Choosing The Best B2B E-commerce Platform Integration for Acumatica

Choosing The Best B2B E-commerce Platform Integration for Acumatica
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Acumatica is a popular cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that many small and mid-size companies across the world use for their business management needs. This state-of-the-art platform features an open architecture that enables fast integration, ease of use, and scalability.

If you’ve integrated your business systems with Acumatica, you may want to connect it with a leading B2B e-commerce platform to fully leverage its benefits. SAAS Integrator seamlessly integrates Acumatica with leading B2B e-commerce platforms, enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining workflows, and driving growth.

Here, we share the four best B2B e-commerce platforms that you can integrate with Acumatica. We also discuss which one is best for different use cases, so you can pick one that is ideal for your enterprise. But first, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of linking your B2B e-commerce platform with Acumatica.

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Why Should You Connect Acumatica with Your B2B E-commerce Store?

Integrating your B2B e-commerce store with Acumatica helps your company thrive in the modern digital economy. Whether you are a manufacturer, a wholesaler, a distributor, or a supply chain partner, the integration facilitates comprehensive and real-time connectivity of your e-commerce operations with the ERP system’s inventory, financials, reporting, product information, and order fulfillment data.

It allows you to directly sell to other businesses and consumers at a low cost. It also helps you push orders from online channels into Acumatica and pull order statuses back to your e-commerce store, ensuring all your systems are working in tandem.

In turn, it helps you maximize efficiency, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. Customers also find it easy to do business with your organization as they can place orders from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

The integration works for online and offline orders and allows you to establish the product category and visibility, distribute products, set prices, determine shipping rates, and manage payment methods. You can also customize these functions to suit different customer types, allowing for personalized marketing.

Other benefits that you can enjoy by integrating your B2B e-commerce store with Acumatica include the following:

  • Real-time, bi-directional, and automated data transfers between systems
  • In-depth business insights
  • Automated synchronization of product information
  • Quick and flexible B2B ordering
  • Rapid and efficient order processing
  • Order placements by sales reps in the field
  • Streamlined promotions, offers, and discounts
  • Enhanced product and customer experience
  • Increased revenue

4 Best B2B E-commerce Platform Integrations for Acumatica

Here are the top four B2B e-commerce platforms that you can connect with Acumatica:

Magento B2B is a robust, feature-packed e-commerce solution that helps companies of all sizes optimize their online B2B sales operations. Integrating it with Acumatica bridges the gap between Acumatica’s robust back-office ERP platform and Magento B2B. It helps you manage all transactions and activities related to e-commerce on a unified platform with advanced analytics. It also enables reliable and seamless data flows across sales categories, stock items, orders, shipments, financials, and customers.

The real-time and bi-directional synchronization of product, order, shipping, and customer information eliminates dual entry. This enables rapid order processing and inventory data accuracy across all sales channels. Also, a built-in queuing mechanism ensures data synchronization even if one system goes offline.

The intuitive and flexible integration also allows you to select metadata and custom attributes, such as sales categories and product images. You can also customize entity and field mapping to ensure you receive only relevant data from customers. What’s more, the connectivity supports multiple sites and warehouses, offering greater convenience.

The Acumatica integration with Magento B2B simplifies the B2B buying process and improves the customer experience and lifetime value through the following ways:

  • Automated order status updates
  • Customized catalogs for specific customer groups and companies
  • Targeted content and promotions

Easy-to-use self-service customer portals enable hassle-free account management and ordering. Your buyers can also use their portals to do the following tasks:

  • Access online and offline transactions on Acumatica and Magento B2B
  • Establish different tiers of buyers with varying roles and permissions
  • Set purchase approval rules
  • Request and track quotes
  • Manage credit digitally.

Other advantages include the option to upload SKU lists, save shopping lists, access quick order forms, and reorder previously purchased items. Your customers can also access seller-assisted shopping, which allows you to place orders on their behalf or resolve their problems. It results in a smooth and frictionless buying experience and increases customer loyalty and business growth.

The integration also allows you to offer customers tier-based pricing, custom pricing, quantity-based pricing, or a combination of these pricing methods. It boosts your bottom line while helping you serve customers better.

You can also leverage rewards and gift card functionality and perform transfer credit card tokens from Magento B2B to Acumatica while staying compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Moreover, you can pass sales price worksheet data from Acumatica to Magento B2B for managing promotions, helping you level up your marketing game.

WooCommerce B2B is one of the most popular open-source B2B e-commerce platforms offering diverse functionalities for small and medium businesses. This free, flexible, scalable, customizable, and configurable WordPress plugin is quick and easy to deploy and helps you seamlessly connect your Acumatica and e-commerce stores.

An integration between WooCommerce B2B and Acumatica enables bi-directional API communication, real-time stock availability via a scheduler through the storefront, and integration of simple and variable inventory items. You can link and configure multiple e-commerce storefronts with unique characteristics. You can also sync customers, sales, order status, and payments and display list prices and customer-specific prices online.

Like Magento’s integration with Acumatica, WooCommerce B2B’s integration also allows your customers to access their account information, orders, payment history, and other financial information. You can also easily manage discounts, coupons, and returns with various attributes, and process refunds. You can also enjoy better operational control through robust reporting and a user-friendly dashboard.

Moreover, you can offer customers greater convenience by allowing them to create wish lists and add products to their cart with a single click. You can also create default registration fields, accept B2B registrations by extending the default registration form, and manually review and verify new B2B user registrations.

Based on user roles, you can also hide products, categories, prices, and the add to cart button and restrict payment and shipping methods and order amounts and quantities. Moreover, you can offer flexible tier pricing for different customers and user roles, such as the following:

  • Fixed prices
  • Percentage increase
  • Percentage decrease
  • Fixed increase
  • Fixed decrease

The integration also enables interface customization in the following ways:

  • Change in button labels such as replacement of the add to cart button with a quote button
  • Inclusion of an offered price option with quotations
  • Customization of quote form fields
  • Creation of unlimited fields within quote submission forms

Other benefits include the conversion of quotes to orders, price imports through CSV files, and direct downloads of Acumatica orders (including historical orders) and invoices.

Shopify B2B is a well-known all-in-one B2B e-commerce solution that many wholesale businesses globally use to optimize their omnichannel sales operations and conversions. It is essentially a comprehensive suite of first-party features and tools that help companies offer their B2B buyers advanced customization and flexibility.

Linking it with a back-end ERP system like Acumatica helps companies deliver tailored end-to-end buyer experiences with flexible customer-specific product publishing, price lists, quantity rules, payment terms, discounts, checkout, and themes. You can also connect multiple locations and customers to a single company profile. Moreover, you and your buyers can add purchase order (PO) numbers to B2B and draft orders.

You can also verify wholesale customers before allowing them to view products, prices, account information, and past orders, which boosts repeat sales and simplifies activity reporting.

The real-time and bi-directional system integration allows merchants to sync the following types of data:

  • Products
  • Inventory availability
  • Order fulfillment
  • Customers
  • Promotions

It helps them eliminate manual data entry and leverage greater efficiency.

You can also seamlessly capture all sales orders — including offline and POS orders — from Shopify B2B into Acumatica for full visibility. Moreover, you can adjust import settings for Shopify POS transactions to link them to in-store sales. It helps you scale your online and in-store B2B sales operations and streamline the buying experience for your customers.

BigCommerce B2B is an industry-leading open software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce technology stack offering B2B merchants a customizable and intuitive platform to fulfill buyer demands with ease and efficiency. It provides a wide range of advanced enterprise-grade B2B functionalities such as multi-storefront capabilities, a new customer portal, and real-time and automated data mapping.

Connecting this cutting-edge e-commerce system with Acumatica helps businesses efficiently manage B2B processes, transmit bi-directional data on a real-time basis, and elevate the customer experience for online transactions. It offers store owners and their customers a seamless self-service experience through sophisticated features such as the following:

  • Customer account order history
  • Multiple shared shopping lists approved by senior buyers or company administrators
  • Payment method visibility control
  • Company address book management with pre-approved shipping and billing addresses

Store owners can also harness benefits like sales rep masquerade and allow sales reps to log in on a company’s behalf, view its shopping lists, and place orders. Sales reps can also create quotes for their customers and offer extra discounts along with pre-arranged pricing.

The corporate account management feature allows users to manage corporate accounts and establish different buyer tiers with specific roles and permissions. Other core capabilities include quick placement of repeat orders, rapid order fulfillment, and support for different payment options.

These various features enable B2B companies to enjoy better product visibility, operational stability, and access to comprehensive and integrated data on the following aspects:

  • Stock
  • Pricing
  • Financials
  • Customers
  • Online and offline sales orders
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Shipping

The BigCommerce B2B and Acumatica integration also allows store owners to build, scale, and transform their online B2B businesses and create an effective omnichannel sales strategy for increased conversion rates and profits.

Which B2B E-commerce Platform Should You Choose to Integrate with Acumatica?

Choosing the best B2B e-commerce platform to connect with your existing Acumatica system can be a challenging task, especially with so many excellent platforms vying for your attention. However, deciding which platform to select must be based on your specific operational needs and considerations.

Magento B2B, WooCommerce B2B, Shopify B2B, and BigCommerce B2B are all fantastic B2B e-commerce solutions to choose from. But each one has its own strengths and advantages, so make sure to pick one that serves your company to the T.

Magento B2B is great for companies that have thousands of SKUs but do not have physical stores. It helps them efficiently manage their large online businesses and stay competitive. Meanwhile, B2B companies with physical stores that have Shopify POS integrated into their systems or that need Shopify POS should opt for Shopify B2B.

Small B2B firms with less than 2,000 products should choose WooCommerce for cost efficiency and profitability. Lastly, BigCommerce B2B is an ideal option for medium and large online businesses that want a lower total cost of ownership and less maintenance.

Partner with Us for Acumatica and B2B E-commerce Integrations

We hope our detailed guide helped you decide which B2B e-commerce platform to pick for integration with Acumatica. If you need more guidance in choosing a platform for your business integration needs, reach out to us. At SAAS Integrator, we offer free consultations to help businesses decide which system integrations to pick.

You can also contact us for custom Acumatica integrations with B2B e-commerce platforms. Our advanced integration platform as a service (iPaaS) platform specializes in B2B operations and delivers top-notch solutions and services backed by industry-leading B2B e-commerce platforms. As an integration solutions partner, we will also work with you at each step of the integration cycle and help you unlock new business growth opportunities.

We offer codeless integrations for real-time and automated data transfer across systems through an intuitive setup wizard. We also provide a user-friendly dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of your operations along with out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built templates for popular use cases.

The benefits of working with us for system integration don’t end here. We also help you customize and expand your portfolio of integrations at any time, keeping your business requirements in mind. It helps you adapt and grow your business faster and keeps your systems agile and flexible.

Check out our custom integrations, or get in touch with our team of experts to learn how we can help you link Acumatica with your B2B e-commerce store and transform your business.

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