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Opportunities And Sales Orders

Integrate NetSuite Sales Orders with Salesforce Opportunities to track the customer journey and engage them from a unified environment. You can maximise the LTV per customer by identifying the upselling and cross-selling opportunities on an integrated system.

With seamless access to customers’ order history, you can also view repeat sales opportunities and achieve optimal sales with targeted campaigns.

Items And Products

The NetSuite SFCD integration helps you update your items and products on one system and get them automatically reflected on the other system. No matter you want to add product pricing, attributes, images, and additional description, or edit existing product details, the integration simplifies most of your job.

You can also set customer-specific pricing for your products on NetSuite and engage customers through campaigns from Salesforce to maximise sales and profits.

Accounts, Customers, Contacts

The integration allows you to create conditional rules and sync Salesforce Accounts with NetSuite Customers and Contacts to get a comprehensive view of your customers. The integration of both ERP and CRM enables you to capture customer-specific insights to optimise conversion.

Apart from sales campaigns, the single repository of customer data simplifies the job of your Customer Service team. They always communicate the latest data with your customers and minimise the issues of frequent customer care contacts and customer conflicts.

The integrator platform features a CRM module that helps you ensure the exchange of only the required data between both systems. You also have the option to choose either unidirectional or bidirectional data flow to ensure efficient data exchange between systems.

We also offer custom feature and software development solutions to build additional capabilities for various ERPs, CRMs, and Ecommerce systems. With the automation of simple processes and the elimination of repetitive tasks, we will make your processes more aligned to your growth goals. The integration also guarantees you the full use of both Salesforce and NetSuite features to fuel your growth.

The integrator features a comprehensive Dashboard that gives you a single view of the critical data of your business. It includes orders in numbers, new customers, total synced data, and more. You can also see key data according to the module that gives you knowledge of the performance of your individual processes.

You can also quickly access the integration setup for each module from the Dashboard of the integration to customise or expand it. You can also customise the interactive Dashboard of the integrator at any time and ensure the reflection of the most important data on it.

Key Integration Flows

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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Does NetSuite integrate with Salesforce?

You can integrate your NetSuite ERP with Salesforce as there are multiple options to create connections between both systems. They are manual integration using APIs, middleware, and third-party integration apps. Manual integration is a code-based integration, and programmers create data connections between your systems using API.

Middleware is an intermediary system developed by ERP and CRM manufacturers to establish data connections between their systems and other systems. On the other hand, third-party integration apps are generally SaaS-based integration systems with partial coding or without coding.

SaaS Integrator is an iPaaS integration platform that allows you to establish connections between your systems without coding quickly. The intuitive integration solution also features out-of-box integration apps and pre-built templates for common use cases to create syncing.

How to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce?

SaaS Integrator is an excellent choice if you want to learn how to integrate NetSuite with Salesforce with zero coding. The intuitive integration platform helps you create data syncing between your system, module by module and data field by data field. Additionally, the integrator features pre-built templates and out-of-box integration apps to develop data syncing for common use integration cases.

The integrator also features an interactive Dashboard that gives you a quick view of the key data of your business for making quick business decisions.

How to do NetSuite and Salesforce integration using Salesforce API?

There are multiple ways if you want to know how to integrate NetSuite to Salesforce. However, if you are searching for codeless integration with Salesforce API, SaaS Integrator is the ideal option for your needs. All you need to do is just access both Salesforce API to NetSuite API keys, copy and paste them onto SaaS Integrator’s setup wizard, and start configuring the integration.

The intuitive UI of the SaaS Integrator allows you to access specific modules and connect individual data fields between both systems for efficient data exchange.

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