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Module Supported by the Integrator

The integration connects two platforms to synchronize inventory, customer data, and order information. Integrating a system that can guarantee high traffic both online and in-store help, you grow your business.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Create, update, and delete products and their attributes in Magento and have that information automatically updated in Shopify POS with this integration. This integration allows businesses to manage their product catalog and pricing in one central location to ensure accuracy and up-to-date details.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Introduce accuracy and get up-to-date information at one central location regarding the orders placed through this Magento Shopify POS API integration. With the help of this module, businesses can view and manage orders, mark them as fulfilled, and view order details such as shipping, billing, and customer information in one central location. This integration allows you to easily manage shipping and fulfillment, shipping rates, and tracking information.

Companies & Customers

Create and manage customer and company information in Magento and has that information automatically synced to Shopify POS by acquiring SaaS Integrator’s Magento Shopify POS integration. This integration can handle and manage customer details, billing addresses, shipping addresses, and contact information and streamline your business operation.

Tax Rates Mapping

With the help of this integration, businesses can easily set up different tax rates in Magento based on location or product type and have them automatically synced to Shopify POS, ensuring the correct tax rate is applied to each sale, whether the purchase is made in-store or online. If your business operates in multiple locations, then opting for this integration can ensure that the correct tax rates are applied to sales.

Inventory Mapping

When a sale is made, update the inventory levels in Magento and automatically record the sale in Shopify POS with this API integration. Not only that, set up low stock alerts for both Magento and Shopify POS to get notifications when a product is running low in stock; this way, they can place an order and restock their products in time. Perfect integration for businesses managing inventory levels across channels.

Payment Import/ Export

With the payment import/export module, process payments in Shopify POS and have the information automatically updated in Magento, ensuring that the financial data is always accurate and up-to-date across both platforms. With this module, businesses can import payments and transactions from Shopify POS to Magento and keep track of all in-store and online payments in one central location.

Benefits of Magento Shopify POS Integration

Streamline the sales process across multiple channels seamlessly with the help of SaaS Integrator’s Magento Shopify POS Integration. With this integration, businesses can manage and track in-store, online, and mobile sales all in one place. This allows eCommerce platforms to improve their overall sales process and increase efficiency by having all the information related to sales in one place.

Magento with Shopify POS possesses the ability to customize the integration to meet the specific needs of a business. With SaaS Integrator’s help, companies can tailor the integration to match their existing workflows and processes, which can help to minimize disruptions to their operations. Additionally, we can help businesses customize the user interface for Magento and Shopify POS to match their brand and make it easy for their employees to navigate. These customization options can benefit businesses with unique requirements or specific needs.

In addition to modules for inventory, customer, and order management, infuse your business with marketing and advertising feature with SaaS Integrator’s Magento Shopify POS integration. With the help of SaaS Integrator, the Magento Shopify POS integration solutions allow businesses to integrate their marketing efforts with Mailchimp, a popular email marketing platform. With this integration, create targeted email campaigns and track their success through Mailchimp while syncing data such as customer information and order history from Magento and Shopify POS.

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