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Unrestricted View Of Your Sales Pipeline

The HubSpot to NetSuite integration guarantees you correct contact information, gets quick notifications whenever a lead clicks on your ad, and enables you to create and manage campaigns from a single system. The integration of your ERP and CRM can make a lot of difference between a deal and a drop out.

Not only that, but you can also see various points of the customer journey and the problems they experience at every phase of the journey. This allows you to rectify the bottlenecks of customers in terms of UX, product details, pricing, etc., and ensure a seamless customer journey.

Enhanced Contact Tracking

As a business, you may have multiple channels to get customers’ contacts but ensuring the accuracy is a challenge. The integration streamlines contact data entry and validates each of them to make your CRM a single source of truth for customer contact information. The accurate and up-to-date customer contacts help you execute marketing engagement activities associated with the records.

In simple, SaaS Integrator gives you greater visibility into your contacts as well as their activities.

Streamlined Forecasting And Quote Generation

Your customers get an up-to-date view of their order processing and fulfilment details. You can connect with them and communicate the order statuses and tracking details once the fulfilment is completed.

SaaS Integrator also minimises the hassles associated with returns and refunds and allow you to manage everything related to it from a single screen.

Cohesive Marketing

The integration allows you to execute different types of campaigns, all from a unified ecosystem. Whether you want event marketing or Email marketing, the integration enables efficient use of the ERP data to create subscriber or attendee lists quickly and create campaigns to maximise engagement and conversion.

The ERP and CRM integration also allows you to segment your customers, set specific pricing and quantity breaks on ERP, reflect the prices on the frontend system, and reach out to customers through CRM.

It is important that you have the complete visibility of your customers and leads and have total control of their data. The integration allows you to get sales data, web analytics data, and more from your NetSuite and use them for identifying the general buying trends and customer-specific insights.

The integration eliminates inconsistent customer data on your systems and contributes to your positive relationship with customers. The accurate customer contacts and other details help you create custom deals for them, ensure efficient communication, and associate in activities that can greatly promote your business success.

SaaS Integrator gives you a single view of the key data of your business through its Dashboard. This allows you to get an idea about the performance of your business and enables you to take quick business decisions. You can view total orders, new customers, synced data, fulfilled orders, and more highlighted on the Dashboard.

Additionally, the integrator features specific data tables for each module that enables you to understand the performance of your processes. You can also quickly access the integration settings of each module from the Dashboard to quickly change or expand the integration. The interactive Dashboard also allows you to customise it based on your requirements and ensure the most critical data of your business reflects on them.

Key Integration Flows

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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Can NetSuite integrate with HubSpot?

NetSuite and HubSpot are highly popular ERP and CRM systems. You can integrate both systems for seamless data exchange and automation of repetitive tasks. The integration allows you to manage all your customer data from a unified ecosystem that give more accurate and effective customer communications.

You have a number of options to integrate your systems, including middleware, manual integration using APIs, and third-party integration apps. If you are searching for a codeless, advanced, and tailored integration solution, SaaS Integrator can be the finest choice for your needs. The integrator allows you to view and manage all your critical processes from the interactive Dashboard of SaaS Integrator.

What are the different options to integrate NetSuite with HubSpot?

You have several options to integrate your NetSuite ERP with HubSpot CRM. The popular integration options include middleware, third-party integration apps, and manual integration using APIs. While middleware is a system intermediary offered by your CRM and ERP providers, manual integration is coded data syncing created by software professionals using APIs.

On the other hand, third-party integration apps are generally SaaS-based systems with very minimal coding or no coding. If you are looking for a codeless integration system with excellent customisation options, you will find SaaS Integrator an ideal option for your needs. The integrator also features an intuitive setup wizard for quickly establishing data connections and an interactive Dashboard to reflect the key data of your business.

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