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Regardless of the size of your business, it should be ticking 24/7 for the customers to give them a seamless shopping experience. The Ecommerce integration provides you with enormous visibility and control over your ecosystem. The custom integration and streamlined processes give you a curated system to work the best possible way for you.

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Returns Management

Hassle-free returns of products and refund issuing is an important area in building customer loyalty. SaaS Integrator simplifies the returns and refund processing by connecting your online store, ERP, POS, and warehouses. It minimises the customer hassles associated with returns and reduces the cost of the process.

SaaS integrator allows you to sync your online store and ERP with all the leading return management apps to keep hassle-free order returns important in your growth strategy. From self-service returns to issuing refunds, every stage of the order returns gets complete integration for hassle-free, efficient returns management.

Whether you choose Ecommerce eBay integration, Ecommerce POS(Point Of Sale) integration software, or any other solution, we can seamlessly connect return management tools for efficient returns processing.

Supply Chain Management

The integration of your online store with the ERP helps you achieve breakneck efficiency for all your processes. Streamlining the processes of inventory management, warehousing and logistics, 3PL, demand planning, and EDI can drastically increase your business performance and boost sales.

The supply chain integration gives you a range of direct benefits, including the managemet of automated invoicing, kitting items, lowered shipping cost, increased warehouse capacity, and enhanced customer proximity from a single system. The integrated system gives you end-to-end visibility of your supply chain process and helps you quickly respond to market and supply chain disruptions.

Customer Support

Integrate your customer support systems and CRMs with your ERP for syncing financials, customer data, RMAs, support tickets, and more. The integration is meant to customise your customers’ experience without having the chunkiness and complexity of traditional systems.

Customer support is a department that requires continuous communication with other departments. Your team might want to support the customer by phone, live chat, or email. And every conversation must be starting from the customers’ last contact and the information should be up to date. The integration also gives total control over your customer support resources, including your workforce’s activities and time tracking.


The seamless integration of your accounting system with Ecommerce gives you visibility to the most critical financial numbers for running your business. The cash flow, balance sheet, and other critical data give you the accurate financial position of your business. The automation of various accounting processes, bookkeeping, and data reconciliation help you eliminate less efficient aspects of the business’s financial affairs.

Also, the syncing of sales orders, payments, refunds, credit memos, and settlement reports avoids data duplication. With easy access to accurate and insightful data, you can make business projections for sales strategy. Whether you want Ecommerce website QuickBooks integration or Xero Ecommerce integration, SaaS Integrator helps you keep all your financial data in one place.


Optimise the order-to-cash process by connecting Ecommerce, ERP, inventory management, warehouse management, and marketplaces. The simplified and efficient customer invoicing, payment collection, data management, and account receivable can benefit your business in multiple aspects.

It improves process accuracy, cash flow, customer experience, and process visibility, in addition to time savings on the O2C process. Additionally, the integration simplifies reporting and audits as all data and actions are readily available for analysis. Whether you want eBay Ecommerce integration or Ecommerce Amazon integration, the SaaS integrator keeps you stay on top of all your processes.

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator enables you to connect your ERP with Ecommerce, manufacturing, wholesale, and other SaaS systems. From CRMs to marketing tools, the integrator creates seamless connections between systems. Explore the popular integration solutions for ERP choosing SaaS Integrator.

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What is Ecommerce integration?

Ecommerce integration is the establishment of coordination of an online store with various backend systems. The integration ensures the flow of data and information from the frontend to the backend and vice versa. This minimises the manual entry of data in multiple systems and avoids the risks of human errors.

With the automation of repetitive tasks, business owners and the workforce can focus on key growth areas of their business. Overall, an Ecommerce integration gives complete visibility of the processes to the business owners and ensures efficient and controlled operations aligned to their growth goals.

What is PayPal integration?

As an online payment service provider, PayPal facilitates payment at Ecommerce stores in various modes. A PayPal integration with your Ecommerce helps your customers confidently make the payment in the secure payment network of PayPal. That means the checkout process is completed on PayPal pages. The integration also allows you to make payments and issue refunds without any hassles.

Integrating your Ecommerce ecosystem with PayPal helps you maximise your conversion with a seamless checkout process.

What is API integration Ecommerce?

An Application Programming Interface integration Ecommerce is an efficient way for the Ecommerce store to connect with various backend systems. API is a machine-readable interface that facilitates communication between different backend software with the online store. SaaS Integrator uses APIs to sync Ecommerce with ERPs, CRMs, accounting tools, POS systems, and various other software.

Integrating various systems using APIs ensures that every data and information entered or modified in any of the systems are synced to all the relevant systems. It guarantees you accurate, up-to-date data in your systems.

How to convert from one Ecommerce integration to another?

Whether you are migrating to a new Ecommerce platform or replacing backend software, the integration of the new system to your Ecommerce ecosystem is critical for your business operations. Based on the type of systems or Ecommerce platforms you want to sync, the switching of systems in the integration procedures are different.

SaaS Integrator enables you to migrate your system without setting up the custom integration again. Talk to our integration experts to help you with switching the Ecommerce systems and ensuring seamless data flow.

How much does it cost for an Ecommerce Sage integration?

Each Ecommerce business has specific integration requirements based on its business volume, growth plans, and more. You may require specific SaaS endpoint apps integration, external FTP connections, and flows.

We have multiple plans for Ecommerce integration ideal for businesses according to their business volumes and specific integration needs. Visit our plans and pricing page to identify what is suitable for your needs. You can also talk to our integration consultants if you have specific questions or want more information.

How to do Ecommerce shopping cart integration?

An Ecommerce shopping cart integration is nothing but Ecommerce integration. That means an Ecommerce store is connected with various backend systems and software to ensure a seamless buying experience. Whether you want Magento Ecommerce integration or any other shopping cart platform integration, SaaS Integrator enables you to connect your systems in a few clicks.

You do not require any technical expertise, and the intuitive UI helps you complete the integration process in a few minutes. Talk to our integration consultants if you have specific questions or need assistance.

Why is ERP integration vital to modern Ecommerce businesses?

ERPs are the most critical backend system of medium to large Ecommerce platforms. ERPs take care of the complete backend process from inventory management to marketing, including data management. An ERP integration, therefore, means connectivity to all the facets of your Ecommerce.

Therefore, seamless integration of Ecommerce with the ERP is critical for businesses for spotless and efficient operations. The integration helps you get seamless visibility over your business operations. The lack of proper integration between the systems can increase the cost of operations, affect the customer experience and satisfaction, decrease sales and profit, and bring down business performance.

What is the best Ecommerce integration app?

Choosing an integration app for creating connectivity between your systems should be based on the extent of your integration requirements and technical expertise. Whether you want Ecommerce Salesforce integration or any other integration solution, it should be eliminating the organisation silos, especially when the processes grow. While ensuring bulk data processing, the integration apps should be creating secure connections between systems.

SaaS Integrator is a robust integration app designed for Ecommerce businesses of different sizes and diverse operational needs. The integrator facilitates connections between your Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, accounting system, POS, marketing tools, and more. Most importantly, the intuitive UI allows you to set up the integration with zero technical expertise or coding knowledge.

Why is Ecommerce integration important?

Ecommerce integration is critical for businesses due to a number of aspects. First, the integration ensures improved communication between frontend and backend systems. This improves the efficiency of the business operations and allows the workforce to focus on the key areas of business growth. Second, Ecommerce integration automates most repetitive or redundant tasks. It avoids data duplication and errors that can affect business performance and customer experience.

Third, the custom data integration between systems gives you a seamless view of your business operations. Therefore, you have greater control over your business, and this helps you take your business to the next level. Seamless Ecommerce integration would be a great move to advance your business.

How do you integrate an Ecommerce website?

Most integration apps offer pre-built templates to make the syncing data of hassle-free. SaaS Integrator is a robust integration platform that helps you connect your backend and frontend systems seamlessly. We have pre-built templates and integration apps for common use cases.

Our intuitive UI helps you self-navigate without ambiguity and fill up the details to establish the connection between the systems. Importantly, our integration platform requires zero technical expertise or coding knowledge. You can copy-paste the API keys of the systems by following our guidelines and tune the integration based on your needs.

Our integration experts are also available to help you tune the systems based on your needs. Feel free to connect us for assistance and guidance.

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