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Access the integrated system and map custom data fields to sync orders, customer, and payment data accurately between the connected systems and sales channels. The SaaS Integrator team can incorporate several additional features by connecting additional third-party applications, plugins, APIs, and modules, that collectively perform essential business operations using updated data that can be tracked and managed from any connected systems.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Ensure your sales channels and retail stores depict correct prices and product descriptions that are also uniform between all locations using the OpenCart LightSpeed Integration system. Update product information across the system without needing to make changes individually by automating product data updation, which can also help when applying & synchronizing product attributes.

The module integration also supports creating new products and product variants, apart from product kits & bundles, to run region-specific or stock-specific promotional deals. Retailers can also manage product pricing similarly to present identical product catalogs to customers. Furthermore, access all these operations from any system and apply them throughout the sales channels without errors or delays.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Track orders between retail systems to manage their fulfillment using the OpenCart LightSpeed Integration built by SaaS Integrator. Employing its use lets retailers synchronize order information across all the systems to generate and distribute invoices which also works similarly for managing shipping responsibilities and returns or refunds.

Customers can receive tracking information automatically after placing orders, and retailers can generate shipping labels apart from accessing inventory levels to replenish them as required. The entire process, from receiving payment to confirming shipment delivery, can be automated to deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Companies & Customers

Regularly updating customer information and company data can allow retailers to deliver better customer service and provide them with specialized promotional deals and discounts. Auto-syncing customer profile data, including their transaction history through the integrated system, helps executives deliver personalized customer experiences.

Likewise, the integrated system can create and manage customer profiles and company profiles, which can be assigned tags other than grouping them to access or modify their information correctly from any location and connected POS system.

Tax Rates Mapping

Apply taxes correctly on your products and their variants using the integrated system that automatically performs system-wide data updates. Managing taxes and tracking them should follow by levying them identically on the same products, even when they might be featured separately on marketplaces and sales channels.

The retailers can also configure region-specific, delivery location-specific, and product-specific tax rates mapping that can be updated as per adjustments made by the tax authorities. A retail business can also automatically generate and file tax reports to the compliance authorities using the integrated system.

Inventory Mapping

Prevent scenarios of stockouts using the integrated system to set up low stock level alerts and define custom thresholds to trigger reorders for inventory replenishment. The OpenCart LightSpeed Integration can also let retailers allocate or exchange inventory items between stores, besides displaying live inventory levels to customers at online marketplaces and retail systems. Proper management of inventory levels can also help with forecasting sales prospects of sales in advance.

Payment Import/ Export

Provide customers with various modes of payment to complete orders and track the payment data between systems with zero errors using the OpenCart LightSpeed Integration. Businesses can also integrate third-party payment gateways like Stripe and collect their data to be synced with customer profiles and purchase histories for auto-generating reconciliation. The integrated system can also let staff export or import payment data to other systems.

Benefits of OpenCart LightSpeed Integration

The OpenCart LightSpeed integrated systems can connect with third-party platforms like Mailchimp to send customers personalized alerts, emails, and messages regarding promotions, discounts & limited-time offers. Likewise, the integrated system can be accessed to run personalized marketing campaigns across social media platforms by integrating them to use customer profiles & transaction data.

Automate daily business activities like recording, maintaining & synchronizing information about orders, inventory, customers, and so on to develop practical transaction processing and fulfillment methods. Do it all without having to visit any stores using the multi-platform dashboard access to manage & track everything in real-time.

Integrating OpenCart with the LightSpeed POS system fundamentally envelope a highly scalable solution that fulfills several business management responsibilities, which can be extended to incorporate more applications, tools, and third-party integrations. Ultimately, the integrated system can be used as an ecosystem or the backbone of your business operations that can be synchronized & managed remotely.

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OpenCart LightSpeed Integration
OpenCart LightSpeed Integration

Custom Integration Solutions

The OpenCart LightSpeed Integration effectively makes business operations seamless by automating processes and synchronizing data regarding orders, inventory, and invoicing. You can further customize the integrated system in various ways with the help of SaaS Integrator developers, who can also implement several other integrations.

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