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How It Works

SAAS Integrator is a plug-and-play integration platform that seamlessly connects your business systems with various front-end, back-end, and third-party platforms. All you need to do is establish API connections between systems and configure the data syncing – module by module and data field by data field.

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Why Choose Us?

SAAS Integrator is the #1 integration solutions provider for Acumatica and Lightspeed

Choosing our system integration platform comes with a host of benefits that you won’t find on any other integration platform. Don’t believe us? Take a look at how we compare with our competitors.

Let’s Compare

SAAS Integrator

Our Competitors

End-To-End Integration Solutions

Unlike our competitors, we offer end-to-end integration services — from consultations to monitoring and maintenance. So, until the APIs of your preferred systems communicate with each other the way you want, we will not rest. Simple as that.

This also means you don’t have to hire a third-party provider to set up the Acumatica and Lightspeed integration, as we handle everything from start to end. How cool is that?!


As the #1 integration provider for Acumatica and Lightspeed, we are proud of our versatility and adaptability. Suppose you ever change your mind about any of these systems and want to switch to another enterprise resource planning (ERP) or point of sale (POS) solution. In that case, our system-agnostic platform will reconfigure your integration within minutes for all our standard integration flows. No questions asked.

Simple Module Configuration

Unlike other integration providers that have complex processes for setting up integrations, SAAS Integrator has a simple module configuration form that makes the process easier than deciding what to eat for lunch. Simply click on the modules (read: orders, payments, products, inventory, customers, and more) you want to configure, and it’s done!

Simultaneous Connections

Connect your business to multiple systems at a time. Whether you want to integrate with more than one POS, ERP, or any other system at a time, it’s possible with SAAS Integrator.

Truly Codeless

We are one of the few integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers offering a genuinely codeless platform through our comprehensive module configurator. We provide open APIs, additional downloadable apps from our App Marketplace for various flows, and a support community of certified developers for seamless custom-built Acumatica and Lightspeed integration.

Our intuitive setup wizard helps you establish complex connections between Acumatica and Lightspeed without writing a single line of code for hassle-free, real-time, automated data flows.

Fill out the form on our website’s Contact page, and we’ll do the rest.

App Marketplace

Need to further optimize data flows within the module configuration that we offer? Explore our App Marketplace, where hundreds of SAAS Integrator-certified third-party developers offer value-added apps for greater support and customization.

Open APIs

Are you a tech geek who wants to build your Acumatica and Lightspeed integration independently and self-host it? Consider it done with our open API access, which allows you to apply your coding skills to our APIs and create complex, unique, and functional configurations. Its approachable user experience helps you confidently build and manage integrations to fit your changing business processes.

Our purpose-built, robust developer interface allows you to customize your integration flows the way you want them while having to write way less code! So, you can easily build public and private apps that can be self-hosted using our integration service to connect Acumatica and Lightspeed.

Automated Error Management

We don’t stop at just integrating your Acumatica and Lightspeed systems. We go the extra mile and constantly monitor all our customers’ integrations to prevent any issues. If our platform detects any integration errors, it actively attempts to auto-correct them and promptly reports them to you.

Multiple User Roles

Our state-of-the-art platform supports multiple users with distinct roles. Add or delete users as per your business needs and assign them unique roles and permissions to manage your Acumatica and Lightspeed integration within your organization.

Data Encryption

Security is a top priority for us. We encrypt all the data that flows between your Acumatica and Lightspeed systems, both in motion and at rest, to keep your information safe.

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Modules Supported by SAAS Integrator

Product Syncing

Seamlessly integrate product information — including attributes such as product name, description, and SKU — between your Acumatica and Lightspeed systems with SAAS Integrator. It helps connect your catalog and keeps your product data accurate and up-to-date across all channels, minimizing the risk of errors and improving customer experience.

Order and Invoice Syncing

SAAS Integrator’s Acumatica and Lightspeed integration enables hassle-free and automated order management between both systems, so you can grow your business faster. Sync data about sales orders, fulfillment details, shipping information, and invoices to process orders efficiently and accurately and save valuable time and effort. It also helps you minimize errors and enhance data consistency and customer satisfaction.

Companies and Customers

Map the following customer information between Acumatica and Lightspeed with SAAS Integrator’s advanced integration:

  • Customer name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Purchase history

It helps you maintain accurate and consistent customer information on both systems, reducing the risk of errors and taking customer experiences to the next level.

Price and Discount Syncing

Ensure a consistent pricing strategy across your e-commerce store, POS system, and ERP software by linking pricing data between Acumatica and Lightspeed. It allows you to seamlessly manage product prices and discounts and optimize sales across all channels.

Tax Rates Mapping

Our top-notch Acumatica and Lightspeed integration updates tax rate information between these systems, ensuring accurate tax calculation. It avoids errors, compliance issues, and fines and helps your business run smoothly.

Inventory Mapping

Using SAAS Integrator’s custom integration, store owners can easily integrate inventory data between their Acumatica and Lightspeed software. Map and monitor inventory levels and item availability and maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory information on both systems to avoid stockouts and improve the customer experience. You can also define reorder points to avoid running out of best-sellers. Also, view what stock has aged and offer discount codes to sell the stock faster.

Our intelligent inventory management tool imports stock information and synchronizes inventory location data from your online and offline stores. Its easy-to-use interface also lets you make bulk updates to your inventory data and enjoy complete omnichannel control of your stock. Set up products in bundles or packages on your online store, create product variations, and tag orders to meet different customer requirements.

Payment Import/Export

Connect your payment information between Acumatica and Lightspeed with SAAS Integrator and ensure consistent data across both systems to minimize errors and inefficiencies. Our integration allows you to import and export payment details, such as payment method, date, and status, simplifying payments and sales. It helps customers enjoy a frictionless shopping experience with different payment options and drives repeat business.

Want to integrate and streamline your business processes? 

Why Integrate Acumatica and Lightspeed?

Connecting your Acumatica and Lightspeed systems helps you get the most out of these systems, get rid of manual processes, streamline your POS operations, and unlock new growth opportunities. Our user-friendly interface helps you exchange data and functionalities between these platforms on a real-time basis and makes your business more efficient and profitable.

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Benefits of Acumatica Lightspeed Integration

Set Up Your Integration Your Way

Customize your Acumatica and Lightspeed connection in multiple ways — from ERP to POS, POS to ERP, or even bidirectional syncing — to meet the specific needs of your business. You can modify your integration setup anytime to suit your workflows and enjoy greater flexibility and adaptability in your business.

You can also configure separate data flows for various modules, such as orders, customers, products, inventory, prices, and discounts, or integrate specific data fields from these modules to display on both systems.

What’s more, if you want to set up your integration in a specific way to tackle specific business challenges, you can always contact our Integration Specialists who will be happy to help you.

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All Your Business Data On One Platform

Get a bird’s eye view of your crucial data and processes through our centralized dashboard. It helps you quickly view information about your products, customers, orders, shipments, invoices, and so on and learn how your business is performing.

You can also change our dashboard settings to show only the data you need, helping you make fast and accurate business decisions.

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Power Up Your Marketing

Leverage your Acumatica and Lightspeed integration better by connecting them with Mailchimp, a popular marketing automation platform. Our solution uses APIs to help you seamlessly connect these platforms, so you can craft and send beautiful emails to your target audience and analyze campaign results. It levels up your marketing efforts and boosts the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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Fast and Effortless Connectivity

Get our rapid and real-time integration solution for Acumatica and Lightspeed and transfer data instantly between them. It automatically syncs your business information on both systems and does away with incorrect and duplicate data.

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Connect Acumatica with Lightspeed today

Key Integration Flows

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Our Integration Platform 

SAAS Integrator is the world’s #1 iPaaS integration provider for commerce solutions, offering seamless and codeless connections between leading ERP, POS, e-commerce, CRM, PIM, WMS, drop shipping, B2B commerce, and inventory management systems. Discover a range of systems that SAAS Integrator connects with:

Your questions, answered

How can I connect Acumatica with Lightspeed?

You can connect your Acumatica and Lightspeed systems in many ways, including middleware, API-based manual integrations, connectors, third-party apps, and more. SAAS Integrator is a well-known iPaaS provider that will expertly handle your integration needs from start to finish as part of our end-to-end client onboarding services. We also allow you to build and modify your integration as per your needs through our easy-to-use interface that requires zero technical knowledge or coding skills.

You can also use our pre-configured integration templates and out-of-the-box apps for common use cases and map, customize, and scale your system connections without hassles.

Can I select which modules I want to integrate?

Yes, you can choose the type and number of processes or modules you want to sync with SAAS Integrator. For example, you can sync orders, customers, and products or map inventory data exclusively. You can also pause, add, or remove workflows when the Acumatica and Lightspeed integration is live without affecting your operations.

Is integrating Acumatica and Lightspeed a complex process?

No, integrating Acumatica and LightSpeed with SAAS Integrator is a breeze. Simply tell us about your integration needs, and our Integration Specialists will take care of the rest. Once the setup is done, we will provide a training session so that you can feel comfortable handling your connection through our dashboard. If you have any doubts, our team is always ready to offer support.

How often does the integration sync data between Acumatica and Lightspeed?

You can choose a sync schedule for individual workflows according to your needs. Our automated data mapping system will systematically update your business data as per your specifications. For example, you can schedule inventory data syncing daily or every other day and choose to update orders on a real-time basis.

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