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Modules Supported by PrestaShop Retail Express Integration

Products, Attributes & Pricing

The Products, Attributes & Pricing module of PrestaShop Retail Express Integration by SaaS Integrator is a feature that allows retailers to manage their product catalogues, product attributes, and pricing across both their online store and physical store.

It allows for real-time syncing of product information, such as product name, description, images, and pricing, between the online store built on the PrestaShop platform and the physical store’s Retail Express management system.

It is also a valuable tool for retailers who want to manage their product catalogue and pricing information across multiple channels, ensuring that their customers can access accurate and up-to-date product information, regardless of where they shop.

Orders, Fulfillment & Shipping, and Invoices

Orders, Fulfilment & Shipping, and Invoices is a valuable tool for retailers that want to manage their orders, fulfilment, shipping, and invoicing across multiple channels, ensuring that their customers have access to accurate order information, regardless of where they placed the order, and that their orders are fulfilled and shipped out in a timely manner.

This even helps with managing fulfilment and shipping, like keeping track of where an order is in the process, updating shipping information, and making shipping labels.

Companies & Customers

Using SaaS Integrator, the Companies & Customers subsystem, which both PrestaShop and Retail Express support, retailers can manage their customer and company information for both their online and physical stores.

Making sure that customer data is correct and up-to-date across all channels, improving the customer experience, and helping retailers better target their marketing efforts.

Tax Rates Mapping

Tax Rates Mapping makes it possible to sync tax rates between the two systems in real-time. This makes sure that the right tax rates are used for each transaction, whether the customer bought the item in-store or online. This can help keep tax rates from being different, which can cause confusion and lead to lost sales.

The subsystem by PrestaShop Retail Express Integration also lets you manage tax rates, like making and changing tax rates, setting tax exemptions, and keeping track of tax history. This can help stores follow tax rules and ensure they charge the right amount.

Inventory Mapping

With PrestaShop Retail Express Integration, it’s easy to keep your inventory consistent across all of your channels and improve the overall customer experience. It also lets you map and sync inventory between PrestaShop and Retail.

This feature helps avoid overselling and stockouts and ensures that the customer always has the most up-to-date information about product availability. This can help make the customer’s experience better and make them happier.

Payment Import/ Export

With the integrated system, businesses can combine their payment information, which can be automatically pulled from all of their sales channels. Payment data records from third-party integrations of payment gateways like Stripe can also be automatically fetched and synced.

This makes it easier to handle refunds and cancellations as needed. In addition to giving customers different payment methods, the payment data can also be imported or exported to other systems.

Benefits of PrestaShop Retail Express Integration

PrestaShop Retail Express Integration by SaaS Integrator can help retailers comply with tax regulations and charge the correct tax rates. It can also help track inventory, orders, and invoices, which can be useful for accounting and compliance purposes.

The PrestaShop integration can allow for real-time tracking of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the ability to adjust them accordingly. This integration can help businesses better understand their customers and effectively target their marketing efforts.

Integrating the marketing systems of both platforms allows businesses to have a better overview of their marketing performance and to make better marketing decisions.

PrestaShop Retail Express Integration using SaaS Integrator allows retailers to manage online and in-store orders from a single location, streamlining the order fulfilment process. It also integrates customer data from the physical and online stores, allowing retailers to build a complete customer profile and provide personalized customer service.

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PrestaShop Retail Express Integration
PrestaShop Retail Express Integration

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