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Orders And Invoices

The integration gives you the option to automatically send invoices to customers from your Xero account for every order placed on Shopify. The Shopify integration to Xero also automates several accounting and order processing tasks associated with orders. If the order status is changed in one of the systems, it will automatically reflect on the other system as well.

This gives your workforce and customers an accurate view of order statuses and details. With accurate data and automation of processes, your order processing achieves breakneck efficiency. This improves the customer approval and profitability per order and contributes to the long-term success of your business. The integration allows you to add associated tax codes to both systems seamlessly and ensure that the transactions and associated accounting are compliant with set standards.

Inventory Management

The integration allows you to track your inventory from a centralised environment. Your customers will see accurate stock details on the Shopify store by reflecting the inventory details on it through Xero. You can also see up-to-date inventory data from your Shopify store, make sales forecasting using various reports, and restock inventory to avoid stockout issues.

You can also create backorder rules to automatically reorder for products and avoid hassles in inventory. The integration also allows you to check the inventory on the go, including the commitment with various suppliers, and create sales strategies by keeping sales and profit in mind.

Products Management

You can update the inventory as products on Shopify using the Products module of SaaS Integrator. The integration allows you to add additional product details such as images, descriptions, SKUs, attributes and more on Xero and make them reflected on the Ecommerce.

The integration also allows you to add Income and COGS accounts accurately to track each product for auditing and compliance.

Customer Management

The Xero integration with Shopify helps every customer transaction, invoice, and payment on Xero and seamlessly share the details with your Shopify store. Therefore, your customers can see them on their Shopify account, and your teams can access the data from their systems. The integration also gives you the full use of the “create lists and groups” feature of Xero to make targeted campaigns.

SaaS Integrator has a “Tier Pricing” module that allows you to segment customers, offer them custom prices and quantity breaks, and make campaigns for optimal conversion. The unified data of customer transaction history also will enable you to identify cross, repeat, and upsell opportunities.

Finance Management

The integration allows you to capture, analyse, and report each transaction and manage the business as a whole. You can connect with payment service systems and banks for hassle-free payments, perform automatic bank reconciliations, and prepare business activity statements.

You will also find capturing costs and expenses super easy to get net cash flow. The integration allows your teams to pull reports in custom formats to process.

Inaccurate data is one of the biggest obstacles for businesses in their growth. It mainly occurs due to disparate systems siloing the data within them. All the relevant data and information of your Ecommerce must be shared with your accounting and other systems and vice versa to minimise manual entry of data. This eliminates the incorrect and duplicate entry of data on systems and makes your systems up to date.

SaaS Integrator designs the data syncing of your processes by bypassing the repetitive and unnecessary stages. Therefore, you will see fewer processes but more cohesiveness to give a next-level service experience to your customers. The integration also makes your end-to-end process straightforward, giving you complete visibility of your operations.

The automation of mundane tasks makes your processes less prone to errors. The integration improves the efficiency of your processes and contributes to business excellence.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard that displays the key data of your business. This is highly critical to take business decisions on the go. You will see total new orders, synced data, new customers, fulfilled orders, and other key data of your business highlighted on the Dashboard.

The Dashboard also displays module-wise data to help you understand the performance of your processes better. You can also customise the Dashboard of the integrator to see the most vital data of your business updating on it.

Key Integration Flows

Integration Solutions

SaaS Integrator simplifies connectivity between frontend and backend systems and third-party apps. The most common Integration solutions are the following:

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How does Xero Shopify integration create new products?

You can access “Business” menu of Xero and select “Products and services”. Click “New item” and enter the item’s Name and Code. Select the “Track inventory item” checkbox to track the item. You can select and check “Purchase” and “Sell” if you want to use them in purchase transactions and sales transactions. Finally, click Save to add to the records.

Once the products are added to the Xero account, you can automatically reflect them on your Shopify account by data syncing on the “Products” module of SaaS Integrator. You can also create products on Shopify and make them synced to Xero using the “Products” module of the integrator.

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