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Customize Your SAP Business One Retail Express Integration

SaaS Integrator can help your business acquire modern technologies that simplify tracking and management operations for your workforce. The custom-developed integration we offer to you can also be connected with third-party platforms, plugins, APIs, modules, software, and business systems to optimize and automate your business processes by delivering synchronized business data at your fingertips.

Products, Attributes & Pricing

The SAP Business One Retail Express Integration built by SaaS Integrator helps retailers create and manage products and their variants for listings & catalogs. Your staff can set dynamic pricing for specific products and update it system-wide to display consistent product details. Likewise, all the product descriptions, images, SKUs, and attributes can also be synced between the connected sales channels to maintain data consistency.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Remotely track and perform order fulfillment using the integrated system that can auto-generate invoices after tracking purchases and customer data. The integration further allows auto-generating shipping labels & order status tracking options, which can be sent to customers after checkout to deliver real-time insights on delivery ETA. Similarly, the integration can also be configured to handle shipping fulfillment automatically.

Companies & Customers

Managing company & customer information like contact details, purchase history, preferred payment modes, and so on becomes easier using the integration that syncs it all between connected systems of your physical stores and sales channels. Teams can view and track customer data to offer better services besides using it to make informed decisions. The marketing teams can also access the customer data to create segments for running targeted campaigns to increase customer loyalty.

Tax Rates Mapping

Businesses and retailers can rely on the SAP Business One Retail Express Integration offered by SaaS Integrator to apply correct tax rates on all the products listed on the connected sales channels. The integration can also track the latest revisions by the authorities to custom-apply or exempt taxes on products other than using parameters like purchase origin, etc. Parallely, the integration can also auto-generate tax reports to file them as required.

Inventory Mapping

Retailers can better manage their inventory with the automation options provided by the integration. It can be configured to auto-trigger restocking after custom-defined threshold levels are breached. Likewise, the integration can be used to track live inventory data and display it on the connected sales channels using the integration. Overall, the integration helps remotely manage inventory items between connected systems to assist with order fulfillment and store pickup to grow customer satisfaction and prevent stockouts.

Payment Import/ Export

Synchronize all the payment data from your online & offline stores and sales channels using the integration, which can also extract data from connected payment gateways like Stripe. The integration also allows you to track the payment in real-time besides auto-updating it across the connected stores to reduce manual data entry and errors. The data can further be used to generate forecasts and reports, other than importing or exporting it to other business systems.

Benefits of SAP Business One Retail Express Integration

The SAP Business One Retail Express Integration by SaaS Integrators can be incredibly beneficial for marketing teams who can access detailed customer purchase history. Its uses can identify patterns & loyal customers to create customer segments. These segments can be offered personalized deals to encourage repeat purchases which can be notified about it all through connecting platforms like Mailchimp to send push alerts.

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing tool that SaaS Integrator supports. This enables businesses to link their Shopify store with Mailchimp, allowing them to develop and send customized email campaigns, newsletters, and promotional materials to their customers.

You can request that our SaaS Integrator developers design bespoke APIs, modules, and plugins or link additional third-party applications, business software, and other necessary tools to assist you in optimizing your business for vertical growth.

The integration between your SAP Business One systems and your online Retail Express eCommerce platform can continuously synchronize business data and run configured automation. We can also help you scale it by connecting additional platforms, modules, and integrations to increase its functionalities as per your business requirements.

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The SaaS Integrator provided SAP Business One Retail Express Integration is created based on the workflow of your business and can be customized to further accommodate your specific needs. You can also obtain our other custom integrations, which we can also connect with your legacy systems.

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