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Popular Integration Options

ERP Integration

Connecting your ERP with custom Opencart integration services help you ensure data integrity and automate your processes. The integration enables you to get absolute visibility and control over your orders, inventory, invoice processing, accounts and finance, products, and more.

The integration eliminates a significant percentage of your manual jobs and minimises the costly reworks due to human errors. It also helps you streamline your processes and achieve improved customer satisfaction with your teams’ accurate data visibility and seamless communication.

The Opencart integration with ERP allows you to automatically send invoices to customers from your ERP for every order placed on your Ecommerce. The integration also automates most processes related to accounting and invoice processing pertaining to each order. It also gives you options to update the inventory and product details on your ERP and make them reflected on your Ecommerce for sales.

You can also seamlessly monitor your inventory from an integrated environment, backorder products, and ensure continuous sales to maximise profits.

CRM Integration

Custom Opencart CRM integration keeps all your customer data – including contacts, communication history, and order history – in a single repository. This gives you a view of accurate data of your customers and sees the performance of your campaigns. The integration allows you to efficiently use sales data for identifying new sales opportunities – including the cross, repeat, and up-selling options – and make efficient campaigns for optimal conversion.

The integration helps you identify the general trends and insights from sales data to plan your sales strategies. The integration also gives you customer-specific insights that can ensure optimal conversion. Your sales, marketing, and service teams will find customer communication hassle-free with accurate and up-to-date data on your systems.

The CRM Opencart integration also gives you the end-to-end view of your sales pipelines and helps you analyse and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Accounting Integration

If you have accounting software, it is important that you integrate the tool with your Opencart store to manage all your business’s backend processes from a unified environment. The integration allows you to automate most processes related to invoice management and accounting related to customer orders.

The integration also allows you to capture each transaction on a unified system. This minimises manual entries of data into your systems. Additionally, accurate tracking of every transaction makes your business processes compliant with various regulations. Your teams can also pull up-to-date and custom reports to analyse.

The integration also minimises the reporting time of your processes and business as a whole.

POS Integration

Do you have brick-and-mortar stores along with Ecommerce and prefer to manage all your business operations from a unified environment? SaaS Integrator gives you total control and visibility of your business with custom Opencart-POS integration. The integration helps you manage inventory, accounting, and finance together and guarantees the accurate financial status of your business all the time.

The Ecommerce POS integration enables you to have greater flexibility on inventory and use online sales data for offline product listing for maximum conversion. It also gives you additional options to serve your customer better. Therefore, you can give offers and attract offline customers online and vice versa.

Similarly, you can allow your customers to efficiently utilise offline reward points online and return products to either of both platforms, no matter they bought from the Ecommerce or offline store.

SaaS Integrator gives you an accurate view of the critical data of your processes through its interactive Dashboard. You can quickly access the integrator from anywhere and see total new orders, new customers, fulfilled orders, synced data, and other critical information.

The integrator also gives you a single view of the important data of your various processes module-wise. You can also get quick access to the integration settings of your modules from the Dashboard to customise or expand them at any time. You can also customise the interactive Dashboard of the integrator to ensure that the most critical data of your business reflects on it.

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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What platforms does Opencart integrate with?

As one of the popular Ecommerce platforms, Opencart can connect with ERPs, CRMs, accounting tools, inventory systems, marketing platforms, POS, and more – provided you use the right integration systems. You can create data connections between your systems using manual integration with APIs, middleware, or third-party integration apps.

Do you want a codeless, customised, and advanced integration solution that allows you to expand data syncing at any time? SaaS Integrator is a great choice for you as it helps you quickly establish data connections without any technical knowledge or prior experience. The integrator also has pre-built templates, advanced tools, and out-of-box integration apps to establish data connectivity for common use cases.

The integrator also features an interactive Dashboard that gives you a quick view of the key data of your systems.

Integration Platforms

SaaS Integrator is a codeless iPaaS integration platform that allows you to connect your Ecommerce with ERP and various other backend and third-party systems. The Integrator creates seamless connections between all the major Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, accounting, POS, and marketing systems. Explore various systems and tools SaaS Integrator connects with: