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As an SAP integration hub, SaaS Integrator connects your ERP with various frontend and backend systems and helps you get seamless business visibility. The advanced SAP integration service connects your ERP with other systems with the following services.

Ecommerce Integration

Seamlessly sync your orders, inventory, customer data, sales, products, and more between your Ecommerce and ERP. No matter you have a Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other Ecommerce platform, the integration guarantees you total control of your operations with automation of repetitive tasks and data integrity.

CRM Integration

SAP CRM integration allows you to manage all your customer data from a single repository. You see the customers’ order history, identify cross-selling, upselling, and repeat selling opportunities on SAP and engage customers through your CRM. With accurate data on systems, you will see a drastic decrease in customer conflicts.

POS Integration

If you have an offline store and want to manage its business processes from a unified environment, SaaS Integrator connects your ERP and POS for seamless data flow and process automation. You can also connect with your Ecommerce or other B2B/B2C platforms and unify your inventory, returns management, and customer data for improved sales and profitability.

Marketing Integration

You can also integrate your SAP with marketing tools to make your campaigns better controlled and result-yielding. The business insights from the ERP can effectively be utilised for creating pricing strategy and customer-specific pricing and engaging customers through your marketing tools to maximise conversion and profits.

Integartion Solutions

As a customisable ERP for various industries, SAP can be integrated with Ecommerce platforms, CRMs, marketing tools, payment gateways, personalisation systems, and more using SaaS Integrator. Explore the popular integration options for SAP using SaaS Integrator.

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What is SAP integration?

SAP integration refers to the process of connecting SAP software with other systems or applications to exchange data and facilitate automated processes.

Why is SAP integration important?

SAP integration is important because it helps to streamline business processes, reduce manual data entry and errors, and increase efficiency and productivity.

What are the different types of SAP integration?

There are several types of SAP integration, including:

  • Data integration: This involves exchanging data between SAP and other systems or applications.
  • Process integration: This involves automating business processes between SAP and other systems or applications.
  • Application integration: This involves integrating SAP applications with other applications to exchange data and facilitate automated processes.
How is SAP integration performed?

SAP integration can be performed using various methods, including:

  • Using SAP’s built-in integration tools, such as SAP PI (Process Integration) or SAP HCI (Hana Cloud Integration)
  • Using custom integration solutions, such as APIs or SAAS Integrator’s middleware
What are the benefits of SAP integration?

Some benefits of SAP integration include:

  • Improved data accuracy and integrity.
  • Reduced manual data entry and errors.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved customer service and responsiveness.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities through real-time data access.
How can I get started with SAP integration?

To get started with SAP integration, you will need to identify the systems or applications that you want to integrate with SAP, and determine the most appropriate integration method and tools for your needs. You will also need to plan and design your integration solution, and test and deploy it to ensure it is working as expected & at SAAS Integrator, we help you achieve all sort of integration solutions including business specific customisations.

Can I integrate SAP with non-SAP systems?

Yes, SAP can be integrated with a wide range of non-SAP systems and applications, including custom and third-party systems.

How do I choose the right SAP integration solution?

When choosing a SAP integration solution, you should consider factors such as the complexity of your integration needs, the types of systems and applications you need to integrate with, your budget, and your technical capabilities.

Can I customize SAP integration solutions?

Yes, SAP integration solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. This may involve customizing the integration process, data mapping, or other aspects of the integration solution. Visit our Custom Integration section for more details.

How do I ensure data security in SAP integration?

To ensure data security in SAP integration, you should follow best practices such as using secure communication protocols, encrypting sensitive data, and properly configuring access controls. You should also consider using third-party security solutions to further protect your data.

How do I upgrade or maintain my SAP integration solution?

To upgrade or maintain your SAP integration solution, you should plan and test the changes in a development or test environment before deploying them to production. You should also ensure that you have the necessary resources and expertise to perform the upgrade or maintenance, and consider using a support or maintenance contract if necessary.

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