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Module Supported by the Integrator

Products, Attributes & Pricing

BigCommerce LightSpeed integration using SaaS Integrator supports a products, attributes, and pricing module that allows for easy management of products and their attributes, such as size, color, and images. This improves the customer experience and increases sales. While you can also use various features via APIs to make your platform more interactive.

Additionally, it supports inventory management, order processing automation, detailed analytics, and real-time syncing for better scalability and efficiency of the business.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

This can help streamline your business operations by automating and centralizing various processes. Additionally, it allows business owners to easily track and manage orders, fulfill them efficiently, and manage to ship and invoice, improving the business’s efficiency and scalability.

Companies & Customers

Connect Lightspeed Retail and BigCommerce with SaaS Integrator for seamlessly managing companies and customers. This allows you to easily create, manage, and track customer and company information, such as billing and shipping addresses. This can improve the efficiency and scalability of the business by centralizing customer and company information.

Tax Rates Mapping

The tax rates module easily maps and manages tax rates from BigCommerce to LightSpeed, which can help ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. This can improve the accuracy of financial reporting and help you avoid potential legal issues. Additionally, this module can help reduce the administrative workload associated with managing tax rates and improve your business’s efficiency.

Inventory Mapping

This allows you to easily map and manage inventory when you integrate BigCommerce with Lightspeed Retail POS, which can help ensure accurate stock levels and inventory management. This can improve the customer experience by ensuring that products are available when needed and also help reduce the risk of stockouts. Additionally, this module can help improve the efficiency and scalability of your business by automating and centralizing inventory management.

Payment Import/ Export

With this module, you can easily import and export payment information from BigCommerce to LightSpeed, which can help ensure accurate financial reporting and management. This can enhance the efficiency of your business by automating and centralizing the process of managing payments.

Additionally, this module can help you keep track of customer payments and orders, which can be used for creating targeted marketing campaigns and for providing better customer service.

Benefits of BigCommerce Lightspeed Integration

Increased efficiency is a key benefit of using BigCommerce Lightspeed Integration. It allows store owners to connect their BigCommerce e-commerce platform and Lightspeed POS system and automate many of their business processes, which can save time, reduce the possibility of errors, and improve the overall customer experience.

When you connect Lightspeed Retail and BigCommerce using SaaS Integrator, you can provide various benefits to your e-commerce business, one of which is the ability to connect with Mailchimp. This allows you to easily create and manage marketing campaigns with Mailchimp by utilizing customer data, such as purchase history and preferences, collected in BigCommerce and LightSpeed.

This can help improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and increase sales.

Integrate BigCommerce with Lightspeed Retail POS and infuse your business with the ability to customize your integration to suit your needs. With the integration, you have the flexibility to customize various aspects such as product data, order processing, inventory management, shipping and tax rates, and marketing campaign integrations. With APIs, you can tailor the integration to your business requirements, which can help improve your business’s efficiency, scalability, and revenue.

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