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Common HubSpot Integration Options

Ecommerce Integration

HubSpot CRM integrations with your Ecommerce helps you keep your customers’ data on a central repository and avoid the issues of data duplication and inaccuracy. Each order details, transaction, and more are seamlessly synced from your Ecommerce to HubSpot for identifying the repeat, cross, and up-selling opportunities to maximise LTV per customer.

Similarly, the integration allows your customers to view their order history, communication history, and more on their Ecommerce account or self-service portal from the CRM that minimise their contact with your service team. You can also offer your customers chatbots to help them in their buyers’ journey by seamlessly integrating with the CRM.

ERP Integration

Integrating your ERP with HubSpot gives you complete control of your business and customer campaigns. The reciprocal relationship of both systems simplifies your business processes. The transaction and finance data from the ERP help your sales team create better forecasts on your CRM and develop sales strategies.

On the other hand, the finance team can view statuses of the deals and customer relationships from CRM to complete the finance and accounts process associated with each sale. This type of reciprocal relationship helps your systems extract the maximum value of the data syncing. The integration also minimises the need for manual data entry and avoids costly reworks due to errors. You can also segment customers and make tailored campaigns to maximise conversion by HubSpot integration with ERP.

Accounting Integration

If you use an accounting tool, connecting it with HubSpot will help you give your customers a more personalised service and gain total control of your campaigns. The integration allows you to track each customer order, enquiries, and activities on your CRM and help you create personalised offers and campaigns based on customer-specific insights.

The analytics features of HubSpot allow you to identify sales opportunities from sales and customer data quickly. You can also send customers automatic notifications using the communication tools of HubSpot regarding their orders, invoices, payments, and more. The integration also helps you offer your customers additional self-servicing tools to improve the customer experience.

POS Integration

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, integrating its software with your CRM guarantees an advanced customer experience. The integration allows you to segment your customers and create more tailored campaigns to optimise conversion. You can identify and reward loyal customers by giving them exclusive offers and customer programs.

The HubSpot integration using API gives you excellent flexibility and a comprehensive view of your leads and business metrics. The integration increases the software functionality of both systems and helps you streamline your processes.

Customers are the most critical actors of your business, and any activity or engagement should be taking your relationship with them to the next level. The lack of proper data connections between your CRM and other systems can therefore bring down your customers’ experience.

You should have complete visibility of your customers and the sales pipeline to identify each sales opportunity and the effects of your campaigns. The customer data is generated in various forms: interactions, transactions, orders, website clicks, and more. If used effectively, these data can be the most critical tools and assets for your business for all your campaigns.

Therefore, every customer data should be synced to your principal customer management tool, here, your HubSpot CRM to view, analyse, and process them. The integration also makes your HubSpot the single source of truth for all your customer-related data. This is critical for accurate customer communications and campaigns for optimal conversion and sales.

SaaS Integrator has an interactive Dashboard that gives you the key data of your business reflected on it. You will find total orders, fulfilled orders, synced data, new customers, and other critical metrics that give you a quick understanding of your business performance.

The API integration for HubSpot using SaaS Integrator also gives you module-wise data of your processes. You can also customise the Dashboard of the integrator to make it reflect the most critical data of your business.

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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What is an integration HubSpot?

It is the process of integrating HubSpot CRM with various frontend and backend tools for seamless data exchange and automation of simple tasks. The integration minimises manual data entry and gives you an excellent view of your campaigns from a centralised environment. You will achieve seamless visibility of your customer details and get the full functionality of the features of your HubSpot for advanced sales and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, your service team will find the integration highly beneficial to get accurate data and have effective communication with customers. HubSpot integration ensures that you have a single source of truth for your customer data, including contact details, communication history, order history, actions on your store, and more.

How do you integrate with HubSpot?

You have multiple options to integrate your HubSpot with Ecommerce, ERPs, accounting tools, POS, marketing systems, and more. Some of the popular choices for HubSpot integration include middleware, third-party integration apps, manual integration using APIs.

However, if you want a custom, codeless, and advanced system integration solution for your HubSpot, SaaS Integrator is an excellent choice. The iPaaS-based system has an intuitive UI that allows you to establish data connections for HubSpot with various external systems without hassles. You can customise the integrations according to your workflow and expand them without technical expertise.

The interactive Dashboard of the integrator gives you a single view of the key data of your business for making quick decisions.

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