Things you should know about MYOB AccountRight Integration with E-Commerce websites

Businesses in Australia don’t have to scour different websites to obtain a dependable accounting and management solution. MYOB already allows a host of software and tools for accurate business management that organisations of all sizes can use. But how does its MYOB AccountRight ERP solution stand out among others?

More importantly, what are its core functions and are they feasible enough for daily use to replace or elevate existing manual management systems? Let’s learn!

What is MYOB AccountRight E-Commerce Integration?

The MYOB AccountRight tool primarily helps to automate functions related to handling accounting operations. For instance, organisations can use it to automate finance and business-related processes like profit & loss details and analysis, payroll management, etc.

The cloud-based ERP software provided by MYOB for e-commerce businesses helps to unite a tandem of tools into one. Why? Well, for starters, it adds convenience, among other benefits, effectively assisting businesses in reducing administrative costs. Simultaneously, the MYOB AccountsRight software also helps to make business management seamless when Integrated with E-Commerce websites.

Why is MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration Essential?

Hearing about saving your resources, especially both work hours and finance, might seem too good to be true. Fortunately for you, it is true and entirely possible by using MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration!

See, financial systems management in any organisation is a critical responsibility and a core level practice. The better it’s optimised, the better it can reward you, especially in times when it’s required urgently! Depending on one or more traditional software or tools that manage accounting operations during those times can jeopardise your stability.

Hence, it is here that the many possibilities of MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration can save you from facing accounting disasters!

By all means, your existing e-commerce systems may be useful, but do they offer extensive simplicity? Are they configured to be scalable while offering robust data output and synchronisation service without facing software and hardware limitations? No? Then you should look forward to integrating them with MYOB AccountsRight!

Benefits of MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration!

While it’s useful to have different software to handle various procedures to fulfil individual purposes, integrating them together does make a world of difference. The same is also true when you harness the capabilities of MYOB cloud-based ERP software with E-Commerce Integrations.

So, check out the top benefits to learn how MYOB AccountsRight and E-Commerce Integration can transform your business practices.

Global 24×7 Accessibility

Having MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce integration allows the business owner to view and manage business data remotely from any location. All that is required is a device with an internet connection so that the MYOB cloud-based ERP can accurately present you with real-time data. Accessing it is, therefore, as simple as visiting a webpage from a desktop, laptop or even your handheld device!

Quicker Operations

Establishing successful integration between MYOB and E-Commerce platform websites allows businesses to minimise the need for manual inputs.

With all of the data from queries to transactions, sales, inventory, and other logistics delivered and synced readily, everything becomes available at your fingertips. Owning such functionality smoothens the workflow across all departments, thereby improving performance output and resulting in a higher KPI index.

Effective Admin Cost Reduction

You can conveniently reduce your data management and backup costs when your data systems are cloud-based. Since there is no centralised storage that might become prone to obsolescence, the need to hire additional members is negated effectively.

Additionally, running into technical issues while accessing or storing data is also reduced to near null proportions after gaining MYOB E-Commerce Integration.

Data Reliability

Another non-dismissive advantage of integrating MYOB AccountsRight with E-Commerce is that your data has near-zero errors. The configured APIs coded to follow protocol will ensure proper data delivery and handling.

Resultantly, it will reduce accepting human error at the time of data writing and also when sales occur. For instance, when your local inventory will show null items as real-time values, the E-Commerce platform will automatically not process an order.

Popular MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration Apps!

Making complete use of your MYOB AccountsRight ERP cloud-based software requires establishing integrations. While it can work to add functionality to your software, it can also serve to speed up or automate procedures that need to be performed in chronological order.

Hence, below are some modules you can use as MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration to accelerate your business growth!


When you seek an all-in-one integration service combining Product Management, Inventory handling and tier pricing convenience, Selz is your solution. Its simplistic yet feature-rich dashboard offers managing everything from orders to processing and receiving payments alongside handling customer relationships-based operations.

Selz store software and integration can support diverse business models. From selling books to renting goods, you get a complete E-Commerce solution.

Cloud Banking

It is a dependable accounting integration solution that can add innovative payment features to your E-Commerce platform and ERP software. For instance, the integration will provide automated account reconciliation besides scheduling and automating your invoice collection process.

So, it sorts your payment processing and logging requirements that your MYOB dashboard will reflect in real-time. Allowing MYOB AccountsRight the ability to process Direct-to-bank Credit Card and Debit Card transactions makes Cloud Banking a must for anyone wanting to take their sales globally.

TIG Freight

Acquire end-to-end shipping of Future Incoming Stock based on Purchase order data and other variables by integrating TIG Freight with MYOB. The MYOB shipping integration will offer you live updates on your orders and save you cost across your supply chains by eliminating logistics complexities.


Why not offer your customers the ability to customise their orders with you while you welcome them to your E-Commerce store? The MyDigiRep integration with MYOB AccountsRight offers the creation of personalised customer order forms that could be shared across various platforms.

Upon obtaining a confirmed order, the integration will automate order creation and completion tasks into your MYOB database as sales or invoices. Such functionality allows you to grow your user retention rate, effectively providing you an advantage over the competition.

Of course, the integration will also support Customer profile creation or management with attributes that sync seamlessly with the MYOB database.

Setting Up MYOB AccountRight E-Commerce Integration!

Now that you are familiar with the popular apps supporting MYOB AccountsRight Integration, learning about its stages is also essential. So, here’s how to integrate various top E-Commerce website platforms with MYOB AccountsRight!


One of the best solutions for integrating Shopify with MYOB AccountsRight is using Shypyard. Its team specialises in creating custom integrations supporting complete Shopify E-Commerce store services. While one can learn more about them and integration possibilities by contacting the team, alternatively, Celigo and Blackball Software also work flawlessly!


WooCommerce offers its own natively developed package labelled MYOB Integration for WooCommerce. Using it is a breeze when it comes to accessing MYOB AccountRights E-Commerce operations which syncs all the data effortlessly. One can establish a connection between the data endpoints with its single signed API key that auto-initialises the plugin, which performs the rest of the procedures.

Such integration with MYOB AccountsRight enables complete management of payments, expenses, and customer/analytics data that can be utilised to improve customer retention rate and scale up your E-Commerce store services.


The Square-Amaka partnership has resulted in the creation of a natively developed MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration solution. Businesses can also use this handy integration for MYOB Essentials cloud-based ERP software to track expenses and transactions made on the Squarespace platform.

Simultaneously, the integration allows for data analytics, including reporting or breakdown of information, further supporting attribute-based sorting in MYOB. For instance, integrating Squarespace using the mentioned SaaS connector can allow for sorting sales based on categories, product types, store locations, payment types, etc.


For integrating other E-Commerce website platforms with MYOB like Wix, GoDaddy, etc., Shypyard is again your go-to solution. Its custom integrations can enable data transfer, sharing and analytics operations seamlessly between the ERP software and the E-Commerce stores.

Moreover, it must be noted that additive integrations can also be requested from the Shypyard team to acquire support for other modules relevant to the business.

Accessing API for MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integration!

The MYOB AccountsRight is a well-versed cloud-based ERP software, but it lacks WebHooks, thereby lacking event-based triggers for sending notifications. Hence, for an integration to work in real-time, the MYOB AccountsRight needs cron to run repetitively enough to ensure no errors are present concerning the data transfer.

But, it can all still be solved easily by incorporating plugins or APIs separately into the ERP software. Hence, here is how you could access the APIs for MYOB AccountsRight E-Commerce Integrations from third parties:

  • Visit the platform offering APIs to integrate with MYOB AccountsRight.
  • Complete the Signup process for obtaining the API.
  • Visit the platform portal to obtain a signed key for API. (Mostly non-freeware)
  • Check out the endpoint documentation of the API
  • Start building.
  • For accessing the API key of your MYOB AccountsRight, please visit and follow the mentioned steps. Parallelly, connecting with the MYOB team remains the best alternative solution as they can better guide developers in obtaining the API key.

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