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SAAS Integrator is a plug-and-play integration platform that seamlessly connects your business systems with various front-end, back-end, and third-party platforms. All you need to do is establish API connections between systems and configure the data syncing – module by module and data field by data field.

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SAAS Integrator is the #1 Cegid XRP Flex integration provider for commerce solutions

Choosing our system integration platform comes with a host of benefits that you won’t find on any other integration platform. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how we compare with our competitors.

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SAAS Integrator

Our Competitors

End-To-End Integration Solutions

Unlike our competitors, we offer end-to-end integration services — from consultations to monitoring and maintenance. So, until the APIs of your preferred systems communicate with each other the way you want, we will not rest. Simple as that.

This also means you don’t have to hire a third-party provider to set up the Cegid XRP Flex integration, as we handle everything from start to finish. How cool is that?!


As the #1 Cegid XRP Flex integration provider for commerce solutions, we are proud of our versatility and adaptability. Suppose you ever change your mind about a particular system, such as e-commerce, point of sale (POS), or customer relationship management (CRM) and want to switch to another one. In that case, our system-agnostic platform will reconfigure your integration within minutes for all our standard integration flows. No questions asked.

Simple Module Configuration

Unlike other integration providers that have complex processes for setting up integrations, SAAS Integrator has a simple module configuration form that makes the process easier than deciding what to eat for lunch. Simply click on the modules (read: inventory, accounting, sales, orders, CRM, and more) you want to configure, and it’s done!

Simultaneous Connections

Connect your business to multiple systems at a time. Whether you want to integrate with more than one e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), or any other system at a time, it’s possible with SAAS Integrator.

Truly Codeless

We are one of the few integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers to offer a genuinely codeless platform through our comprehensive module configurator with open APIs, additional downloadable apps from our App Marketplace for various flows, and a support community of certified developers for custom Cegid XRP Flex integration. Our intuitive setup wizard helps you establish complex, codeless connections between Cegid XRP Flex and other systems for hassle-free, real-time, and automated data flows.

Fill out the form on our website’s Contact page, and we’ll do the rest.

We also provide pre-built templates and out-of-the-box integration apps to help you create Cegid XRP Flex integrations for standard use cases.

App Marketplace

Need to further optimise data flows within the module configuration that we offer? Explore our App Marketplace, where hundreds of SAAS Integrator-certified third-party developers offer value-added apps for greater support and customisation.

Open APIs

Are you a tech geek wanting to build your Cegid XRP Flex integration independently and self-host it? Consider it done with our open API access, which allows you to apply your coding skills to our APIs and create unique and functional configurations. It helps you customise your integration flows the way you want them while having to write way less code! Using our integration service, you can quickly build public and private apps that can be self-hosted and connect Cegid XRP Flex to various other systems.

Automated Error Management

We don’t stop at just integrating your systems. We go the extra mile and constantly monitor all our customers’ integrations to prevent any issues. If our platform detects any integration errors, it actively attempts to auto-correct them and promptly reports them to you.

Multiple User Roles

Our state-of-the-art platform supports multiple users with distinct roles. So, you can easily add or delete users as per your business needs and assign them unique roles and permissions to manage your Cegid XRP Flex integration within your organisation.

Data Encryption

Security is a top priority for us. We encrypt all the data that flows between your systems, both in motion and at rest, to keep your information safe.

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Want to integrate and streamline your business processes?

Featured Cegid XRP Flex Integrations

E-commerce Integration

Migrate data between Cegid XRP Flex and your e-commerce system and boost operational efficiency and online sales.

SAAS Integrator’s rapid and real-time connectivity helps streamline operations and functions, including order fulfilment, customer data management, pricing, inventory, invoicing, payments, banking, and financial management.

Our seamless integration solution helps improve brand visibility and puts your e-commerce business at the forefront of your customers’ minds. It boosts your company’s growth and success, making it a must-have in your business toolkit.

We also provide a range of B2B e-commerce functionalities for accurate data exchange between Cegid XRP Flex and B2B e-commerce platforms, helping you optimise your online B2B sales.

Check out our popular B2B e-commerce integration functionalities for Cegid XRP Flex below:

Tier Pricing: Set different prices depending on customers and customer groups. Our integration fetches the latest information about product prices from Cegid XRP Flex and applies it to specific orders. 

Volume-Based Price Tier: Provide customers with discounts based on product quantities they order online by updating quantity discount data for individual products in Cegid XRP Flex, which will be automatically communicated to your store website. 

On-Account Checkout: Allow your old customers to checkout on their accounts, that is, order on credit on your website, by entering their account details in Cegid XRP Flex.

Price and Discount Hierarchy: Display product prices and discounts on your e-commerce store based on a certain hierarchy, such as customers, customer groups, and product volumes. The e-commerce system will fetch these special prices from the ERP system and apply them to orders as per the hierarchy.

Online-Offline Order History: Offer customers a centralised web portal to view their online and offline orders and download invoices. 

User-Based Roles: Create an order approval system for your B2B customers wherein managers or administrators of buying organisations approve orders placed by buyers before you can process and fulfil them. Your customers can determine these approval rules based on the product quantity, order value, shipping costs, and other parameters related to their business.

Credit Limits : Set individual credit limits for your B2B customers by factoring in limits from your online store and Cegid XRP Flex.

Purchase Orders: Integrate your B2B customers’ purchase orders (PO) for a seamless buying experience. It allows them to order without paying in advance and ensures they pay after the delivery of the products within a specified period, protecting your business from fraudulent transactions.

CRM Integration

SAAS Integrator’s customised integration solution for Cegid XRP Flex and customer relationship management (CRM) systems helps you connect these systems within no time. It ensures clear and timely communication with customers and allows your customer service team to access up-to-date data for rapid customer complaint resolution. In turn, it bolsters client relationships and promotes customer loyalty, growth, and success.

Moreover, our robust reporting system offers comprehensive views of your sales operations, helping you create strategic marketing campaigns that bring in greater footfall — online and offline.

POS Integration

Unify your online and offline sales with SAAS Integrator’s Cegid XRP Flex and point of sale (POS) integration solution. Our custom integration of Cegid XRP Flex and POS guarantees real-time data transfer. It helps manage inventory, sales, marketing, customer information, orders, returns, pricing, accounting, and other modules on one dashboard.

We also offer timely and accurate reports of your brick-and-mortar store and e-commerce business. It helps you identify and address areas of improvement and prioritise and list your best-selling products.

Inventory Integration

Integrate a robust ERP system like Cegid XRP Flex with your inventory management system and third-party logistics (3PL) software for complete inventory visibility and smooth supply chain management. It helps you gain in-depth insights into multiple warehouses, orders, sales, inventory commitments, backorder products, and item attributes such as weight and dimensions. In turn, it helps you study and forecast sales and avoid stockouts for top-notch product experiences and improved customer satisfaction.

Connecting Cegid XRP Flex and your inventory system also improves task automation and stock performance and reduces wastage, loss, errors, and labour costs.

WMS Integration

Automate your warehouse operations with our custom Cegid XRP Flex and warehouse management system (WMS) integration. Our top-notch solution allows you to modify its data flows to fulfil your warehousing needs and scale it up to match your business growth.

Our comprehensive integration also helps you efficiently manage stock entries, bin configuration, return merchandise authorisation (RMA), batch tracking, and stock reservation. You can also access sophisticated tools to keep tabs on inventory shortages and excesses, allocations, transfers, batch expiry, and adjustments.

Combining both systems also automates reordering, so you will no longer run out of your best-selling products or overstock slow-moving items. You can also track customer reservations and orders-in-process to ensure timely and accurate reordering and define the reorder levels for specific products or product groups.

Moreover, you can seamlessly manage multi-location warehouses through our central database, which prevents the creation of data silos and avoids duplication and errors.

PIM Integration

Pair Cegid XRP Flex with your product information management (PIM) system using our custom integration solution and boost your business operations and product experiences. It avoids common issues related to manual data processing, such as product page inaccuracies, data errors, low productivity, and slow time-to-market, which impede customer retention and loyalty.

It also seamlessly transfers and updates SKU information, so your internal teams do not need to look up product data constantly. Our integration also enriches raw product information and marketing content from Cegid XRP Flex on your PIM system to ensure its suitability for posting on e-commerce channels. It lets your customer service team quickly respond to customer queries and offer accurate product details.

Connecting both systems also ensures efficient inventory management, pricing data accuracy, and reduced product return rates. Moreover, it equips you to coordinate product files and update inventory levels, compliance information, and seasonal products. The unified platform also helps you proactively respond to the latest trends with content-rich promotional materials for effective marketing campaigns.

Dropshipping Integration

Merge your dropshipping software with Cegid XRP Flex and make better use of your time and resources instead of spending them on managing inventory, logistics, and orders. Update product quantities from drop shippers on an Excel sheet and export it instantly to Cegid XRP Flex to monitor all your drop shipments through our central dashboard.

Our advanced solution provides greater visibility into your dropshipping operations, informs you about new orders and shipments, and offers quick access to invoices and order history.

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Cegid XRP Flex is a customisable ERP platform serving many industries. Connect it to reputed e-commerce, PIM, POS, CRM, drop shipping, inventory, WMS, and other systems with SAAS Integrator. Explore our cutting-edge integration solutions for Cegid XRP Flex and leverage infinite business scalability.

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Your questions, answered

What is Cegid XRP Flex integration?

Cegid XRP Flex integration is the process of pairing Cegid XRP Flex, a leading cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, with other business software. It syncs data between two or more systems to create efficient workflows.

Can I customise Cegid XRP Flex integrations through SAAS Integrator?

Yes, you can contact our integration specialists to get custom-built Cegid XRP Flex integrations. We will build the connection for you, or you can purchase third-party apps from our App Marketplace or configure our open application programming interfaces (APIs) to match your desired capabilities.

Note that all our custom solutions need scoping to check their feasibility for the specified use case. The scoping fee is fully refundable if you buy the final solution from us.

Do I need to pay to connect Cegid XRP Flex with my systems?

Yes, connecting Cegid XRP Flex with your systems involves a fee that varies depending on your integration needs. Contact us for pricing details.

Our Integration Platform 

SAAS Integrator is the world’s #1 iPaaS integration provider for commerce solutions, offering seamless and codeless connections between leading ERP, POS, e-commerce, CRM, PIM, WMS, drop shipping, B2B commerce, and inventory management systems. Discover a range of systems that SAAS Integrator connects with: