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The integrations we can build for your business are already made as per your business requirements and expansion goals. Still, our team of developers at SaaS Integrator can connect additional apps, platforms, modules, plugins, APIs, and other technologies to the integration to offer you extensive functionalities and features that streamline & automate your business operations.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

Access the ability to apply custom pricing to products using the integration that also enables updating product attributes, descriptions, and images system-wide between the connected sales channels. The integration can also allow the creation of product variants besides updating product data identically after updating it on the POS systems, preventing manual re-entries and errors while retaining product data consistency across product catalogs and listings.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

The integration we develop for your business can synchronize all your orders by connecting your sales channels to support automatic invoice generation. It can also allow the staff to auto-generate shipping labels and order tracking links besides associating purchase orders with customer profiles, which helps to manage order fulfillment responsibly. Retailers can also configure the synchronization intervals to occur each time an invoice is processed.

Companies & Customers

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date information regarding customer interactions, contact details, and purchase history is essential to offer better customer service. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Square POS Integration can deliver it by allowing accessing and tracking customer & company profiles, besides automating the synchronization of their assistance tickets to offer them quick resolutions for building positive customer relationships by offering personalized assistance and promotions.

Tax Rates Mapping

Applying tax rates on products can be easily managed and automated with the integration and the, which also updates the revisions to products across the connected sales channels. Likewise, the integration also offers custom-applying tax rates or exempting them on certain products based on parameters such as product variants and others. You can also access the integration to auto-calculate & generate tax reports to file them to the authorities.

Inventory Mapping

Obtain a centralized view of your inventory data at the integration dashboard, which can be used to track and manage inventory between stores. Your staff can also set up threshold levels for certain stores to raise low stock level alerts which auto-triggers order placement for inventory replenishment to prevent stockouts and ensure consistent sales. Likewise, the inventory can be refreshed at intervals or in real time to display accurate product data.

Payment Import/ Export

View all your business payment data using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Square POS Integration offered by SaaS Integrator. We can also help you extract payment data from connected payment gateways like Stripe which can help with maintaining data accuracy when auto-generating accounts reconciliations. Such functionalities ultimately make our provided integrations play an instrumental role in tracking business metrics and generating reliable reports and forecasts.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Square POS Integration

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Square POS Integration can support the efforts of marketing teams in developing targeted campaigns by syncing customer data and purchase history. While the teams can study the data to identify purchase patterns, the integration can also provide customer loyalty program data to be used for creating additional special campaigns for loyal customers. Ultimately, all the promos and deals can bring more sales while boosting customer retention & loyalty.

View all your business workflows and processes in one place using the integration dashboard. It can also feature inventory data besides showcasing automated reports to learn about core business performance at a glance. Likewise, the staff can also use it to track customer order fulfillment data to instruct about correct shipping timelines.

At SaaS Integrator, we can help expand the functionalities of your integrated business systems by connecting additional modules, apps, and custom APIs. We can also custom-create the latter to offer you a highly scalable system offering robust performance and high uptime.

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