4 Best B2B E-commerce Platform Integrations for MYOB Advanced 

4 Best B2B E-Commerce Platform Integrations For MYOB Advanced
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MYOB Advanced is a well-known cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that helps small and medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand manage and grow their operations with different tools and applications. This industry-leading and user-friendly software facilitates rapid integrations, adaptability, and scalability through its open architecture.

If you’ve already connected your organisational systems with MYOB Advanced, you can leverage the integration better by linking it to a top-notch B2B e-commerce platform. SAAS Integrator simplifies B2B e-commerce operations by seamlessly integrating MYOB Advanced with leading platforms, enhancing efficiency, streamlining workflows, and driving growth.

Here, we delve into the top four B2B e-commerce platforms that you can connect with MYOB Advanced for different use cases. But first, we’ll quickly discuss why integrating your B2B e-commerce platform with MYOB Advanced is essential, so you can understand how it benefits your business.

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The Importance of Integrating MYOB Advanced with Your B2B E-commerce Platform  

B2B e-commerce integration with MYOB Advanced helps your organisation succeed in today’s highly competitive business landscape. No matter whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, this connectivity allows you to link your e-commerce operations to a world-class ERP system on a real-time basis.

The integration allows you to seamlessly manage and fulfil your online and offline orders. It allows you to push orders from your e-commerce store into your MYOB Advanced and get order statuses from the ERP platform to your online store. It also helps you sell directly to other companies and customers while ensuring cost-effectiveness. You can also establish product categories, distribute products, fix prices and shipping rates, and manage payment methods.

Customers can also order from your business anywhere in the world, anytime, and through any device. Moreover, these functions can be tailored to suit different types of customers. It enables personalised marketing, which helps your company become more efficient and customer-centric and keeps your customers satisfied and happy.

Pairing MYOB Advanced and your B2B e-commerce store comes with other advantages, such as the following:

  • Automated and bi-directional data exchange and synchronisation between organisational systems  
  • Detailed business analytics and reporting  
  • Fast and flexible B2B ordering process  
  • Quick and accurate order fulfilment  
  • The ability of sales reps to place orders in the field  
  • Simplified promotions, discounts, and offers  
  • Improved product experience  
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty  
  • Higher sales and profits  

Top 4 B2B E-commerce Platforms to Integrate with MYOB Advanced  

Here are the four best B2B e-commerce platforms that you can link with MYOB Advanced:

Magento B2B is a comprehensive e-commerce platform designed to help small, medium, and large companies streamline B2B sales on their online stores. By integrating it with MYOB Advanced, you can access a single dashboard that combines the features and benefits of ERP and e-commerce systems. It helps you leverage in-depth analytics and reports and real-time and accurate data transfers across stock items, product categories, sales orders, shipments, customers, payments, and financials.

The integration eliminates the need for dual entry and allows for faster order processing and more accurate inventory data across multiple selling channels. Its built-in queuing mechanism ensures data mapping even if a system goes offline. Also, the integration enables connectivity with multiple sites and warehouses for increased automation and convenience.  

You can also select metadata and custom attributes, including sales categories and product images. You can also choose to receive only relevant customer information by customising entity and field mapping.

The Magento B2B and MYOB Advanced integration eases the B2B ordering process and enhances the customer experience through automated order status updates and customised catalogues for specific customer groups and companies. They also receive only targeted content and promotions, which helps personalise marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the integration offers user-friendly self-service customer portals for seamless account management and shopping. Customers can use their portals to complete the following tasks:

  • View online and offline transactions on MYOB Advanced and Magento B2B  
  • Create multiple tiers of buyers with different roles and permissions  
  • Establish rules for purchase approvals   
  • Send and track quotes  
  • Manage credit online. 

Other benefits include the following:

  • SKU list uploads  
  • Saving wish lists 
  • Access to quick order forms  
  • Reordering items purchased earlier   

The seller-assisted shopping feature lets you place orders on your customers’ behalf or troubleshoot their issues. It creates a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience and boosts customer loyalty and business growth.

The MYOB Advanced and Magento B2B integration also allows you to offer customers any one of the following pricing methods to increase profits and cater to different customers better:

  • Tier-based pricing  
  • Custom pricing  
  • Quantity-based pricing  
  • A combination of the above pricing methods  

Also, you can access gift cards and rewards and transfer credit card tokens from Magento B2B to MYOB Advanced while ensuring compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). You can also send sales price worksheet data from MYOB Advanced to your e-commerce platform to effectively manage promotions and stay on top of your marketing game.

WooCommerce B2B is a leading B2B e-commerce system that provides small and midsize companies with a range of robust tools and functionalities. Deploying this free, adaptable, customisable, and scalable open-source WordPress plugin is fast and convenient and helps you easily configure and link your e-commerce store with MYOB Advanced.

Integrating WooCommerce B2B and MYOB Advanced facilitates bi-directional API communication, support for simple and variable products, and real-time inventory availability via a scheduler through the storefront. You can also connect different e-commerce storefronts with unique characteristics and sync information about your sales, order status, payments, and customers. You can also display customer-specific and list prices online.

WooCommerce B2B’s integration with MYOB Advanced also helps your buyers view their orders, account information, payment history, and other financial details. Managing coupons, discounts, and returns with various attributes and processing refunds is also easy.

The connectivity also offers an easy-to-use dashboard and comprehensive reports for improved operational control. Moreover, your customers can enjoy increased convenience while shopping by creating wish lists and adding products to their carts with one click.

The integration also helps you perform the following tasks:

  • Creation of default registration fields  
  • Acceptance of B2B registrations by extending the default registration form  
  • Manual checks and approvals of new B2B user registrations  
  • Replacement of the add-to-cart button with a quote button  
  • Inclusion of an offered price option with quotations 
  • Customisation of quote form fields  
  • Creation of unlimited fields within quote submission forms  
  • Conversion of quotes to orders  
  • Price imports through CSV files  
  • Direct downloads of MYOB Advanced orders (including historical orders) and invoices  

You can also do the following functions as per different user roles and customers:

  • Hiding products, categories, prices, and the add-to-cart button 
  • Restricting order amounts and quantities and payment and shipping methods  
  • Providing flexible tier pricing, such as fixed prices, percentage increases, percentage decreases, fixed increases, and fixed decreases 

It helps you offer customers greater customisation and stay agile and competitive.

Shopify B2B is a popular and powerful all-in-one B2B e-commerce suite of tools and features that wholesalers worldwide use to optimise their omnichannel sales operations. The platform helps companies offer their B2B customers a high level of flexibility and customisation and enjoy increased sales conversions.

Connecting it to an ERP system such as MYOB Advanced equips businesses in Australia and New Zealand to personalise customer experiences through different functionalities. These include product publishing, price lists, discounts, payment terms, checkout options, and themes tailored to specific customers.

The integration also connects multiple locations and customers to one company profile. Also, you and your customers can add purchase order (PO) numbers to B2B and draft orders. You can also gauge and approve wholesale customers before they can access details about products, prices, accounts, and order history, encouraging repeat sales and streamlining activity reporting.

The system integration enables companies to transfer and map the following types of data bi-directionally on a real-time basis:

  • Products
  • Stock availability  
  • Order processing, invoicing, and fulfilment  
  • Customers  
  • Promotions and discounts  

It gets rid of manual data entry and helps merchants become more efficient and profitable. They can also capture online, offline, and POS orders from Shopify B2B and MYOB Advanced and sync data for complete visibility. They can also tweak import settings for Shopify POS transactions to connect them to in-store sales. It helps wholesale businesses grow their B2B sales operations — both online and in-store — and simplifies the buying experience.

BigCommerce B2B is one of the best e-commerce technology stacks that offers B2B sellers an intuitive and customisable platform for efficiently fulfilling customers’ demands. This open software-as-a-service (SaaS) system comes with many advanced B2B features and functionalities, such as the following:

  • Real-time and automated data syncing  
  • Multi-storefront capabilities  
  • A new customer portal  

Integrating this industry-leading e-commerce platform with MYOB Advanced helps store owners manage B2B sales, securely transfer and process high volumes of data bi-directionally, and improve the customer experience for online transactions. Merchants and their customers can enjoy a hassle-free self-service experience through advanced features such as the following:

  • Customer account order history  
  • Multiple shared shopping lists approved by company administrators or senior buyers  
  • Company address book management with pre-approved billing and shipping addresses  
  • Payment method visibility control  

The sales rep masquerade feature allows sales reps to log in on behalf of a client, view their buying lists, and place orders. Sales reps can also create quotes for their clients and offer pre-arranged pricing along with extra discounts.

The integration also offers a corporate account management feature that allows users to establish different tiers of customers with varying roles and permissions. Other essential features include instant repeat order placement, quick order fulfilment, and support for different payment methods.

Overall, the integration enables B2B store owners to enjoy better operational stability, product visibility, and access to data on the following aspects:

  • Stock  
  • Pricing  
  • Financials  
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Customers  
  • Online and offline sales orders  
  • Shipping  

The BigCommerce B2B and MYOB Advanced integration also allows companies to grow, adapt, and transform their online B2B businesses and craft a powerful omnichannel sales strategy for higher conversions and profitability.

Which B2B E-commerce Platform Should You Integrate with MYOB Advanced?

Deciding which B2B e-commerce system to integrate with MYOB Advanced can be an uphill task, especially when you have so many fantastic choices on offer. However, make sure to factor in your business’ operational needs and considerations before you pick a platform.   Magento B2B, WooCommerce B2B, Shopify B2B, and BigCommerce B2B are all excellent options. But they have their own unique features and benefits, so zero in on one that fulfils your company’s needs.

Magento B2B is ideal for online businesses of all sizes that have thousands of products but do not handle offline sales. It helps them effectively manage their sales operations and stay agile and competitive. On the other hand, B2B companies engaged in offline sales having Shopify POS connected to their systems or needing to adopt Shopify POS must choose Shopify B2B.

Meanwhile, small B2B companies with under 2,000 SKUs should opt for WooCommerce B2B to stay cost-efficient and profitable. Finally, BigCommerce B2B is an excellent choice for midsize and large online businesses without physical stores that want reduced total ownership costs and maintenance.

Contact Us for MYOB Advanced and B2B E-commerce System Integrations  

We hope our comprehensive blog post helped you select the right B2B e-commerce platform to connect with MYOB Advanced. If you’re still unsure about which platform to choose for your system integration needs, contact us. At SAAS Integrator, we provide small, medium, and large businesses around the world, including in Australia and New Zealand, with free consultations on system integrations that are right for them.

You can also reach out to us for customised MYOB Advanced integrations with leading B2B e-commerce systems. Our advanced integration platform as a service (iPaaS) focuses on B2B operations and offers premium solutions backed by the best B2B e-commerce platforms.

Our intuitive setup wizard allows us to deliver complex and codeless integrations for real-time and automated data exchange across systems. We also offer an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that works as a central database and provides consolidated views of your data and operations. We also provide out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built templates for common use cases.

Moreover, we help you add to your selection of integrations at any time. So, you can focus on scaling your business with the right tools and systems to support you every step of the way.  Browse our custom integrations, or get in touch with our team to learn how you can partner with us to transform your business with MYOB Advanced and B2B e-commerce integrations.

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