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How It Works

SAAS Integrator is a plug-and-play integration platform that seamlessly connects your business systems with various front-end, back-end, and third-party platforms. All you need to do is establish API connections between systems and configure the data syncing – module by module and data field by data field.

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Why Choose Us?

SAAS Integrator is the #1 integration solutions provider for MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce

Choosing our system integration platform comes with a host of benefits that you won’t find on any other integration platform. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how we compare with our competitors.

Let’s Compare

SAAS Integrator

Our Competitors

End-To-End Integration Solutions

Unlike our competitors, we offer end-to-end integration services — from consultations to monitoring and maintenance. So, until the APIs of your preferred systems communicate with each other the way you want, we will not rest. Simple as that.

It also means you don’t have to hire a third-party provider to set up the MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration, as we handle everything from start to end. How cool is that?!


As the #1 integration provider for MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce, we are proud of our versatility and adaptability. Suppose you ever change your mind about either of these systems and want to switch to another e-commerce or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. In that case, our system-agnostic platform will reconfigure your integration within minutes for all our standard integration flows. No questions asked.

Simple Module Configuration

Unlike other integration providers that have complex processes for setting up integrations, SAAS Integrator has a simple module configuration form that makes the process easier than deciding what to eat for lunch. Simply click on the modules (read: inventory, products, orders, customers, and more) you want to configure, and it’s done!

Simultaneous Connections

Connect your business to multiple systems at a time. Whether you want to integrate with more than one e-commerce, ERP, or any other system at a time, it’s possible with SAAS Integrator.

Truly Codeless

We are one of the few integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers offering a genuinely codeless platform through our comprehensive module configurator. We provide open APIs, additional downloadable apps from our App Marketplace for various flows, and a support community of certified developers for seamless custom-built MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration.

Our intuitive setup wizard helps you establish complex connections between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce without writing a single line of code for hassle-free, real-time, and automated data flows.

Fill out the form on our website’s Contact page, and we’ll do the rest.

App Marketplace

Need to further optimise data flows within the module configuration that we offer? Explore our App Marketplace, where hundreds of SAAS Integrator-certified third-party developers offer value-added apps for greater support and customisation.

Open APIs

Are you a tech geek who wants to build your MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration independently and self-host it? Consider it done with our open API access, which allows you to apply your coding skills to our APIs and create complex, unique, and functional configurations. Its approachable user experience helps you confidently build and manage integrations to fit your changing business processes.

Our purpose-built, robust developer interface allows you to customise your integration flows the way you want them while having to write way less code! So, you can quickly build public and private apps that can be self-hosted using our integration service to connect MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce.

Automated Error Management

We don’t stop at just integrating your MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce systems. We go the extra mile and constantly monitor all our customers’ integrations to prevent any issues. If our platform detects any integration errors, it actively attempts to auto-correct them and promptly reports them to you.

Multiple User Roles

Our state-of-the-art platform supports multiple users with distinct roles. So, you can easily add or delete users as per your business needs and assign them unique roles and permissions to manage your MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration within your organisation.

Data Encryption

Security is a top priority for us. To keep your information safe, we encrypt all the data that flows between your MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce systems, both in motion and at rest.

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Experience unparalleled ERP and e-commerce synergies with SAAS Integrator

Our tailored connectivity between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce streamlines your online sales operations, ensuring maximum return on investment on both platforms. Rest assured, we will meticulously configure your data flows to align with your enterprise needs.

Product Syncing

Our cutting-edge integration solution synchronises product data between your MYOB Advanced ERP system and Shopify store by factoring in your unique workflows for heightened data accuracy. It integrates various product-related information such as titles, descriptions, categories or item classes, attributes, variants, upsells, cross-sells, prices, tax classes, stock quantity, availability status, lead time, and more.

Our seamless connectivity also empowers you to maximise the functionality of MYOB Advanced’s Product Configurator, enabling easy customisation, bundling, and upload of product catalogues on your online store.

Order and Invoice Syncing

Experience effortless synchronisation of critical information between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce through our custom connection. Our specialised solution automates the seamless syncing of the following data:

  • Sales orders
  • Order statuses
  • Order history
  • Invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Purchase orders (POs)
  • Customer details
  • Fulfilment details

Our integration ensures that MYOB Advanced is promptly informed about new orders on your WooCommerce store, enabling automatic updates of order statuses, including modifications and cancellations (refunds), across both systems. This streamlined process significantly reduces turnaround time, facilitates swift order fulfilment, and enhances customer satisfaction.

We also seamlessly segregate wholesale and retail orders in your store, mapping them precisely in MYOB Advanced for improved data clarity. Identify order origins instantly, empowering laser-focused analysis and data-driven decisions. Craft targeted stock plans for each customer

segment, ensuring you never miss a sale or waste precious inventory. Also, design razor-sharp marketing campaigns that resonate with specific audiences, skyrocketing your ROI.

With our tailored solution, you also gain the ability to efficiently bill customers and expedite payments, improving financial planning and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Minimise human intervention and reap the benefits of enhanced data accuracy and overall business efficiency. Trust our bespoke integration to elevate your operational capabilities, ensuring a seamless and error-free flow of crucial order and invoice information.

Order-Related Accounting

Experience comprehensive integration of order-related accounting data, including terms, taxes, freight, and currencies. SAAS Integrator facilitates mapping and migrating sales tax code data from WooCommerce to MYOB Advanced, ensuring precise and consistent information. Linking the correct customer account is streamlined for accurate payment collection.

SAAS Integrator also matches general ledger (GL) account information, updating customer data from WooCommerce in MYOB Advanced under a general (web sales) account rather than setting up individual customer accounts. This innovative approach streamlines record-keeping and offers a more organised structure in MYOB Advanced. We can also create separate customer accounts in MYOB Advanced if they do not exist and then map them to the respective sales orders.

Order Checkout

Effortlessly migrate crucial order checkout-related data from WooCommerce to MYOB Advanced with SAAS Integrator. Transfer data about payment methods, discounts, gift card

redemption, coupon and voucher redemption, loyalty points, and donations to ensure a consistent checkout experience and enhance transparency in financial records.

B2B Order Functionalities

Empower your B2B transactions with advanced functionalities facilitated by SAAS Integrator.

Effortlessly map data for on-account checkouts and offer your B2B customers the convenience of checking out on credit. By seamlessly integrating their account details into MYOB Advanced, you extend this valuable benefit to enhance customer relationships and streamline the buying process.

SAAS Integrator also ensures the synchronisation of prepayments, allowing for the seamless updating of information for any prepaid orders directly from your e-commerce store to MYOB Advanced.

Customer Syncing

SAAS Integrator’s customised integration solution for MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce empowers you to manage customer data from a centralised database, unlocking the ability to personalise customer experiences and drive sales.

Our integration facilitates the seamless matching and updating of various customer-related information across both systems, including:

  • Purchase history
  • Communication history
  • Customer classes (customer groups or membership types, such as retail, wholesale, consumer, corporate, club, and guest, which are used when managing special prices, discounts, and taxes)
  • Customer terms (payment terms stored in MYOB Advanced, such as end of the month, end of the term, and so on)
  • Customer tax zones

Our integration guarantees precise customer data flows between your ERP and e-commerce systems, streamlining sales, marketing, and customer service operations and elevating efficiency and decision-making.

Price Syncing

Ensure precision in pricing and mitigate compliance issues with SAAS Integrator’s seamless mapping of pricing data between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce. Our tailored integration synchronises and updates price information, including UOM-based prices, default item prices, and attribute-based special sale prices, effectively bridging the gap between both systems. Also, map sales prices (including base prices, customer ID prices, and customer price classes), sales price expiry dates, and warehouse-based sales prices (such as base prices, customer group prices, and customer price or discount class prices).

It empowers you to showcase special prices accurately, maintain consistency in your accounting records, and keep your pricing data up-to-date.

Discount Syncing

Ditch double entry and eliminate manual discount updates between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce. Our integration syncs all your data, including discount codes and price hierarchies, helping you craft personalised discounts in your MYOB Advanced ERP and seamlessly apply them to your WooCommerce customers. We handle precise discounts based on item price classes, customer price classes, and customer IDs, boosting engagement and driving sales.

Inventory Syncing

Streamline your inventory management by leveraging SAAS Integrator’s automatic syncing of inventory data between MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce. Keep a real-time track of cumulative and store-specific stock levels across various warehouses and retail outlets. Our robust integration enhances your ability to manage inventory effectively in multiple locations, resulting in an improved purchase experience, minimised backorders, and the strategic use of various sales channels, expanding your market presence.

Our tailored solution goes beyond basic inventory management. It facilitates informed decision-making by offering visibility into inventory levels and commitments, allowing seamless conversion of sales orders into purchase orders (POs). It ensures timely stock replenishment, sustaining uninterrupted sales operations. You can also sync UOM-based inventory calculations, improving order fulfilment capabilities. Also, you can sync lead times based on POs and backorders (sell below zero) and establish backorder rules, helping you meet demand effectively and boost your company’s bottom line.

We also update break quantity sales prices (volume-based pricing), UOM-based prices, and warehouse-based sales prices, allowing you to leverage flexible pricing strategies.


Power up your B2B game with our MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration, which helps you ditch the B2B headaches and embrace a seamless, controlled, and profitable future. It enables you to offer diverse payment options with gateway syncing, map B2B user roles and permissions, and empower your customers to set unique buying rules for their teams.

It also equips you to manage multiple warehouses and streamline multi-branch or multi-company-based order processing for efficient and agile fulfilment. Also, sync on-account checkouts, prepayments, and all order checkout data (discounts, gift cards, coupons, vouchers, loyalty points, and donations) for a smooth and effortless B2B buying experience. You can also implement customisable tier pricing, including customer price classes and customer ID-based pricing, to optimise profitability and cater to specific B2B needs.

Want to integrate and streamline your business processes?

Why Integrate WooCommerce with MYOB Advanced?

Integrating MYOB Advanced with WooCommerce seamlessly aligns your e-commerce operations with internal business processes, providing comprehensive visibility into your activities. This synergy enhances operational efficiency, propelling your business to new heights.

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Connect MYOB Advanced with WooCommerce today

Key Integration Flows

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Our Integration Platform 

SAAS Integrator is the world’s #1 iPaaS integration provider for commerce solutions, offering seamless and codeless connections between leading ERP, POS, e-commerce, CRM, PIM, WMS, drop shipping, B2B commerce, and inventory management systems. Discover a range of systems that SAAS Integrator connects with:

Your questions, answered

How can I connect my WooCommerce store to the MYOB Advanced ERP system?

Connecting your WooCommerce store to the MYOB Advanced system is simple. You can use middleware, connectors, third-party apps, or API-based manual integrations.

SAAS Integrator, a leading iPaaS provider, offers end-to-end client onboarding services, handling your integration setup seamlessly. Our codeless integrator features a user-friendly interface, ensuring a quick connection without the need for technical knowledge or coding skills. Additionally, you can configure the integration to suit your preferences. Leverage our customisable pre-built templates and out-of-the-box integration apps for everyday use cases and sync, configure, and add to your system connections securely and effortlessly.

Is the MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce integration challenging to set up?

No, the integration of MYOB Advanced and WooCommerce with SAAS Integrator is a hassle-free process.

Tell us about your integration needs, and we will take care of the setup for you. After we establish the connection, we will provide a training session so that you can manage your integration comfortably with our user-friendly dashboard.

Also, if you encounter any hurdles while navigating the integration, our dedicated support team can assist you. We are here to help you get the most out of your experience. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started.

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