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Order Processing And Invoice Management

Custom Xero PrestaShop integration ensures seamless updating of order details from PrestaShop to Xero for quick processing. For every order placed on the Ecommerce, Xero will send automatic invoices to customers. The integration also automates most accounting tasks associated with order processing and invoice management – making the invoice sending almost instantaneous.

The order statuses change across systems if it is changed either on Xero or PrestaShop, making up-to-date visibility of order processing statuses for your customers and workforce. The integration also allows you to offer customers online tracking options for dispatched orders and minimise the customer contacts to your business. With excellent visibility of their orders, customers find your business transparent, trustworthy, and hassle-free.

Inventory Management

With custom Xero PrestaShop integration, you can view and manage the inventory data from a unified ecosystem. The accurate inventory is updated on PrestaShop to help customers choose the product quantity based on availability. This also avoids the issue of orders getting cancelled due to stockout issues and customers’ wrath due to that.

You can also see the inventory commitments by suppliers, make sales forecasts by comparing various reports, and backorder to replenish stock on time. The seamless inventory visibility also allows you to strategise your sales to maximise profits.

Finance Management

The lack of visibility of financial numbers is disastrous for every business. SaaS Integrator gives you the full use of payments, reporting, claim expenses, bank reconciliation, GST returns, and other accounting and finance features of Xero. The integrated system will track every transaction, automate most accounting and finance tasks, and make customised reports available for your teams to process.

Therefore, you have up-to-date financial data on your systems that empowers you to make informed business decisions.

Product Management

The Products module of SaaS Integrator makes your product management hassle-free. You can create product details such as images, description, attributes, SKUs, and more on Xero, link the inventory, and export to your PrestaShop for seamless product updating on the Ecommerce.

The integration allows you to add Income and COGS accounts for inventoried items for auditing and compliance. Do you want additional features like downloadable content with products to maximise customer engagement? We can develop specific features from scratch to help you ensure extended customer engagement.

Customer Management

The integration allows you to keep the customers’ orders, invoices, and payments in one place. Therefore, your sales teams can identify new sales opportunities with respect to the sales history of the customer and maximise LTV per customer. You can also create custom lists and groups to give tailored campaigns and services.

SaaS Integrator also allows your sales team to create online quotes and send them to customers in a few clicks.

Lack of cohesiveness between systems is one of the primary obstacles of business operations regardless of the industry. That means the data in a system is siloed within it and is not exchanged with other systems. Therefore, businesses should manually update the data on every system that is resource-intensive and error-prone.

When the order, inventory, customer, finance, products, and other details are not shared between systems, it affects the operational efficiency of the business and leads to customers’ disapproval. A well-connected Ecommerce ecosystem, on the other hand, ensures seamless data flow between systems and automates repetitive tasks. The integrated systems give you total visibility and control over your operations and help you stay aligned to your growth goals.

SaaS Integrator designs custom integration solutions that make your end-to-end process straightforward and fully flexible to your growth needs. The in-built features of SaaS Integrator make your campaigns customised and result oriented.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard that gives you key business data for a quick view. You can refer to the Dashboard and make accurate business decisions, even while on the go. You will see the total number of new orders, new customers, synced data, fulfilled orders, and more listed prominently on the Dashboard.

Additionally, you will see the key data of your processes module-wise. The integrator also allows you to customise the Dashboard to reflect the most critical data and information on it.

Key Integration Flows

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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How does Xero integrate with PrestaShop?

You have a number of data syncing options, including middleware, third-party integration apps, and manual integration using APIs. However, if you want a custom, codeless integration system with advanced features, SaaS Integrator is the ideal choice for you. The integrator has an intuitive UI that allows you to quickly create data syncing between the systems without hassles.

The integrator also features pre-built templates and out of box integration apps to guide you create data syncing for common use cases. The integrator also has an interactive Dashboard that gives you a quick view of the most critical data of your business for making decisions.

Integration Platforms

SaaS Integrator is a codeless iPaaS integration platform that allows you to connect your Ecommerce with ERP and various other backend and third-party systems. The Integrator creates seamless connections between all the major Ecommerce, ERP, CRM, accounting, POS, and marketing systems. Explore various systems and tools SaaS Integrator connects with: