Why is Acumatica is loved by retail and e-commerce businesses and how to get most out of acumatica integration

Building and running a business to excelling heights requires proper planning and data management. Parallelly, the requirements to maintain its efficient operation undeniably require using ERP solutions in the present market conditions. Hence, retail and e-commerce businesses are adopting cloud-based ERP solutions, and Acumatica is the indisputable industry leader in the niche!

What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform containing a suite of applications. It is designed to help small, and mid-sized businesses attain their organizational targets using the included applications like financial management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, and distribution management tools.

Ultimately, solutions like Acumatica, an integrated E-Commerce ERP, solve enterprises’ various needs to acquire Omni-channel growth in all its departments.

Full Benefits of Acumatica ERP Software E-Commerce Integrations!

Here’s everything you need to know about fully integrated supporting functions delivered by Acumatica and Acumatica Commerce Edition:

    • Obtain user-friendly website customer accounts with clarity regarding their entire order history and resources for tracking information and essential details.
    • Get automated email notifications or status updates regarding events like order statuses, including in-process, shipment and other logistics.
    • Use the robust CRM suite offering complete scope for remotely managing customer activities and records with performance insights.
    • Harness the complete Sales, Inventory, CRM, and Fulfilment systems management of your E-Commerce platform with a simplistic feature-rich dashboard.
    • Expertly manage returns and exchanges of products or goods across multiple channels according to the set customer-specific pricing and loyalty programs.
    • Let your entire data be sourced from ERP software in real-time without lags that are also shared across channels for establishing ultimate data management harmony.
    • Use a wide range of data analysis tools that incorporate accounting and other channels to keep up to speed with your business.

Apart from these critical benefits, there is plenty more that Acumatica cloud-based ERP can enable after successful E-Commerce integration(s).

Getting Most Out Of Acumatica ERP Software E-Commerce Integration!

Acumatica ERP Commerce connectors fulfil seamless data communication between back-office systems with e-Commerce stores. So, your accounting, warehouse management, and order fulfilment data interact and update with your website, fundamentally centralising the processes to acquire singular points of data actualisation.

So, here are all the critical reasons you should get it to get the most out of your Acumatica ERP E-Commerce Integration.

  • Integrate web stores and POS systems with ERP systems to directly pull orders from all point of sales devices for wide representation.
  • Synchronising all data and activity related to the E-Store, mail orders, in-store purchases, etc., helps offer a transparent customer shopping experience.
  • Run multiple business models like business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and direct-to-consumer by extending ERP system capabilities by adding external modules to support multi-variate data collection and management.

It is obvious that ERP experts worldwide will help you obtain the best customisable Acumatica ERP E-Commerce solution for your businesses. Still, here’s what you need to know to gain utter and complete control over your business channels:

  • Working with highly specialised ERP Consultants can help you acquire industry-leading solutions that optimise your business correctly.
  • Seek optimisation of a comprehensive suite of connected applications with ERP software by developing a unified system that meets your business expectations.
  • The ERP experts should help your team adopt the ERP cloud-based E-Commerce integration at every stage to extract complete output every day.

Why Retail and E-Commerce Businesses Love Acumatica!

Acumatica ERP software integrated with E-Commerce helps businesses gain realistic insights into their operations and state of progress. The statement is further supported by the following ways that briefly explore its functionalities.

Convenient Operations Visibility

Teams can access live data and information via cloud ERP solutions to connect with the staff and remain in the loop. Automating data interaction and updates between system endpoints further assists businesses in operating on accurate and concurrent data. Ultimately it contributes to taking proactive steps for navigating the business operations.

Streamline Operations

Acumatica makes it convenient to operate various systems and follow pre-established procedures, from generating quick reports to tracking profitability across departments. Such practices also ensure maximum efficiency and data retention and eliminate the need to browse between multiple data sources for simpler or complex tasks.

Control Business Finance

Let your accounting team and external auditors conduct business virtually by enabling access to everything from invoices to credit notes with fewer inputs. The automated functions will already track daily finance transactions and generate reports on pre-configured times with relevant attributes, simplifying finance logistics.