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Customize Your EXO Lightspeed Integration

SaaS Integrator can build you an integration that streamlines your business workflow that can be further configured to meet your business requirements. For instance, our team of developers can connect additional third-party applications, modules, plugins, APIs, and business software with the integration to offer you high-performance systems that can effectively handle live data syncing with consistent uptime.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Easily manage your product catalog and listings using the EXO Lightspeed Integration by SaaS Integrator to create or revise product descriptions, images, and pricing information. Businesses can also access integrated systems to create and manage product variants, and attributes, categorize products, and set prices according to different currencies and regions to offer customers consistently accurate product details, improving their discoverability.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Gain real-time sales visibility through the integration that can automate order management, tracking, fulfillment, shipping, and invoice generation. The connected systems can use two-way communication to update the purchase information on the fly so that physical stores can process them quickly. Similarly, you can respond to inquiries remotely and on time to inform customers about real-time product delivery status, increasing your chances of delivering high customer satisfaction.

Companies & Customers

Create, update, and manage customer and company profiles using the integration we provide to maintain accurate customer information between your physical stores and sales channels. Your teams can also manage and view the updated customer data, such as contact information, interactions, and purchase history, to create segments for identifying loyal customers, purchase patterns, and preferences to deliver personalized offers and promotions.

Tax Rates Mapping

Display accurate product pricing using the EXO Lightspeed Integration built for your business by SaaS Integrator to custom-apply or exempt tax rates on specific products and their variants. Teams can also access it to revise tax rates and update the modifications system-wide on the connected sales channels to present correct pricing information. Additionally, the integration can auto-apply tax rates, generate tax reports and file them to the authorities as needed.

Inventory Mapping

Prevent scenarios of oversells and stockouts by configuring the integration to trigger auto-replenishment of inventory after defined threshold levels are crossed. It can also help businesses view live inventory data of connected stores and sales channels to ensure maintaining consistent sales, other than creating product bundles based on identified customer purchase patterns to encourage repeat purchases.

Payment Import/ Export

Teams can use the integration to view, track, and manage payment data from connected sales channels and payment gateways like Stripe to acquire accurate knowledge of business performance. We can also configure the integration to support additional payment methods for online sales channels besides integrating additional payment gateways, whose data is altogether synced in real-time to auto-generate accounts reconciliation and business reports to create forecasts.

Benefits of EXO Lightspeed Integration

Our EXO Lightspeed Integration, developed for your business, can support connecting additional technologies to help your business expand its growth and workflow. You can ask our SaaS Integrator developers to create custom APIs, modules, and plugins or to connect additional third-party apps, business software, and other required tools that can help you align your business in gaining vertical progress.

Provide your marketing teams with access to the integration to extract insights from customer purchase history and preferences to create targeted marketing campaigns. Simultaneously, the teams can use the customer loyalty program data to offer special deals by encouraging repurchases, whose alerts can be sent by connecting platforms like Mailchimp to deliver personalized emails & notifications. Such efforts can ultimately influence customer acquisition and improve loyalty and retention.

The custom integration we build at SaaS Integrator can display all your business data in one place, including inventory levels, customer orders, shipping fulfillment, and so on. Acquiring remote accessibility to a high-functioning integrated system can also help you automate your business processes to deliver greater customer satisfaction while saving time and cost.

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SaaS Integrator helps businesses obtain automation tools by custom-creating and deploying EXO Lightspeed Integration, among others, which also syncs complete business data in real-time. We can configure the integration to match all your business requirements to help you offer seamless shopping experiences by streamlining your inventory & order management.

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