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Common Integration Solutions

Ecommerce Integration

Custom MYOB Essentials integration with your Ecommerce helps you centrally manage the accounting, order processing, invoice management, and other processes. The order details from the Ecommerce is updated on MYOB Essentials and vice versa. It also automates several simple tasks associated with order processing and invoice management.

All these minimise the processing time of orders and ensure faster fulfilment. Customers also get a better view of their orders, and this minimises their contact with your business. Also, for every order placed on the Ecommerce, an automatic invoice is sent from MYOB Essentials to the customer. All these efforts guarantee improved customer satisfaction and contribute to the long-term success of your business.

The automation of accounts and finance improves the efficiency of the processes. Importantly, it gives instant access to custom reports for your teams to process.

CRM Integration

Integrating your MYOB Essentials with your CRM gives you total control of your campaigns and customer management from a unified ecosystem. You will have seamless access to every customer data, including contact, order history, communication history, and more. The updating of order details from your accounting tool to the CRM allows you to identify repeat, cross and upselling opportunities.

Additionally, the order details from MYOB Essentials allow you to analyse them, identify customer-specific insights, and engage customers with targeted campaigns via your CRM. The MYOB Essentials CRM integration gives you a single source of truth about your customers. Therefore, this significantly improves your marketing and sales campaigns.

You will also see hassle-free customer communication by your service team without incorrect and inconsistent data on your systems.

POS Integration

The integrator also allows you to manage your online and offline businesses together with MYOB Essentials POS integration. You can connect the accounting system with your POS and complete accounting and financial processes together without crossing the discreetness of both channels.

The accurate capturing of each transaction on systems will give your teams access to customisable reports. Therefore, they can quickly analyse reports, identify trends and customer insights for both online and offline, and create strategies to maximise sales and profits. The integration also allows you to offer additional avenues of customer engagement by combining online and offline channels.

The integration also helps you automate most processes associated with accounting per each order and finance operations to improve process efficiency.

Inventory Integration

Considering the limited inventory features of MYOB Essentials, you may have a separate system for inventory management. However, if both systems are not seamlessly integrated, it can bring down the efficiency of your inventory operations and affect the overall performance of your business.

SaaS Integrator will ensure that inventory levels are accurately captured on your inventory management system and updated as item list on MYOB Essentials for sales. This eliminates most manual jobs associated with product listing. It also gives you the stock visibility from your accounting tool and helps you ensure that you have sufficient stock all the time by creating alerts and notifications on SaaS Integrator.

The integration also allows you to backorder inventory from a unified ecosystem and helps you ensure uninterrupted sales.

SaaS Integrator features an interactive Dashboard to give you a quick view of the key data of your business. This allows you to stay updated about the performance of your business and help you take quick business decisions. You will get details such as the number of orders, percentage of new customers, total synced data, fulfilled orders in numbers, and more.

The Dashboard also lists the critical data of your processes module-wise to get visibility over your processes. You can also quickly access the integration settings of each module from the Dashboard and customise or expand them based on your specific business needs at any time. The integrator also gives you options to customise the Dashboard and ensure the reflection of the most critical data of your business on it.

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What is Essentials and how does it integrate with other systems?

Essentials is a cloud-based accounting software that allows businesses to manage their financial transactions, invoicing, and expenses. It can integrate with a range of other systems, including point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and CRM systems, to streamline business processes and improve efficiency.

Can I import my existing data into Essentials?

Yes, you can import your existing data into Essentials. The software includes an import tool that allows you to import data from a range of sources, including CSV files and other accounting software.

Is it possible to customize the integration between Essentials and other systems?

Yes, it is possible to customize the integration between Essentials and other systems to a certain extent. You can configure the integration to only import certain types of data, or to only sync data in one direction (e.g., from Essentials to the other system, but not vice versa)

Can I use Essentials to integrate with my e-commerce platform?

Yes, Essentials can integrate with a range of e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and many more. Check SAAS Integrator’s Marketplace for all the available options. This allows you to automatically sync data between your online store and your Essentials account, such as sales data and customer information.

Can I integrate Essentials with my point-of-sale system?

Yes, Essentials can integrate with a range of point-of-sale systems, including Square, Retail Express, Vend, LightSpeed and Shopify. This allows you to automatically sync data between your point-of-sale system and your Essentials account, such as sales data and inventory information.

Can I integrate Essentials with my CRM system?

Yes, Essentials can integrate with a range of CRM systems, including Hubspot, Salesforce and Zoho CRM. This allows you to automatically sync data between your CRM system and your Essentials account, such as customer information and sales data.

Is it possible to integrate Essentials with custom systems or applications?

Yes, it is possible to integrate Essentials with custom systems or applications using the Essentials API. SAAS Integrator takes care of providing such custom solution based on your business requirements.

Are there any limitations to the integrations available with Essentials?

There may be some limitations to the integrations available with Essentials, depending on the specific integration and the capabilities of the other system. It is always a good idea to check the documentation for the specific integration you are interested in to understand any potential limitations.

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