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Module Supported by the Integrator

As a business, with the help of this integration, we provide customers with the opportunity to make online and in-person purchases using the same shopping cart and checkout process, automating inventory updates, synchronizing customer information, and simplifying the process of reconciling sales data between the two platforms.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

With Magento Square POS integration, businesses can ensure that product information, attributes, and pricing are consistent between the two systems so that customers have a seamless and consistent online and in-store shopping experience. With this SaaS Integrator’s API integration, sync product information, such as name, description, images, and SKU, between Magento and Square POS.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Magento and Square POS can be integrated to enable retailers to process in-store and online payments, manage inventory, and fulfill orders. Once the integration is done, orders placed through Magento can be retrieved and managed through Square’s Orders API. Using this, merchants can fulfill and ship orders using Square’s Fulfillment and Shipping APIs. After the orders are fulfilled, invoices can be generated through Square’s Invoices API.

Companies & Customers

With the help of this integration, retailers can manage their customer and company information from one platform. When integrated, Magento APIs can sync customer information with Square, allowing retailers to have a single source of truth for customer data. This data can include customer name, purchase history, and contact information.

Tax Rates Mapping

The Magento Square POS integration can sync the tax rates defined in the Magento platform with Square, allowing retailers to use the same tax rates for in-store and online sales. This ensures the tax rate is correctly applied to in-store and online purchases. Thus, providing a more efficient way to manage the tax rates across different sales channels, helping businesses eliminate any discrepancies or errors in tax calculations.

Inventory Mapping

When integrated with your business, Magento can sync the inventory levels between the Magento platform and Square POS, ensuring that retailers are always up-to-date with the inventory levels and stock clearance. Square’s Inventory API provides merchants with real-time information whenever there is a change in the inventory in Magento.

Payment Import/ Export

To import and export payments between two platforms, choose SaaS Integrator, which offers integration between Magento and Square POS. The integration will provide retailers with up-to-date information regarding their payment information, including payment status, transaction amounts, and customer information.

Benefits of Magento Square POS Integration

One of the prime advantages of integrating Magento with Square POS is improved data management. When these platforms are integrated with each other, merchants can have a single source of truth for customer and company data, such as contact information, purchase history, and billing information.

With the help of this integration, retailers can access information regarding customers and the company in one place, thus, streamlining data management, enhancing data security, and improving customer retention.

Upon integrating Magento and Square POS with SaaS Integrator’s help, you can automate email campaigns, such as abandoned cart recovery or post-purchase follow-up emails. This can trigger certain events and can be beneficial to increase sales by targeting specific customer segments with personalized marketing campaigns.

This integration provides a glaring opportunity for various customizations, depending on the retailer’s requirements and the scope of the integration. Developers can create custom reports to provide retailers with insights into their business, such as customer demographics, inventory levels, and sales by product.

Developers can integrate with Square’s loyalty API and customize the points, rewards, and other elements per the retailer’s business requirements.

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