both platforms. With PrestaShop Shopify POS integration, set different payment methods for different products or customer groups and offer various payment options to customers.

The payment import/export enables you to handle different currencies and payment gateways, making it easier for businesses to sell products to customers in different countries.

Benefits of PrestaShop Shopify POS Integration

The OpenCart Shopify POS Integration by SaaS Integrator offers a dedicated dashboard that helps retailers obtain insight into business performance at a glance. Teams can also customize it to depict specific data and use it to manage business operations like processing orders and invoices remotely, apart from tracking inventory or generating reports.

The marketing integration with Mailchimp benefit of the PrestaShop Shopify POS Integration enables businesses to synchronize customer data and behavior between the platforms, allowing the companies to create targeted marketing campaigns.

This benefit also allows businesses to create segments and automate email marketing campaigns, increasing the efficiency of marketing efforts. Additionally, as a store owner, you can also track the performance of your marketing campaigns using Mailchimp’s analytics tools, allowing you to optimize the campaigns for better results.

PrestaShop Shopify POS integration offer business owners various customization ability to fit their specific needs. This benefit allows businesses to add new fields, create custom workflows, and integrate with other third-party apps.

Additionally, businesses can also create custom reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions. These customizations can help companies streamline their operations and improve their overall performance.

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PrestaShop Shopify POS Integration
PrestaShop Shopify POS Integration

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