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SaaS Integrator is a complete integration solution with modules that include orders, inventory, products, customer, Tier Pricing, CRM, POS, and more. That means you can integrate and streamline all your processes with custom SAP WooCommerce integration.

Order Processing

Seamlessly update order details and order statuses between both systems with custom integration. The accurate, up-to-date order details on your WooCommerce and SAP simplify most hassles that delay the timely processing of orders.

Additionally, the integration automates several tasks associated with order processing. All these guarantee your customers quick dispatch and delivery of their products and real-time order tracking.

Inventory Management

Custom SAP WooCommerce integration guarantees seamless updating of inventory details from your ERP to Ecommerce to reflect the stock details on the frontend. This minimises stock inconsistency across systems and “out-of-stock” issues.

You can view inventory from an integrated environment, set triggers and alerts if the stock falls below the threshold, and replenish inventory to maximise sales and profits.

Customer Management

The integration places all your customer data, including contact details, communication history, order history, and more, in a single repository. This allows you to have accurate customer details across your systems and minimises the issues of miscommunications and customer conflicts.

Your marketing, sales, and service teams find their job simplified with accurate and up-to-date customer data on the systems. It also helps you identify customer-specific insights and cross-selling and repeat selling opportunities to maximise LTV per customer.

Products Management

SaaS Integrator features a Products module that allows you to create product details such as titles, SKUs, images, descriptions, attributes, and more on SAP and automatically update on WooCommerce. This minimises repeated manual entries and ensures accurate data on your systems.

You can also update Income and COGS accounts to track each inventoried item for product auditing and compliance.

Invoices And Payments

The custom SAP WooCommerce integration automates most of the invoice and payment processes for orders. For every order placed on WooCommerce, automatic invoice is sent to the customer from SAP ERP. You can also track your customers’ payments from a centralised environment and record every transaction.

The integration allows you to automatically reconcile various transactions with accounts and avoid discrepancies.

Tier Pricing

Do you want to give customer-specific pricing to maximise sales and profits? Our Tier Pricing module helps you make customer segmentation, provide quantity breaks, and offer special pricing. The module allows you to create special pricing and quantity breaks on SAP and update them on your Ecommerce.

What if your Ecommerce doesn’t support Tier Pricing functionality? Our experienced WooCommerce developers can develop Tier Pricing functionality for your Ecommerce and help you ensure optimal conversion.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard that gives a quick view of key data of your systems. This means that you can see order details, new customers, total synced data, fulfilled order details, and more. The integrator also gives you data according to different modules. You also have access to individual integration settings per module to expand them at any time.

Additionally, SaaS Integrator allows you to customise the Dashboard to seamlessly reflect the most critical data of your business on it.

What if you plan to migrate to a different Ecommerce platform in future? Do you want to create integration settings from scratch? SaaS Integrator features System Agnostics that allows you to choose any Ecommerce platform that is supported by SaaS Integrator and migrate by keeping the existing integration settings.

Key Integration Flows

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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How does SAP integrate with WooCommerce?

You have several options to integrate your SAP with WooCommerce. Some popular integration options you can consider include middleware, third-party integration apps, and manual integration using APIs. Middleware is an integration intermediary offered by the respective system developers to connect with external applications.

Manual integrations are completely coded data syncing using the APIs of the systems. Third-party integration apps are usually SaaS-based systems with or without coding. If you are searching for a powerful, codeless, and tailored integration platform, SaaS Integrator can be the finest choice for you. The integrator features an intuitive UI that helps you quickly create data connections between your systems.

Does SAP integrate with WooCommerce?

Of course, and you can choose SaaS Integrator if you prefer codeless, comprehensive integration based on your workflow and organisational goals. The integrator features an intuitive UI that allows you to create data connections between your systems without any technical expertise or prior experience. The integrator also features out-of-box integration apps and pre-built templates to help you sync your systems per common use cases.

The integrator also has an interactive Dashboard to give you a quick view of the key data of your business. Not only does it help you customise the data syncing, but SaaS Integrator also allows you to expand your integrations at any time based on your changing business requirements.

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SAAS Integrator is the world’s #1 iPaaS integration provider for commerce solutions, offering seamless and codeless connections between leading ERP, POS, e-commerce, CRM, PIM, WMS, drop shipping, B2B commerce, and inventory management systems. Discover a range of systems that SAAS Integrator connects with: