Top 7 Benefits of Integrating Akeneo with Channel Advisor 

Akeneo X Channel Advisor

The modern business landscape is ruled by companies having multi-channel sales operations. Every organization is vying to enter new markets and attract new audiences, making it essential to integrate a product information management (PIM) system like Akeneo with a multi-channel e-commerce solution like Channel Advisor.

Also, the international PIM market is expected to grow from $9.90 billion in 2019 to a whopping $59.25 billion by 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25.2 percent, signifying the rising demand for PIM systems. Businesses that integrate a PIM solution early into their multi-channel e-commerce platform can stay ahead of the game and enjoy greater profitability.

SAAS Integrator’s seamless integration solution for Akeneo and ChannelAdvisor helps you unlock the potential of your e-commerce strategy, enhance product management, and streamline operations for optimal business performance.

Do you still need more reasons to integrate Akeneo with Channel Advisor? Here, we delve into the many benefits you can leverage by connecting these two powerful systems. But first, let’s learn what Akeneo and Channel Advisor are, so you can gain a better understanding of these platforms.

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What Is Akeneo?

Akeneo is a widely used open-source PIM platform that simplifies product data management. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows businesses to manage, update, and share product information on digital channels and to offer a smooth and seamless customer experience across all their sales channels.

What Is Channel Advisor?

Channel Advisor is a cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce suite that streamlines and automates e-commerce operations. It helps businesses connect to and grow on multiple sales channels, enjoy greater customer visibility and engagement, and optimize sales and revenue by offering a centralized platform. It also allows companies to integrate their internal systems with their digital channels and provides them with actionable analytics, facilitating ease of operations, increased efficiency, and competitiveness.

7 Advantages of Akeneo and Channel Advisor Integration

Here are seven ways Akeneo and Channel Advisor integration can benefit your business:

1. Integration with Global Marketplaces

Businesses that want to expand their digital footprint must integrate with international marketplaces. Pairing Akeneo with Channel Advisor helps you enjoy seamless and reliable cross-channel connectivity. It helps you distribute product data and establish your presence on multiple sales channels. You can also track orders on a centralized dashboard.

In turn, it helps you scale beyond your current market, solidify product visibility, boost revenue, and engage with more customers.

Integration with Global Marketplaces

2. Control Over a Vast and Diversified SKU Set

Many companies often maintain hundreds and thousands or even millions of stock-keeping units (SKUs), which makes it difficult to manage stock when selling on different channels. Customers also constantly want new and personalized products with multiple variants, which makes product data management all the more complex.

Akeneo and Channel Advisor integration helps with this function as you can easily handle different product variants without falling behind on inventory management.

3. Collaboration

Businesses with multi-channel sales operations must often collaborate with distributed teams, partners, and suppliers across the world and delegate product management. Linking Akeneo with Channel Advisor is an excellent way to gain information and insights from your various teams, vendors, partners, external agencies, and so on. It helps you interact and engage with them better and ensures enhanced multi-channel marketing execution.

4. Order Synchronization Across Multiple Channels

Accurate and consistent inventory data is crucial for seamless product listings and positive product experiences. It encourages customers to leave great reviews and repeatedly return to your store.

Akeneo and Channel Advisor integration enables multi-channel order synchronization, which provides you with an overview of your marketplace orders. It prevents stockouts and gives you valuable insights into the performance of each channel, including e-commerce, mobile, points of sale (POS), print, and others.

5. Workflow Management

A common challenge in multi-channel e-commerce is establishing clearly defined workflows. Working in a standardized workflow enables greater automation in an organization.

Connecting Akeneo with Channel Advisor helps you create approver workflows and ensure listings of only approved products on e-commerce and other sales channels. It provides you with complete control over the product information that goes into your e-commerce touchpoints. You can also easily set standards, such as periodic scheduling of product updates.

Workflow Management

6. Product Data Syndication

Sales conversions are an important parameter of marketing performance, which makes customer engagement across multiple channels heavily dependent on data quality and integrity.

Integrating Akeneo with Channel Advisor helps you connect these platforms with different organizational structures, siloed business systems, units, and third-party apps. It helps you manage and enrich product information and enjoy automated product data syndication and integrity. It also allows for effortless adaptability to modern technologies, improves customer engagement and satisfaction, decreases product returns, and enables rapid entry into new markets.

Moreover, you get access to real-time multi-channel marketing on all your channels. It helps you quickly capture your customers’ attention and create fluid and frictionless product encounters, from the first interaction to order fulfillment.

7. Consistent Brand Message

Another headache that many brands and retailers must deal with when it comes to multi-channel sales is ensuring a positive and consistent brand and product experience on different marketplaces. Cross-channel consistency in a company’s branding and messaging is crucial for building reliability, credibility, and customer trust.

That said, it is easier to track and control the brand messaging that companies use to market to shoppers when they are selling their offerings only on one channel, such as their e-commerce platform. When they pivot their business strategy to multi-channel sales, they must usually streamline their messaging across all their channels to ensure branding consistency. Moreover, different channels have their own rules, requirements, best practices, and nuances, which creates a lot of operational complexity.

The integration of Akeneo with Channel Advisor allows brands to create, organize, enrich, and manage product listings, content, and e-commerce operations on international marketplaces and keep all their channels up to date. It makes managing brand messaging, product content, and customer experiences a breeze and helps companies easily sell on many complex global marketplaces. It also helps them present their products on new channels to new audiences, increase speed-to-market, and boost profits.

Final Thoughts

Akeneo and Channel Advisor integration is a simple yet effective way to harness greater visibility and transparency into your operations, inventory, multi-channel sales, orders, and product information. It gives you detailed insights into your business data and allows you to make the right decisions to unlock growth and success.

If you’re looking for support in setting up and integrating Akeneo and Channel Advisor into your business ecosystem, look no further. SAAS Integrator is an advanced integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that serves as a one-stop shop for system integration needs and has helped many forward-thinking brands in this endeavor. We can help you quickly connect Akeneo and Channel Advisor so that you can leverage operational efficiency. We also offer free consultations on which integrations you must choose for your business needs.

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