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Customize Your Wix Shopify POS Integration

The SaaS Integrator team can expand the functionalities of the integrated Wix Shopify systems in various ways by connecting more platforms, software, third-party apps, APIs, modules, and so on. So if you are uncertain about which solutions would best suit your business or align with its workflows, we can also custom-build your integration using APIs and other means to offer configurable options.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Manage and update your products, attributes, and pricing identically between your connected online & offline sales channels using the Wix Shopify POS Integration by SaaS Integrator. It can also create new products, variants, and catalogs besides displaying correct product information like price, images, SKUs & descriptions. Syncing such data between connected systems is essential to display them live at each sales channel, which can vastly increase product discoverability.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Handle the responsibility of order fulfillment by auto-generating and managing invoices and shipping logistics using the integrated system that syncs customer information and sales across connected channels. We can show your team the special configurations for creating custom workflows to process orders for fulfillment, including generating shipping labels and order status tracking links, the latter of which can be sent to customers. Obtaining an integration between Wix & Shopify POS can indeed make managing order fulfillment simple & error-free.

Companies & Customers

Syncing customer data like contact details, purchase history, payment mode, and so on is important to track sales & maintain positive customer relationships. The integrated systems can help businesses in this regard by syncing & maintaining customer data uniformly between online & offline stores so their data can be used to assist them or to use it for developing marketing strategies targeted at generating repeat purchases.

Tax Rates Mapping

Offering customers all-inclusive pricing of products at online marketplaces containing applicable tax rates can be managed using the integrated system. Through it, vendors can custom-apply tax rates to products or exempt them as per location codes and other parameters beyond syncing such data between sales channels to maintain data consistency. The integrated system can also auto-generate tax reports & file them with the compliance authorities to maintain adherence.

Inventory Mapping

Ensuring your sales continue in every season requires smart inventory management, which can be handled using the integrated system by SaaS Integrator to auto-restock inventory after it reaches a certain threshold. Similar conditions can also be set using the integration to raise low stock level alerts for triggering replenishment apart from displaying live inventory levels to customers at offline & other online platforms.

Payment Import/ Export

Maintaining financial records becomes easier using the Wix Shopify POS Integration built by the SaaS Integrator developers, which can help you automate tracking & syncing transactions. The integrated system can collect and update payment data, even from a connected third-party payment gateway like Stripe, and import or export it as needed to fulfill financial responsibilities. Similarly, the connected Wix platform & Shopify POS systems can be used to generate reconciliation & other reports.

Benefits of Wix LightSpeed Integration

Oversee all the business processes and activities and track or manage them remotely using special access to the integrated system that can be accessed even from handheld devices. The integrated systems themselves can also feature a dashboard or similar interface to offer complete business metrics at a glance, which can be viewed in-depth to manage or track business performance.

Connecting the Wix marketplace with the offline retail stores running Shopify POS systems through the SaaS Integrator can also incorporate more plugins and functionalities to offer maximum scalability without compromising on performance and high uptime.

Regularly using the Wix Shopify POS Integration can help to extract customer purchase history insights. Using it, anyone can develop marketing strategies to create certain groups and run targeted campaigns that incite repeat purchases or reward redemptions. Any promotional deals can also be sent to customers via push alerts after connecting the integrated system with platforms like Mailchimp, etc.

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Do more with SaaS Integrator-provided Wix LightSpeed Integration by configuring it further to work seamlessly with other business applications and connected sales channels. Similarly, we also provide more system integration options to suit the various needs of businesses & retailers all over the world.

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