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Modules Supported by Ecwid Shopify POS Integration

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Products, Attributes & Pricing by Ecwid Shopify POS Integration allows you to set different pricing for your products and variations and to manage your inventory levels across both systems. This ensures that when a product sells in-store, the inventory level is automatically updated in your online store and vice versa, preventing overselling and out-of-stock situations.

It is supported by SaaS Integrator, a third-party integration service that allows you to connect your Ecwid store with your Shopify POS system and automate the process of managing your product catalogue, inventory, and pricing.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Ecwid Shopify POS Integration by SaaS Integrator allows you to manage shipping and shipping rates and create shipping labels directly from the same interface where you process the orders. This can streamline your shipping process and make it more efficient.

You can manage shipping and shipping rates and create shipping labels directly from the same interface where you process the orders.

Companies & Customers

Ecwid Shopify POS integration by SaaS Integrator helps you to manage and synchronize your customer data between your Ecwid online store and your Shopify POS system. This includes viewing, creating, and editing customer information, such as contact details and purchase history, and managing customer groups and segmentation.

It allows you to group customers based on specific criteria, such as purchase history or location, and target them with specific promotions, discounts, or marketing campaigns.

Tax Rates Mapping

With Tax Rates Mapping by SaaS Integrator, you can map the tax rates in your Ecwid store to the corresponding tax rates in your Shopify POS system. This ensures that the correct tax rate is applied to all orders and eliminates the need to update the tax rates in multiple systems manually.

SaaS Integrator service allows you to connect your Ecwid store with your Shopify POS system and automate the process of managing your tax rates.

Inventory Mapping

With Ecwid Shopify POS Integration by SaaS integrator, you can view your inventory levels in one central location, regardless of whether they were updated online or in-store, and manage them in the same way.

You can also update and adjust inventory levels for products and product variations, automatically syncing with both systems. With Ecwid Shopify POS Integration, we can also help you to set up low-stock alerts for items running low, so you can quickly reorder them before they run out of stock.

Payment Import/ Export

The ‘Payment Import/Export’ is a comprehensive tool that helps you to manage and synchronize your payment information across all your sales channels, ensuring that all payment information is accurate and up-to-date and reducing the risk of errors. It also allows you to reconcile your payments and keep accurate records of your financial transactions.

Benefits of Ecwid Shopify POS Integration

Centralized product management is one of the main benefits of integrating Ecwid and Shopify POS using a SaaS integrator. Integrating Ecwid and Shopify allows you to manage your business’s products from a single location, making updating product information, pricing, and inventory levels easier.

It can also easily track and manage products across different sales channels without switching between multiple platforms.

By using a SaaS integrator, you can ensure that the data exchanged between the two platforms is kept secure, protecting sensitive customer and business information from unauthorized access.

We generally have strict security protocols to protect our servers and networks from unauthorized access. This means that the business’s data is safe even in the event of a breach at the SaaS integrator’s end.

By integrating the two platforms, you can manage all of your orders from a single location, eliminating the need to track order status separately on both platforms. With better order management, businesses can:

Also, you can synchronize inventory levels across both platforms, ensuring that businesses sell products effectively. Have a clear overview of all the orders they are processing, which helps them to plan and manage the shipping process efficiently.

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