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SAAS Integrator is the #1 DEAR Inventory integration provider for commerce solutions

Choosing our system integration platform comes with a host of benefits that you won’t find on any other integration platform. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how we compare with our competitors.

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End-To-End Integration Solutions

Unlike our competitors, we offer end-to-end integration services — from consultations to monitoring and maintenance. So, until the APIs of your preferred systems communicate with each other the way you want, we will not rest. Simple as that.

It also means you don’t have to hire a third-party provider to set up the DEAR Inventory integration, as we handle everything from start to end. How cool is that?!


As the #1 DEAR Inventory integration provider for warehouse management system (WMS) solutions, we are proud of our versatility and adaptability. Suppose you ever change your mind about a particular system, such as e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), or point of sale (POS), and want to switch to another one. In that case, our system-agnostic platform will reconfigure your integration within minutes for all our standard integration flows. No questions asked.

Simple Module Configuration

Unlike other integration providers that have complex processes for setting up integrations, SAAS Integrator has a simple module configuration form that makes the process easier than deciding what to eat for lunch. Simply click on the modules (read: orders, products, inventory, customers, and more) you want to configure, and it’s done!

Simultaneous Connections

Connect your business to multiple systems at a time. Whether you want to integrate with more than one e-commerce, POS, CRM, or any other system at a time, it’s possible with SAAS Integrator.

Truly Codeless

We are one of the few integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers offering a genuinely codeless platform through our comprehensive module configurator. We provide open APIs, additional downloadable apps from our App Marketplace for various flows, and a support community of certified developers for seamless custom-built DEAR Inventory integration.

Our intuitive setup wizard helps you establish complex connections between DEAR Inventory and other systems without writing a single line of code for hassle-free, real-time, automated data flows.

Fill out the form on our website’s Contact page, and we’ll do the rest.

App Marketplace

Need to further optimize data flows within the module configuration that we offer? Explore our App Marketplace, where hundreds of SAAS Integrator-certified third-party developers offer value-added apps for greater support and customization.

Open APIs

Are you a tech geek who wants to build your DEAR Inventory integration independently and self-host it? Consider it done with our open API access, which allows you to apply your coding skills to our APIs and create complex, unique, and functional configurations. Its approachable user experience helps you confidently build and manage integrations to fit your changing business processes.

Our purpose-built, robust developer interface allows you to customize your integration flows the way you want them while having to write way less code! So, you can quickly build public and private apps that can be self-hosted using our integration service to connect DEAR Inventory to various other systems.

Automated Error Management

We don’t stop at just integrating your systems. We go the extra mile and constantly monitor all our customers’ integrations to prevent any issues. If our platform detects any integration errors, it actively attempts to auto-correct them and promptly reports them to you.

Multiple User Roles

Our state-of-the-art platform supports multiple users with distinct roles. Add or delete users as per your business needs and assign them unique roles and permissions to manage your DEAR Inventory integration within your organization.

Data Encryption

Security is a top priority for us. To keep your information safe, we encrypt all the data that flows between your systems, both in motion and at rest.

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Connect DEAR Inventory with Different Business Systems

DEAR Inventory E-Commerce Integration

Integrating DEAR Inventory with your e-commerce platform simplifies online sales management, helping you expand your digital presence. Automatically sync real-time product listings, orders, and inventory levels, ensuring your online business is always up-to-date and responsive to customer demands.

DEAR Inventory Accounting Integration

Connect DEAR Inventory with your accounting software to automate financial data flow and ensure smooth operations. This integration streamlines invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting, providing a clear picture of your business’s financial health and freeing time for strategic decision-making.

DEAR Inventory CRM Integration

Integrating DEAR Inventory with CRM systems enables businesses to achieve a holistic view of customer interactions and inventory data. It allows for personalized customer engagement strategies, improved sales forecasting, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, stronger customer relationships, and repeat business.

DEAR Inventory Manufacturing Integration

DEAR Inventory’s integration with manufacturing systems revolutionizes production management by ensuring materials and inventory are accurately tracked and allocated. Streamline your manufacturing processes from work order creation to final product assembly, ensuring efficient use of resources and timely fulfillment of orders.

Modules Supported by SAAS Integrator’s DEAR Inventory Integration

SAAS Integrator’s advanced integration solutions for DEAR Inventory support various modules, such as the following:

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Your questions, answered

Can DEAR Inventory integrate with any system?

DEAR Inventory offers versatile integration capabilities with a wide range of systems, including e-commerce platforms, accounting software, CRM systems, and manufacturing tools. Custom integration solutions are also available to meet specific business needs. Contact SAAS Integrator to learn more about our bespoke integration solutions.

Is the DEAR Inventory integration customizable to specific business needs?

Absolutely. SAAS Integrator’s DEAR Inventory integration solutions are highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to tailor the system to meet your unique business requirements and workflows.

How does the DEAR Inventory integration impact my existing workflows?

Our DEAR Inventory integration will enhance and streamline your existing workflows, automating data exchange to improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks.

What support is available for setting up DEAR Inventory integration?

SAAS Integrator offers comprehensive support, including expert consultation, setup assistance, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring a smooth integration process and optimal system performance.

Connect with our team of Integration Specialists today to start your journey towards seamless integration with DEAR Inventory and transform your business operations for unparalleled success.

DEAR Inventory Integration Solutions by SAAS Integrator

SAAS Integrator’s custom DEAR Inventory integration optimizes your business operations, helps you achieve better financial oversight, and supports scalable growth. Embrace our DEAR Inventory integration solution to unlock operational excellence and propel your enterprise forward in the competitive marketplace.

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SAAS Integrator is the world’s #1 iPaaS integration provider for commerce solutions, offering seamless and codeless connections between leading ERP, POS, e-commerce, CRM, PIM, WMS, drop shipping, B2B commerce, and inventory management systems. Discover a range of systems that SAAS Integrator connects with: