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Apparel 21 Integration With Ecommerce

The Appare21 integration with your Ecommerce streamlines your business operations and gives you a single source of truth. The integration automates simple and repetitive tasks in your order processing, inventory, customers, accounting, and more. Importantly, this minimises the bottlenecks in various processes and improves organisational efficiency without the issues of errors and costly reworks.

Each order placed on your Ecommerce is seamlessly updated on Apparel21 for processing, and every inventory detail on the ERP is integrated into Ecommerce. This automatic data updating minimises customer conflicts with quicker processing of orders and seamless visibility of the product and order details for customers.

Apparel 21 CRM Integrations

Your customers are the most critical actors of your business. The integration of your Apparel21 with your CRM guarantees you campaign management and customer engagement from a unified ecosystem. You get accurate visibility of customer contact details, order history, contact history, and more across your systems.

This simplifies the job of your marketers and sales team. The ERP CRM integration gives you accurate customer insights to help your campaigns and maximise conversion. It also enables you to manage your customer campaigns from a single interface and view their performance, including the sales pipeline. The integration also makes things a lot easier for your service teams as they communicate up-to-date information to customers and minimise the issues of customer conflicts.

Inventory Integration

Integrating Apparel21 with your inventory management systems gives you excellent visibility and control over your procurement operations. You can view the inventory from the frontend, get sales forecast details from Apparel21, do demand planning, and backorder inventory to meet the demand.

You can also create alerts and notifications to keep you updated about the inventory requirements. The inventory also allows you to update them as product quantity on the frontend with Apparel21 integration and ensure minimal hassles of incorrect product details across systems.

Marketing Integration

Do you have additional marketing tools to manage your campaigns but struggle to get visibility of your marketing data and operations? Custom Apparel21 marketing integration can create the right channel for data flow between your systems based on your workflow.

It allows you to quickly plan, execute, and measure campaigns – no matter you want Email marketing, event marketing, or any other type of marketing – based on the capabilities of your marketing systems. Custom Apparel21 marketing integration helps you make your campaigns cost-effective and gives you accessibility to larger audiences.

SaaS Integrator features multiple modules, including orders, inventory, accounts/finance, customers, CRM, POS, and more, and you can set different settings for different modules. You can choose either unidirectional or bidirectional data syncing based on how you want to see data flow between systems.

What if you don’t want specific data fields to be reflected on the other system? You can skip the data exchange of those fields. SaaS Integrator helps you sync the required data between your systems.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard that gives you a quick view of the critical data of your business. You can view new orders, fulfilled orders, new customers, integrated data, and more. You can also get the key data of your processes module-wise.

The Dashboard also provides you with quick access to the integration settings per module. You can also customise the Dashboard of the integrator to view the most critical information and data of it.

Integration Solutions

As a customisable ERP for various industries, Apparel21 can be integrated with Ecommerce platforms, CRMs, marketing tools, payment gateways, personalisation systems, and more using SaaS Integrator. Explore the popular integration options for Apparel21 using SaaS Integrator.

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How does Apparel21 integrate?

You have multiple options to integrate your Apparel21 ERP with frontend systems and other backend tools. However, the most common options are middleware, third-party integration apps, and manual integration using APIs. While middleware is an intermediary integration system offered by ERP and other system developers, manual integration is coded syncing using the APIs of the respective systems.

Third-party integration apps are usually SaaS-based integration solutions that help you establish a connection with partial coding or no coding. If you are searching for an advanced, custom, and codeless integration environment for your systems, SaaS Integrator is an excellent choice for you. The intuitive UI of the integrator enables you to quickly establish connections between your systems without prior experience or technical knowledge.

The integrator also features out-of-box integration apps and pre-built templates to establish data connections based on common use cases. SaaS Integrator has an interactive Dashboard that gives you a view of the key data of your business for making quick decisions.

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